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The glory of Germany

The German fleet in Oslo arrived in Oslo at five o'clock in the afternoon. Here they met with no resistance. Especially the land fortress called Oskarborg, which is located on the island of South Karholm in the narrowest part of the Oslo Fjord. It is a short distance from Oslo, the capital of Norway. Because of the rapid flow of water in the sea area of the fortress, the terrain is dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the Norwegian army has a large number of troops stationed here. The entire defensive system was based on the fortress, and a firepower network was formed with a cross configuration of 280-meter artillery and 150 mm artillery. On the north side of the fortress, the Norwegian army also set up a six-tube torpedo launching position on the island of North Kahom. In Ji Ming's memory, this place made the Germans suffer a lot. It was here that the brand-new heavy cruiser Blucher was sunk. So Ji Ming paid special attention to the situation in Oslo, and he told the German Vice Admiral Oscar, who was in charge of the assault. Konmotz told him to keep an eye on the shore battery in Oslo and the shore-based torpedo launcher. 。 In the absence of complete security. Big ships must not enter the bay. Of course, Ji Ming also knew that it was not enough for these people to pay attention,plastic pallet bin, so he sent a top-secret order to Skorzeny, who attacked Oslo. He was asked to send troops to take control of the fortress before his fleet arrived. So after Skorzeny and his special forces succeeded in holding King Haakon VII of Norway hostage, a special force of 70 men, led by Kisling,wholesale plastic pallet, occupied the entire fortress. So his fleet was able to pass through smoothly. And quickly laid down the Marines and the Germans. At the same time, the German warships in Kristiansand, Arendal and Trondheim did not encounter any resistance, and most of the fleet reached the port safely. Norway's coast guard, navy and local army were also very cooperative, and there was no fierce fighting. The only place where fighting broke out was the Norwegian town of Bergen, where the Norwegian garrison did not receive an armistice order from headquarters because of poor communication lines. The German commander, Rear Admiral Schmuent, was a hothead. His fleet had just approached Bergen, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, and before the situation in the harbor was clear, he rashly ordered a raid on the harbor. On a dark and cloudy evening. The German light cruisers "Cologne" and "Munich" and the gun training ship "Bullsnake" broke into the inner harbor of Bergen in a formation with the coordinated destroyers and torpedo boats. Just as they were about to reach the mobile wharf, a Norwegian torpedo boat hidden on the side of the inner harbor suddenly rushed out of the gray distance and dropped two torpedoes on the side facing the German ship. One of the German destroyers that soon ran in the innermost was immediately hit. After the violent explosion. A large hole was blown in the hull of the destroyer. See this situation. The German cruisers immediately outflanked them, and they kept turning their turrets in an attempt to shell the Norwegian torpedo boats. However, because the speed of the torpedo boat was too fast, it was difficult to hit at all, and at this time, the Norwegian shore guns began to fire. Dense shells exploded in the narrow bay, and columns of water rose into the sky. From time to time, artillery fire hit the German boat. In less than 10 minutes, "Munich" and "Niuhong" were wounded, and hundreds of German sailors and landing soldiers were killed. Right here In the heat of the moment, German bomber units appeared in the sky of the battlefield. I head fly like JU-88 bomber in the sky. They kept circling at a low altitude. Wait until the target of the attack is determined, and then they will attack their own targets. The black bomb bays opened one by one, and dozens of tons of explosives poured down from the plane like rain. In an instant, many shore guns on the shore were destroyed. With the support of their own aircraft bombing, the German landing forces were given a chance to breathe, and soon, under the cover of air and sea. A large number of landing troops in small boats and stormboats rushed to the position and launched a fierce battle with the Norwegian army. Half an hour later, Bergen was declared lost. At this time, the British mainland is 100 miles away from Bergen. Admiral Forbes, Commander of the Royal Navy's Home Fleet, steps into the Admiralty Building at 3 Boulevard. Soon, on the second floor, he found First Lord of the Admiralty Winston. Churchill 。“ Sir, the Germans have invaded Denmark and Norway. Our plan was aborted! Forbes spoke carefully to his boss. I know, I know, I really don't understand,euro plastic pallet, why would they attack at this time? Didn't Raeder know that this was the foggy season in the North Sea? How can their warships be able to sail out? Are you crazy? Churchill suddenly thumped the table so hard that Forbes was surprised. After a pause, Churchill suddenly said, "Is the German fleet all out?"? Has Norway been completely occupied? Do we have any corresponding measures? Where is the nearest unit of the Home Fleet? One question after another hit Forbes like a barrage.

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