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My name, your last name.

If I was right just now, Shang Xiuwen and He Jingyi, deputy general manager of Yixin Group, the sponsor of this evening party, stood together and talked. What can I say? "Just say it." At her request, Qian Jiaxi said dryly, "It's not like an ordinary friendship." Chapter V (I) Shang Xiuwen answered a phone call when he was having dinner at home the night before yesterday. After listening for a while, he suddenly lowered his face and went to the balcony to talk for a long time before he came back, saying that he had to rush to J City, which is located on the border between the province and neighboring provinces. Gan Lu asked how many days to go, he frowned and thought, said about two or three days enough. She let him go on eating and immediately went upstairs to the bedroom to pack his simple luggage. When she came down with a traveling bag, she heard Shang Xiuwen say, "I'm afraid my uncle can't cope with this." "Call me as soon as you know the situation." Mother and son watched her come down and stopped together. This strange silence made her stop for a moment on the stairs, and for a moment she had a strange feeling that there was something in the house that she could not intervene in. However, Shang Xiuwen came over, took the bag in one hand and said with a smile, "Lulu, I'll go first. I'll call you when I get there." His expression and voice were the same as usual, not as grim as before. At about 11 o'clock,plastic laminated tube, he called Gan Lu's cell phone and told her that she had arrived in J City and had a smooth journey, telling her to rest early. When Gan Lu answered the phone, she was already lying in bed, but she couldn't sleep for a while. The sudden feeling of standing on the stairs still bothered her. Shang Xiuwen and his friend Feng Yian jointly opened a company to do steel trade, which mainly supplies steel bars and other building materials to the construction market. There is a private iron and steel enterprise called Xusheng in J City, which is located at the junction of the province and neighboring provinces. The legal representative is Wu Changzhi, Shang Xiuwen's uncle and Wu Lijun's brother. Shang Xiu Wen acts as an agent for the sale of their products in the province. In terms of administrative division, J City belongs to a neighboring province,plastic laminted tube, which is nearly four hours'drive from the city, and he often travels there on business. This is all that Gan Lu knows. Qian Jiaxi's left eye is 500 degrees, his right eye is 350 degrees, and his eyesight is really not good. However, except for the days when her eyes were inflamed, she wore contact lenses all the time, and her eyes were bright and bright, and she would not let go of any details when scheduling the program scene. Gan Lu, of course, would not coax herself to say that what her good friend saw was not Shang Xiuwen, not to mention that the name of He Jingyi had appeared in her home not long ago. Qian Jiaxi was busy preparing for the program and had no time to tell her more. He only told her the broadcast time and channel of the evening party. Then he said: "When I came in just now, I saw them standing and talking on the side of the corridor outside the J City Stadium. There was no excessive behavior, but how to say?"? According to my intuition, their relationship should be unusual. Don't be suspicious, cosmetic plastic tube ,plastic packaging tube, but don't be careless. I'm going to work first, and I'll talk about it later. Gan Lu thought about it and dialed Shang Xiuwen's phone, which he quickly answered. Xiuwen, is everything going well? When will you be back? "Well, I'll probably be back tomorrow morning." "What are you doing now?" "I'm talking to a friend about something. I'll call you in the evening. Bye." Gan Lu put away her cell phone, leaned against the railing on the roof, and saw the teacher who had been entangled with the principal's job transfer leave. She tried to adjust her mood. After a while, she went into the office and listened to him about the requirements of the competition. She kept listening carefully, but realized that she really didn't listen much. After returning home in the evening, Gan Lu and her mother-in-law Wu Lijun sat down to eat, still as dull as usual. Of course, she had no intention of going to the iceberg-shaped mother-in-law to inquire about anything, and the two of them acted entirely in accordance with their own habits. She was glad that she did not have to deliberately find a perfunctory topic when she had something on her mind. After Wu Lijun went for a walk in the park, Gan Lu took the lesson plan down, sat on the sofa in the living room, turned on the TV, and tuned to the provincial satellite TV. The program had not yet started. She doesn't like watching TV very much. Wu Lijun has a smaller LCD TV in her bedroom. Usually, the TV in the living room is just Shang Xiuwen watching the broadcast of sports matches. Now she is doing her own work, and she is more or less distracted by the excitement on the screen. The evening party started on time at the time Qian Jiaxi said. Two hosts, a man and a woman, appeared on the stage. Although they had not watched TV for a long time, the hostess Gan Lu knew her. She was Li Sibi, a senior student of Normal University who graduated from the Chinese Department. This beautiful woman who had always been quite vigorous was also the first host of course in the school TV station. I haven't seen her for a few years, but she is still as beautiful as ever. But she used emotional voice, flowery words and parallel sentences to praise the beautiful mountains and rivers, outstanding people and the rapid development of reform and opening up in J City, which made Gan Lu a little funny. Before getting married, Shang Xiuwen took Gan Lu to J City, which is Wu Lijun's hometown. Her younger brother Wu Changzhi runs Xusheng Iron and Steel Company. The scale of the enterprise is not small. He wears the brand of deputy to the Provincial People's Congress and outstanding private entrepreneur. He is a famous figure there. In Gan Lu's view, J City is a very common industrial city. Its historical evolution is only a county established in the Northern Song Dynasty. It is rich in minerals, ranging from gold to iron ore. Its smelting industry is developed. There are no celebrities and poets, and there are no romantic legends to attach to it. In the past, there were mountains and rivers, but in modern times, because of over-exploitation of minerals and the development of heavy industry, the problem of ecological environment pollution is very prominent. Cell phone rang, Shang Xiuwen called back, a little surprised: "Lulu, you are actually watching TV?"? Am I too lonely when I'm not at home? "That's natural." Gan Lu laughed and said, "What about you? Have you finished your work?" It's over for the time being. I just had a drink with my third brother. Alas, this guy is still such a big drinker. The third brother he said was his cousin, Wu Wei, the son of Wu Changzhi. Wu Changzhi has two daughters and a son. Wu Wei is the third child, two years older than Shang Xiuwen. He is the executive vice president of his father's Xusheng Iron and Steel Company. He drives a cool Porsche 911 sports car, which is quite noticeable in the local area. I think every time you say you're going to stop drinking,custom cosmetic packing, you have a good reason to drink more and more. Shang Xiuwen also smiled, "Yes, I can't help myself in Jianghu. I don't know when I can be free." 。

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