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Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046

Originally, they carried their hands on their backs and stood with their heads held high, very conceited and indifferent, but in an instant, their faces were startled and completely shocked. What did they see? A strong man in his own camp is being killed by a man?! Boom! The most shocking thing was the new strong man in the ancient underworld, whose eyes were cold, like an abyss, overlooking the place, but now he saw a fist, dazzling, directly in front of his eyes. Poof! He was blown up, and as soon as he came out, his body was broken, and his whole body flew out like broken porcelain, and his ominous energy was everywhere. He couldn't believe that he hadn't waited for the respectful greeting scene of the Soul River creature, and now he was directly killed by a physical body?! "Who?"? Roar! He roared and shouted. Urge the funeral oration! Someone shouted. After all, is the supreme creature, although furious, but in the moment of their own robbery on the reaction, the blood of the funeral oration recovery, after being reminded by companions, in its flesh and blood is a moment of formation of strange light curtain. Even so, he also nearly died, its source was directly scattered part, can never come back! "This is.." Have you broken through to the highest realm that is allowed to exist in the heavens? He roared, and at the same time his heart trembled and trembled. How could it be so? He recognized the man, who was the Emperor of Heaven in the past year. How could he reach such a level that his bones were cold. At this time, the four strong floating earth also got a "baptism", just out of the passage, was blocked there exploded once,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, furious. Soon, someone in the burial pit arrived, a monster ferocious, full of thick liquid flowing in his mouth, corroding the void, making time unstable and chaotic! Unfortunately, they are still defeated, even if more than three people, also still see blood, came up to be killed twice. Moreover,akba boswellic acid, a bad thing happened, the strong man in the ancient underworld was completely targeted by the man in the fog of chaos, constantly bombarded. Eventually, poof, his funeral oration fell apart and never coalesced. Nope He roared, and he knew what it meant! He was attacked by a strong man whose rank was higher than his. Without the protection of the funeral oration, how could he stay? He would surely die. In fact, the reality was more cruel than he expected. As he fled and was covered by others, he was quickly drowned by the light of his fist and then exploded. After some killing, he was constantly crushed by the light of the fist, completely worn out, and both form and spirit were destroyed. And bad things happen further, the bronze coffin plate is like a mirror, shining eternal brilliance, not only reflects the figure of the Emperor of Heaven. Now, the bronze coffin plate shines again, and a big tripod appears! Although several strange sources have no creatures to help, but now the situation is even more critical. With a bang, the fist print went through all the obstacles, and the true blood spattered in front of it. At the same time, the big tripod fell down with endless mother gas, stesweet stevia ,turmeric extract powder, suppressed forward, and directly crushed a monster. If there is no funeral oration, this person will die. Even so, this creature has lost a lot of its origin, and a few more times, it is estimated that it will be destroyed! Swish! Swish! At this moment, several people have disappeared, relying on the funeral oration, once again hiding in the eternal unknown, beyond the sky. However, this place is too evil, there is an inexplicable existence of great terror, but also a threat to their lives. This puts several people in a dilemma. There is no way, we draw out most of the funeral oration, form a sacrificial amulet, run through the place of the main sacrifice, and summon the living existence there! One man shouted. But the others were silent. Because, if they do so, they will lose a lot of vitality, will lose a lot of origin, one will die! What are you waiting for? He blocked the outside, this is to block the door to kill, there is no other choice! Eight supreme roars. He was the most anxious, because if he was given one or two more strokes, he would surely die and never be able to reunite with his true body. He was sure that it was energy beyond their level, even if it was not complete enough, but it was also involved in a higher field. Here we go again! At this time, the voice of the monster under the four-pole floating earth trembled, and something was attached to his back, which made him feel like a strange creature. The faces of the people next to him all changed. Someone shouted, "Everybody, join hands. We will make a small sacrifice and offer most of the funeral oration in our bodies. Let the place of the chief sacrifice emerge and kill this man!" Then they rushed out from then on, not daring to stay in this strange and dead place. Something was really peeping at them, approaching them, coveting their flesh and soul. It was terrible. Even, they have smelled the smell of dying body! They felt that if they did not reach the desperate situation of death, they would never come in again. Boom! After coming out this time, several people joined hands to fight against the enemy, and they all gathered the funeral oration at the first time, summoning the place of the chief sacrifice, and pulling it to emerge a vague outline. Earlier, they had called, but not so thoroughly, had wanted to open a road, followed by strands of taboo power. As a result, the passage was blocked by the man in the chaotic fog with a coffin plate and shattered there. Now, several people throw caution to the wind, from their bodies floating out of the funeral oration gathered together, actually turned into a simple paper, more complete. Boom! It sends out infinite light and shines on all realms! At this moment, the light of the funeral oration is everywhere, which is terrible and boundless. And there was a voice from the paper, like a prayer, as if millions of creatures were making a wish, praying, calling for something to come. These supreme, dog things, forcibly plunder the wishes accumulated in the past so many years, in order to communicate with a certain place and carry out the so-called sacrifice! In the rear, Jiudaoyi was angry, and his face was twitching, which was provided by the vast number of creatures in the past, as well as the countless worlds that had been extracted and cleaned. Those great realms have become the land of the last law, and a large number of living beings have died. This is too abominable,turmeric extract powder, regarding the heavens as sacrifices, but also borrowing the wishes of the living beings of all ages in the world to communicate the original strange source. Hateful! Should be killed! Jiudaoyi, Gouhuang and others are very angry. The sky is collapsing and the earth is cracking. The strange world where the Soul River is located is cracking and burning. It is going to explode. Even the mountain wall at the end of the Soul River is collapsing. It is terrible and boundless.

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