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NZQ Slurry Pump

NZQ Slurry Pump NZQ SUBMERSIBLE MUD PUMP 鈼?Flow rate: 8-500m3/hr 鈼?Head H(m): 6-80 鈼?Speed: 1450rpm 鈼?Efficiency: 鈼?Materials: Cr26A Introduction 1. Submersible slurry pump. The sand suction pump is a hydraulic machine in which the motor and the water pump are coaxially submerged into the medium. The pump flow parts are made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy, wear-resistant cast iron, cast steel, etc. 2. The material of the flow parts is determined according to the liquid discharged from the customer's work. The pump has a large flow channel and is suitable for conveying media such as sediment, ore slurry, coal slurry, sand and gravel containing large solid particles, and can also be used in rivers. , dredging, excrement, slurry feed, etc. suction, watering. 3. The pump can also be used for municipal, chemical dyes, medicine, shipbuilding, food, etc., as well as pumping high-concentration thick liquid, dirty dust liquid, paste, etc. It is an important equipment that cannot be replaced by submersible sewage pumps. 4. The power supply is 50HZ/60HZ/380V/415V/660V/1140V three-phase AC power supply, and the capacity of the distribution transformer is 2-3 times the rated capacity of the motor. 5. The medium temperature should not exceed 60, XSQ (R) type should not exceed 140, and does not contain flammable and explosive gases. 6. The maximum weight concentration of solid particles in the medium; 45% for ash and 60% for slag. 7. In the pump of the internal self-circulating cooling system, the exposed liquid level of the motor part should not exceed 1/2. 8. The diving depth of the unit; not more than 40 meters, the minimum diving depth is subject to submerged motors. Specifications Pump ModelCapacity Q m3/hHead H(m)Allowable Max. Power (kw)Speed n(r/min) 50NZQ25-15-4251541400 80NZQ40-12-4401241400 80NZQ45-15-5.545155.51400 80NZQ70-12-5.570125.51400 50NZQ25-30-7.525307.51400 80NZQ30-30-7.530307.51400 80NZQ80-15-7.580157.51400 80NZQ50-20-7.550207.51400 100NZQ100-12-7.5100127.51400 80NZQ80-20-118020111400 80NZQ50-30-115030111400 100NZQ90-17-119017111400 80NZQ80-35-158035151400 100NZQ100-20-1510020151400 100NZQ120-16-1512016151400 100NZQ150-20-18.51502018.51400 150NZQ200-12-18.52001218.51400 100NZQ150-25-2215025221400 100NZQ100-40-2210040221400 100NZQ120-35-2212035221400 80NZQ80-45-228045221400 80NZQ50-50-225050221400 50NZQ40-52-224052221400 150NZQ180-22-2218022221400 150NZQ250-15-22250152201400 150NZQ200-22-2220022221400 150NZQ250-18-2225018221400 100NZQ120-25-2212025221400 100NZQ150-38-3015038301400 150NZQ300-15-3030015301400 150NZQ250-22-3025022301400 150NZQ350-22-3735022371400 150NZQ300-25-3730025371400 150NZQ200-35-3720035371400 100NZQ80-60-378060371400 100NZQ100-50-3710050371400 100NZQ100-60-4510060451400 100NZQ120-50-45120540451400 100NZQ100-70-4510070451400 150NZQ250-40-4525040451400 100NZQ220-45-5522045551400 100NZQ140-60-5514060551400 200NZQ450-25-5545025551400 100NZQ170-70-7517070751400 200NZQ500-25-7550025751400 100NZQ230-60-7523060751400 200NZQ500-30-9050030901400 200NZQ450-35-9045035901400 100NZQ200-70-9020070901400 100NZQ200-80-110200801101400 100NZQ330-78-132330781321400 100NZQ300-95-132300951321400 Typical Applications It is suitable for extracting sand, silt, silt, tailings slurry, ore slurry, iron sand ore, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports, etc. The sand removal in the sedimentation tank of the enterprise, the sediment in the sewage treatment plant, etc. Company Profile Hebei Nenglian Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a water supply equipment-based manufacturing enterprise. It integrates design, casting, production, R & D, sales and service. It draws on the world's advanced equipment and process flow. With the rock-solid spirit of enterprise, it provides customers with a modern, digital one-stop water supply system solutions service concept, committed to building China's pump industry high-end brand. The NZQ submersible mud pump is very popular in the market. Our company provide a one-year warranty for the NZQ submersible mud pump. And we also provide OEM service for the NZQ submersible mud pump.NZQ Slurry Pump website:

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