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It means hitting the target in the wrong way

Kerr glanced at her. "What about you?"? Xiao Hanzhi's energy has caught up with the boiler. Are you waiting for the dry pot, too? Yu Jie shrugged her shoulders and changed the subject. On the way back, Yu Jie looked at Xiao Hanzhi askew. At first, Xiao Hanzhi was still happy. Later, the more she looked at him, the more she felt cold sweat. Wife, what's wrong? Xiao Hanzhi asked. No, Kerr says you look like a boiler burner. Let me see what you look like. Yu Jie said. Xiao Han's head is full of black lines. I've been undercover, yes, but I've never played a boiler burner. Besides, I'm not as handsome as I am. Lin Keer has a big problem with his vision. Xiao Hanzhi said. Xiao Hanzhi, let me ask you a question. Yu Jie said. What? "If you are a cook, one day you cook a pot of small red beans, but when you think it's almost cooked, you lift the pot and turn it into a pot of small mung beans,pump tube, what will you do?" Yu Jie asked tentatively. Xiao Hanzhi smiled: "What should I do?"? Needless to say, the man who stole my little red beans must be brought to justice. Oh, not to mention, he has to compensate me for a few pots of little red beans. "What if you find that someone has changed your American red beans into Chinese real estate red beans?" Yu Jie asked. Xiao Hanzhi thought about it and said affirmatively, "I have always felt that locally produced food is more suitable for our own people, and I definitely prefer to eat small red beans made in China,polyfoil tube, so I will not pursue it." Yu Jie rolled her eyes, what a. Wife, why are you competing with Roo today? What's up? What ideas did Lin Keer instill in you? Xiao Hanzhi asked. No, but, Xiao Hanzhi, do you really like to eat real estate red beans? Yu Jie asked. Well, so what if he's sure? People are not red beans. Not bad Xiao Hanzhi answered. Go back to call Tang Ji to let him take care of his woman, have nothing to instill this inexplicable idea into people, eat a meal and make a red bean and mung bean theory. Regardless of red beans and mung beans, eat whatever beans you have. "Oh, let's cook some red bean porridge tomorrow." Yu Jie said. The next day Hsiao Han-chih left for work. At ten o'clock, empty cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packaging tube, Yu Chieh also drove out to the fabric market and bought a lot of gorgeous fabrics. By the way, she ordered a sewing machine and a set of clothes making tools, which made people think that she was going to open a tailor shop. As soon as I sent things home, I received a call from Gu Jun asking if she had time to send her a video of the film on the Internet. I applied for a QQ number on the Internet according to what Gu Jun said, and then added Gu Jun's "Gu Jun". I haven't been on QQ for many years. When I saw the little penguin, I thought it was quite kind. The name I just applied for was "Yu Jie". Look at the only friend who passed and then look at his name, it's really. To put it bluntly, when I opened the QQ menu, the names that slipped down were all so dreamy, the top princess of the female, the male. Not to mention, a frog in a tuxedo is not a prince. Gu Jun sent her a video file, a very big file, waiting for Gu Jun to chat with her. Gu Jun: I tortured Gu Jun yesterday. Yu Jie: Uh! Not really! Did you use the Chili Water Tiger Stool? Gu Jun: As for, this is a very serious problem. He has no right to dismiss an actor without any reason. Yu Jie: I'm not an actor. I'm just helping. Gu Jun: However, I smell an unusual smell. Yu Jie curled her lips, and the little girl still wanted to say something, and made a question mark in the past. Gu Jun: Through my intelligent brain, I have analyzed many clues, and the conclusion is.. Yu Jie: What is it? This child really deserves to be the sister of the boss of the film and television company, and she speaks like a suspense story. Gu Jun sent a little yellow face with a thief's smile: The conclusion is that Comrade Gu Jun has a crush on you. Yu Jie almost fell off the chair. The child must have read too many novels. Yu Jie: This conclusion is too mysterious. It is comparable to the United States' discovery of the Guanghan Palace on the moon and its interview with Chang'e. Gu Jun sent a laughing expression: "Really, do not believe you ask him." "But if, I mean if, if he had a crush on me, why would he FIRE me on the way?" Yu Jie asked. It doesn't make sense that normal people's thinking is not to extend the contact time as much as possible and create small accidents and opportunities by abusing power for personal gain? Gu Jun: Gu Jun was stimulated. I watched the film. I watched all the shots taken by several cameras. You flirted with Captain Xiao in two places. Gu Jun was stimulated, so.. Yu Jie:.. Gu Jun:..? Yu Jie: This is really an unconvincing reason. Gu Jun: I can only say that there are all kinds of strange things in the world. However, Sister Yu, I didn't lie to you. I have known Gu Jun for more than 20 years. I know him better than I know myself. He is definitely a sultry man. Yu Jie is very speechless. Yu Jie: I'll go out first. I'll pass it on first. I'll talk about it after I finish reading it. Yu Jie beckoned the dog to run over and patted his little head. Yu Jie told him, "Please be good. Mom is going to buy water and cans for you by the way. You are good at looking after the house." The dog licked her hand twice by the way. Change your clothes and go out. There's no pet shop nearby, so you have to run far away. Although it is sunny in winter, it is quite comfortable to drive slowly. When the phone rang, Yu Jie's heart trembled again. She really hoped that this kind of day would come to an end. As long as the phone rang, she would be nervous. If it went on like this, her hair would turn white sooner or later. Fan Fan! The voice on the other end was soft and smiling. What's the matter? Yu Jie asked. I'm a little uncomfortable recently. I always dream of my mother when I sleep. I miss you a little. Fanfan, do you have time to see me recently? Yu Jie could not refuse the pitiful voice. Okay, I'll make arrangements to be there as soon as possible. Are you in the hospital? Yu Jie asked. I'll go when you come. Fanfan,tube lip gloss, I'll wait for you. "Mmm." Hung up the phone and sighed. Is it getting worse? Chapter 38 Because of this phone call, Yu Jie's heart was raised, and it seemed that she had to quickly arrange the things at hand. He went home with bags of things and waited at the door obediently.


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Everything begins with the spinetingling sound  All Blacks vs Wales stream tv of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, and the Welsh Hwyl that we are renowned for around the World Ensure you can be important for the environment.

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