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Learn from the teacher to choose me, I am super sweet [wear the book] --Tiger Crane Chuan (common number: Xitulanya Ever

"I did learn the magic method, but that's because you failed to teach me, and the dragon in the sea, he can!" "I remember it at the foot of your peak, but all my skills were taught by him. Aren't you ashamed when the big competition under the door adds luster to you? After the big competition, the other four people got the magic weapon and secret book of the master. What did you give me? Ha, a calm Heart Sutra of Eliminating Demons?" "You let me be a strong man, but you don't teach me. You let me get rid of the demons and defend the Tao, but you let me see the benevolence, righteousness and morality of the sunken sandbar. The world is full of demons!"! Who should I get rid of and who should I defend?! When Qin Huaiyue heard this, she stepped back a few steps, only to feel a sweet smell in her throat. She adjusted her True Qi and pressed it down hard. Her mind was so confused that she trembled. "You clearly never said that before …" We are master and apprentice.. You should tell me, you come back with me, I'll give you everything. "Don't say any more," Wen Bingyan said coldly. "From today on, the relationship between you and my master and apprentice will be broken up. You, Qin Huaiyue, will no longer be my teacher, and I, Wen Bingyan, will no longer be your disciple. From now on, we will never see each other again." The blood in the throat of Qin Huai Yue could no longer be pressed down, and a mouthful of blood spurted out and flowed down his chin. No, this is not the case, I changed his life, I changed from Yao's life, I have been running for his future, I have been. Did you do it wrong? Is it false that he has been obedient all the time? She suddenly remembered the lonely figure of the little turnip head sitting alone at the gate of the courtyard waiting for her to come back in the dusk of the peach blossom forest. As soon as she saw her coming back,cosmetic tube packaging, she hurried over and said to her coquettishly, Master, why did you come back so late? Remembering that when he was in the big competition, facing the attack of Warcraft, he did not hesitate to rush up to protect himself and roll down the steep slope, he had a large bruise on his back, but still insisted on wiping the medicine on his foot wound. Remembering that he was holding his hand at the Worm King Sacrifice in Thousand Worms Town, and that they were parading through the streets together, he kept sweating, wiping his clothes from time to time and then sticking them back,cosmetic tube, holding his hand carefully. When he asked himself which one looked good, he nodded foolishly and said, all of them looked good. Think of him clearly found himself afraid of the dark, but has not been exposed, always guarding in their own side, but also gave her a luminous stone. Remembering his bright, expectant eyes every time, every time, every time he called out to master. Two people's dribs and drabs, will not be false, she decided to bet, bet on Wen Bingyan's sincerity to her. Qin Huaiyue reached out to wipe the blood from her chin. She raised her head and swept away her fragile look. Her face was firm again. She said, "Even if I am forced, I will keep you." Said her whole body white True Qi flow, "Wen Bingyan, today let go of hands and feet to fight with me once, if you win, I will admit that I have no ability to teach you, where you go, aluminium laminated tube ,pump tube, but if you lose, follow me back to Cangxueshan, never leave!" "That's what I mean." A moment of silence. The two men pointed a little, and two puddles rose on the water. Looking over the valley of separation, two figures, one red and one black, rushed to each other at the same time, breaking a pool of still water and causing the lake to burst. Ding.. When the two swords collided, the True Qi scattered in all directions, and waves rolled around them. Then, the two swords kept moving, and the tricks in their hands kept moving. The noise was like a rainstorm, and one move overwhelmed another. Wen Bingyan has excellent skills, but Qin Huaiyue has a higher starting point than him, and she has never relaxed herself these years. She didn't expect that after several years of hard work, one day she was fighting with her apprentice. Although Wen Bingyan tried his best, Qin Huaiyue was injured in the abdomen, but later, Qin Huaiyue gradually gained the upper hand. She hit the towering waves, splashing all over the sky, blocking between the two, took the opportunity to wield a sword, sword gas carrying the mountain to the tsunami. Wen Bingyan rolled on the surface of the water and dodged. Before he stood up, Qin Huaiyue appeared in front of him in a flash. The tip of his sword pierced Wen Bingyan's throat. If this sword goes down, she will win. But when she was about to win, her sword stopped. She can't stab. Just then, Wen Bingyan took the opportunity to lean back and asked the sky to stir up from bottom to top. Qin Huaiyue only felt a numbness in the tiger's mouth. Shuiyue got out of his hand and flew out. She had no time to take the sword, Wen Bingyan had a palm of True Qi to push, she had no time to resist, that palm like this, carrying the momentum of the tsunami, she flew away. The water moon fell into the lake and sank. Qin Huaiyue fell on the lake and spat out a big mouthful of blood. Lingxi, who had been watching the battle for a long time, clapped her hands and said with a smile, "It's not a pity that Grandpa likes her. It's really a black heart. Your master didn't want to do it, but you used her soft heart to win her. Yes, it's my Longmen style!"! You go and kill her, and we'll go. Wen Bingyan turned a deaf ear. He put Wen Tian back in the scabbard behind his back and walked step by step. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, falling on the black hair of Qinhuai Moon and on the shoulder of Wen Bingyan. Wen Bingyan walked to Qin Huaiyue's side and knelt down. He lowered his head and watched Qin Huaiyue quietly. His face was neither sad nor happy, and his eyes were dark. Qin Huaiyue was seriously injured, and the palm tore the previous abdominal wound, blood gushed out, all the way into the lake, blooming a scarlet flower under her body. Her face was like gold paper, her hands and feet were weak, and she tried to stand up and stop Wen Bingyan from leaving. But her body was full of holes, and the True Qi in her body was confused. Even if she moved, she would draw a mouthful of blood into her throat, and she could not even make a sound. How could she fight again. Looked for a long time, Wen Bingyan finally stretched out his hand, his palm black surge, slowly covered on the eyes of Qinhuai moon, Qinhuai moon eyes looked at him sadly, begging him to stop. Wen Bingyan still covered his palm and covered her eyes, isolating the eyes that made him suffocate. As Wen Bingyan covered her eyes, a darkness came, and her consciousness collapsed. When she was hazy, she heard a dumb voice. Qin Huaiyue, you lost, I. Go, don't care about me anymore,metal cosmetic tubes, don't come to me, this life, later. Indefinite. 。

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