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May you be unbridled and gentle.

But he looks good in everything. From an early age, Du Jiuzhen felt that there were so many people around him, none of whom could look better than Huo Hengnian. General Manager Chen. Du Jiuzhen looked at him and opened his mouth to call him, with banter in his words. Chen Heng continued to look at the document in his hand, and did not look up, but answered. Aren't you going to contact the headquarters? Du Jiuzhen asked him with a light smile. Previously, the general manager of Huanuo was dismissed on the grounds that he did not actively contact the headquarters. It's far-fetched, but it's impossible to refute. When Chen Heng heard this, he paused. He knew that what Du Jiuzhen said about contacting the headquarters meant that he should go back to Linshi together. After all, her family was there, and she didn't have to think much about it to know that she would not stay in this small place all the time. Or rather, neither of them belongs here. Not for long. Chen Heng looked up at her. With a smile on his face and a slight curve of his lips, Du Jiuzhen said slowly, "The Huo family is going to hold a family meeting. They want to seize power." Du Jiuzhen specifically emphasized the latter sentence. I have to go back. She has been here for so long that she has made too many loopholes for those who are ready to move. Now that the meeting is less than half a month away, she has to prepare early. If she really goes back at that time,carnosic acid price, I'm afraid everything will be too late. Tell me about your ex-boyfriend in front of me? Chen Heng laughed and asked, "What can I do for you if I go with you?" "I will have confidence with you." Du Jiuzhen blurted out. He's pretty good at talking. Chen Heng nodded. Although his lips were cold, he seemed to laugh and said, "I'm satisfied." "Come here." Chen Heng put down the things in his hands and waved to Du Jiuzhen. Du Jiuzhen got up, listened to him, and walked over. Chen Heng pulled her onto his lap. I don't understand your **** either. Those who come out of this small place can't see the world. When the time comes,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, they will make trouble for you and lose face. Chen Heng said casually, and did not care too much. Du Jiuzhen looked at her and listened to him carefully. Then he said, "I can explain to you if you don't understand." "Shut up." Before her coda fell, Chen Heng made a heavy sound, holding her waist in one hand and hugging her tightly. I'm not interested in hearing about you. Chen Heng's eyes had a sharp look and said, "I feel uncomfortable after listening to it." He made no secret of his feelings. Du Jiuzhen bowed his head and snickered. Her smile was discovered by Chen Heng, suddenly grabbed her wrist, slightly punitive, and pinched her waist. I dare not use too much force this time. Du Jiuzhen looked up at him with a smile in his eyes and said, "I think sooner or later you will be willing to listen." "Let's talk about it on that day." "I'm not happy now. Don't mess with me again." Du Jiuzhen looked at him, still smiling. She turned, rosmarinic acid supplement ,best green coffee bean extract, looked up and kissed him on the lips. "I'll coax you." Du Jiuzhen's voice was so charming that he asked, "Do you want to be in a better mood?" That doesn't sound right. Du Jiuzhen kissed him on the chin again, put his hands under his jacket and put them on his waist. Her legs shrank forward, just in time to nest in Chen Heng's body, the woman's body is delicate and small, like a kitten. Only in front of him can he be docile and pleasant. Du Jiuzhen has a good grasp, stirring up a point that is enough to make people sink, but enough is enough. Eyes on his line of sight, close at hand, but no further action. But the meaning in his eyes was very obvious. It's not only in broad daylight, but also in the office. If Chen Heng really did something, That's so exciting. But of course Chen Heng can't do anything here. Unless he's really crazy. But it's almost there now. He was about to be driven mad by Du Jiuzhen. What do you want to do? Let's coax slowly at night. Chen Heng pressed her hand and his voice was extremely restrained. If you don't cheer me up, you're finished. . The next morning, Yan Zheng came to pick up Du Jiuzhen. Said to go back to Linshi. I don't know how long it will take this time, but I'm going to solve the problem anyway. Of course, it's possible that he won't come back. After all, Chen Heng is not here, he does not know where he comes from, then for the sake of the person he likes, get a home. Before leaving, Chen Heng went to say goodbye to Mr. Zhao. Du Jiuzhen sat in the car waiting for him. This man is really a dog. He was too much before, and now he is even more too much. He really let her serve him last night. I still have no moral integrity at all. It's really fun. Du Jiuzhen didn't really fall asleep until two or three o'clock in the morning, but he was woken up again at six or seven o'clock in the morning. And then I'm sitting here. She's in pain all over. The weather has just entered the early autumn, the sun can still rise to 30 high temperatures, in such weather, she wrapped herself up. If you really don't wrap it up, you have no face to see people. I closed my eyes and rested for about half an hour when someone knocked on the window outside. Du Jiuzhen saw Chen Heng and rolled down the window. All right, don't sleep. Chen Heng looked at her sleepy eyes and tired face and rubbed her face. The old man said he wanted to see you. "See me?" Du Jiuzhen is sleeping in a daze, with a pair of eyes open, not Pure Brightness at all, Leng Leng looked at him. Chen Heng has opened the car door. He took Du Jiuzhen by the hand. "He said he wanted to see the girl I like." Du Jiuzhen rubbed his eyes and followed Chen Heng. She didn't react much. Mr. Zhao, in his seventies, wearing a pair of presbyopic glasses, sat on the sofa watching the news and heard footsteps, but he did not look up. The news said something about the development of new policies. You see, at my age,ghana seed extract, I don't understand much. The old man likes to watch the news most. He watches the news broadcast every day. When he is free to watch TV, he also watches the news channel. He is very enthusiastic about national affairs. Come on, tell me about this news. What do you mean? 。

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