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Ultimate intelligence

Therefore, Du Cheng did not push away Xiao He, but pointed to a gambling table nearest to him and said, "Xiao He, what is that playing?" "That's BlackJack, blackjack for short." As a casino lady, the most basic point is the need to understand every play in the casino very clearly, so, heard Du Cheng's question, Xiao He directly introduced to Du Cheng about blackjack and play in the simplest words. However, Xiao He did not know that Du Cheng did not listen carefully to what she said, because Du Cheng has countless times more professional than her, there is no need for her to introduce anything, of course, the surface of Kungfu Du Cheng still has to do. Dear Du Cheng, I forgot to tell you one thing. Xiner also has a very powerful function. After introducing the blackjack play and professional knowledge to Du Cheng, Xiner smiled at Du Cheng mysteriously and proudly. Oh, great Miss Xin'er, please tell me. Du Cheng had now found out Xiner's temper and character, and asked as he praised her. Hum, this function of Miss Ben Xiner is very powerful. Don't be frightened when you hear it. Xin'er's face suddenly turned into a smirk. "This function is perspective," he said. "What?" Hearing Xiner's answer,pumpkin seed extract, although Du Chengzao had some psychological preparation, he could not help but be surprised. Hey hey hey, dear master, if Xiner is willing, you have a few hairs on your body, Xiner can help you count clearly, of course, Xiner is a very virtuous and pure girl, this kind of impolite thing Xiner will not do in general. Xiner said very easily,saw palmetto extract, but Du Cheng listened to a burst of evil sweat, some wry smile. Xiner said well, under normal circumstances will not do, but other times, Du Cheng can not guarantee anything, and in front of Xiner, I am afraid there is nothing to speak of. But this Du Cheng is not in the mood to think about it now. What he really cares about is what Xiner's powerful perspective function brings. So Du Cheng asked Xiner for the first time: "Xiner, can you see the back of those cards clearly?" In fact, Du Cheng already knows the answer in his heart. If Xiner really has this powerful perspective function, then, above the casino, even if he doesn't have any gambling skills, I'm afraid he can be flat. This is nothing, dear Du Cheng, as long as you like it, jujube seed powder ,lycopene for skin, Xiner can also directly use perspective to show you the sexy beauty next to you, do you want it? Xiner was very proud to say, but the tone was very strange and very naughty. Forget it. I'm not interested in this woman. Du Cheng directly refused Xiner's'good intentions', and at this time, he and Xiao He just came to the front of the gambling table. There were two people sitting at this table, and it was one of the few tables with gamblers in the whole casino. Assistant Du, would you like to play a few hands first? Xiaohe at this time is only a brief introduction, but not detailed, but she is not worried, and so she will be watching Du Cheng, even if Du Cheng is not familiar with it is no problem. Well, let's play two games first. Du Cheng did not refuse, and after the two gamblers finished playing, he also sat down. ------------------- On the home page, click on the crazy rise, the collection is also crazy rise, Xiao Leng excited ah, really thank you for your support, thank you. PS: My daughter is teething these days, and she has a cold and fever. Today, she has a high fever of 38.9 degrees, which scared me. So I can't spare any free time to code words these days, and the updates are less. Xiao Leng is here to say sorry to you. From next Monday, Xiao Leng will try to break out to thank you. 16977. Com 16977 games updated every day fun little game, waiting for you to discover! Volume 1 The Road to Growth Chapter 41 Practice After Du Cheng sat down, a gambler stood up and left, as if he had lost all his chips, and there was only one gambler left at the table besides the dealer. kenwen. com It was a middle-aged man of about fifty, wearing an Armani suit, but with a slight baldness on the top of his head and a thin face and thin lips, giving people a very mean feeling. Next to him sat a casino lady in a sexy evening dress. Judging from the chips in front of him, it was obvious that she had won a lot from the previous opponent. The casino lady also had a face of spring, and obviously got a lot of tips from it. Seeing Du Cheng do it, the middle-aged man's eyes were obviously full of disdain, and the casino lady next to him looked at Du Cheng and Xiao He with a little more disdain. After all, Du Cheng's ordinary dress was too shabby here, and the middle-aged man obviously did not mean to bet with Du Cheng, but turned his eyes to the Dutch office. The dealer was a woman in her thirties, with long fingers and calm and steady eyes. Seeing the middle-aged man's eyes, she just nodded and said calmly, "Please place your bets." The middle-aged man was very heroic. As soon as the dealer's voice fell, he threw out ten ten thousand chips. In comparison, Du Cheng was much more stingy. He just threw out the minimum number of bets on the table, one thousand chips, according to Xiao He's introduction. The dealer took a look at Du Cheng, his eyes were obviously somewhat unexpected, but there was no disdain in her eyes, but a little more dignified, because she saw from Du Cheng's eyes that she felt a bit of pressure of calm and self-confidence. As a dealer, the most essential point is to look at people's eyes,fenugreek saponins, and can not only rely on appearance to judge a person, so intuitively, the dealer has been regarded as an important opponent.

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