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Prince Wildfire

Bao Yicai said, "This proves that she has never been defeated. She hates not only you, but also her own sword." "She's too arrogant," said Sima with a smile. "It's me!"! If I can't attack a hundred "flying patrols", I will withdraw long ago. "So you are the Lord of the Magic Star Island," said Hai Tianfeng. In the martial arts world, wit is always better than martial arts. The white hand then remembered, "There are fights all the time in Yunmeng Mountain. My colleague and I saw the camel bell and the giant spirit man fighting very fiercely on a cliff." The Duke of Fugui asked, "Find out where the Red Shura Sect is guarding." White hand: "Master!"! There were only five of them, and they only covered an area of less than ten feet, which was a ditch. "There are only five of them," said Laotong. "The only ones who can be sent to the big show now are his vice leader, the'Silent Cannon, 'the three great protectors of the Dharma, and his uncle, the'Ghost Face Heavenly King.'" "They made a fire in the ditch," said Tongguanbao. "They seemed to be roasting something to eat. There were really only five of them." "I don't care about five or six," said Old Huang Peng. "Xiaohai, let's go out and start there first." "All of them?" Asked Hai Tianfeng. "How can I do that?" Asked Laotong. "It's no longer a secret," said Hai Tianfeng. "I'm not at ease. I'm determined not to leave any of them." "Xiaohai!"! So, it's not convenient to move, is it? Shouxi Gong didn't expect Hai Tianfeng to make such a decision. Hai Tianfeng looked at everyone and said affirmatively, "Two Laohuazi, Laotong, Laobao, Laopeng, and Yingtian Taoist Priest, you six are in the back with the five little dragons and Shaotong. Qiaoqiao, Yanzijie, Vice Island Leader Yue, Vice Island Leader Mo, and Vice Island Leader Wu are in the middle. Nu Nu and Bai Da Brother, Brother Sheng,lutein eye complex, Brother Zhang, Brother Shang and Brother Kong are in contact with each other. Sister Sima and I are in the front. No matter how many enemies appear, I will have no worries if I can hold on. Sima Wu thought to himself, "He still values me!" "Give me those two cold iron swords," he said with a smile. Hai Tianfeng said with a smile, "Your'matchless hell swordsmanship 'of the'peerless gate' is finally no longer concealed!" "You".. Ha ha, how am I? The first set of'Thirty Eagles', the second set of'Hundred Birds Capturing the Soul ', and the third set of 38 types of'Hell Wind', you never showed a little bit. At the beginning, I was so angry that I didn't need it. How did I know that? "Lord of the island," said Yue Yao hurriedly to Sima Chang, "he's a bit of a ghost." Sima Changwu laughed and said, "He's not a ghost. How can I be convinced?"! I see now that he is conjured up by the attacks of a hundred birds and a flock of thirty eagles, and that there is no sign of such a scoundrel before him. Hai Tianfeng laughed and said, "Are these two swords suitable for you?" Sima Kuiwu snatched the two swords. "If you really want me to accompany you to fight in the vanguard," he said with an angry laugh, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, "you have to use it even if you can't. Let's go now." Suddenly Nu Nu shouted, "Wildfire, may I come with you?" "Nu Nu," said Hai Tianfeng, "it's no problem for the five old men to fight a tough battle. I hope you'll pay attention to what's going on in the dark! Do you understand? Nu Nu suddenly said! I understand! When Laotong saw Hai Tianfeng and Sima Kuiwu running out, he said hurriedly, "You can't hide this situation from others. The distance between us should not be too far. Follow closely." Then Nu Nu approached Yanchi Liu and said, "Sister Yan, don't forget those two charms." "Yes, thank you!" Yanchi Liuyou thanked her for her concern. From time to time, Tongguanbao went up to show the way. In the middle of the night, Baishou went on to catch up with Shanghai Tianfeng and whispered, "An arrow ahead is the deep ditch." Hai Tianfeng pulled Sima Chang to dance and said, "You go down from the side, and I go up from the back of the ditch. The focus is on King Chi Shura. This guy who combines politics and religion can't let him go!" After the two were separated, Sima was afraid to show her shadow. She tried to be careful. She bent down and quietly approached the ditch between the trees and rocks. The terrain was steep and extremely steep. ” The fire that the white hand said was gone at this time. When Sima Wu was approaching the bottom of the ditch, she suddenly heard a strange sound. As soon as the sound came into Sima Wu's ears, even her hair stood on end. The reason was that the "hell sound" she had refined was very gloomy, and the sound she heard was even worse. Therefore, she stopped. Sima's Jianghu experience was really old. She knew that something incredible must have happened at the bottom of the ditch. At the same time, she expected that Hai Tianfeng must have heard the sound. When Sima Changwu calmed down, after a while, she suddenly heard someone whisper, "Sister Sima, swallow this amulet quickly and gather your strength." "Nu Nu, are you here?" "Yes, Sister Sima, everyone is here, all in the back!" "Nun, did you hear that sound?" Nu Nu approached and whispered in her ear, "It's the sound of'Nine Yin Wandering Soul ', and it's also called'Ghost Cry'. It's more and more miserable. If you listen to it for a long time, it will hurt the primordial spirit. If you swallow my amulet, you can resist three waves." "What will happen after the three waves?" Sima Chang asked. "We have to run away." The second wave of the sound rose again, but not a few times, suddenly heard the bottom of the ditch issued a thunder, thunder, followed by a loud scream. "Go down quickly," said Laotong, falling at the right time beside the two girls. "Xiaohai has launched the'Force Avatar '!" Behind the crowd swarmed, all rushed to the bottom of the ditch, the bottom of the ditch suddenly appeared fire, we found Hai Tianfeng standing next to seven corpses, face is very serious. Laotong approached him and asked, "Xiaohai, why don't you sit down and breathe?" "I'm all right. The old take all. You elders go over and see that woman. Where does she come from?" Laotong, Bao Yicai, Huang Laopeng, Lazy Dog Taoist, and two Laohuazi all rushed over when they heard this. In the light of the fire, they looked at it for a long time and shook their heads one by one. Xiaohai, she is less than seventy years old. She is younger than me who sells coffins. Why don't we know each other at all? This is really evil! Hai Tianfeng pointed to the other six corpses and said, "They are all under the control of that evil old woman, and they are practicing that evil skill here." "Wildfire,ghana seed extract," said Nu Nu, "that kind of evil work is called'Jiuyin Wandering Soul ', also known as'Li Gui Qi'. My great-aunt once told me that it was very terrible!" 。

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