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Post Info TOPIC: Will graphene, the “king of new materials”, usher in the next trillion yuan new market?


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Will graphene, the “king of new materials”, usher in the next trillion yuan new market?

Graphene materials have excellent performance and wide application, with broad market space and sustained growth potential. In the long term, with the decline in preparation costs and the development of product applications, the permeability and usage of graphene materials are expected to rapidly increase.
Graphene: the king of new materials
Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial composed of carbon atoms in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice formed by sp2 hybrid orbitals. Single layer graphene is composed of a dense layer of carbon hexamembered rings, with a thickness of about 0.335 nm, making it the thinnest two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial to date.
In fact, graphene already exists in nature, but it is difficult to peel off its single layer structure. Graphene is layered on top of each other, and a millimeter thick layer of graphite contains approximately 3 million layers of graphene.
Graphene materials have special properties that other materials do not possess, such as excellent electrical properties, excellent mechanical properties, extremely high thermal conductivity, super large specific surface area, and excellent barrier properties, which make them have application value in many fields that traditional materials cannot match. Therefore, they are known as the “King of New Materials”.
Graphene can be used in a wide range of fields, mainly concentrated in energy, environment, electronics, chemical and other industries, especially in the fields of lithium battery materials, supercapacitors, OLEDs, flexible screens, sensors, chips, and other fields in the electronic industry, as well as in the fields of coatings, adsorption, and desalination in the chemical industry.

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