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Quan Min Chengguan and Master Quanli

And since the opening of the game, then this game can be regarded as a competitive category, the so-called competitive competition is ultimately technology, tactics and so on, strictly speaking, should unify all the equipment of both players, just like chess, both sides of the chess pieces, not because I have money, put one more or take one more step. But this time, after all, is to give other companies a chance to form a team, really want to balance to this point, the grassroots team is likely to be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, when the champion gave a group of poor hanging wire, the advertising fee is not? Enhanced enchantments are not effective on the field, but they are still effective off the field. Usually PK is also Niubi, even on the field, the gap between the artifact and the whiteboard is obvious. With highly enhanced weapons, you can naturally challenge more powerful maps and get better artifacts, which is the same. Chapter 277 come to solicit customers. Although countless players can see that, in fact,plastic pallet supplier, there is no so-called fairness, this is not the Olympics, this is just an event organized by the game company itself. But in any case, this also marks that the game really entered the formal, there will be the first, there will be the second, the third and so on. Competition is also the largest interaction between players, and all those who try to make a name for themselves,plastic pallet manufacturer, dominate the world and make a career can only be proved in the competition field. If there is no competition, what else can we do? Keep killing people? Stand in the street and shout that I want to dominate the world? Even Shenhao won't be in the second grade. Of course, there is also the method of video, but even if the online video is good, there are always trolls. They will think that the video of brushing pictures will be silly, and it is not interesting at all. The PK videos are all invited. For this kind of troll, we can only be helpless. Because they can always find all kinds of reasons to spray people, to completely eliminate trolls, unless the overall quality of the people to improve a level. Video masters can only try to reduce the number of trolls, how to reduce, it can only come out with some honor. Then the ranking of the competition is obviously the best way to stop the trolls. So in terms of whether this game is fair or not, I believe it will make countless professional players who are still in the game roll up their sleeves and trouser legs. For them, this is their stage. This should also include the Wind Hero. The first tactical master of the original poisonous milk powder 8, the team leader of the Technology Development Bureau, the scientist of poisonous milk powder, the person who subverts the game setting and makes the game company afraid. And today, foldable bulk container ,spill plastic pallet, he is still an active necromancer at the forefront, one of the top masters of the Dark Society. But for him, these names are far from the end. Only the champion on the field is his ultimate goal, right? Just like countless athletes who have trained hard for decades, decades of sweat and tears are for a gold medal. However, athletes are still respected by society, but professional players rarely have this honor. National conditions determine that most people who play games here are considered to be not doing their jobs properly, and professional players will fluctuate greatly with the popularity or indifference of the game. How many years can a game last? How competitive is the industry today? How many games are there? Although it seems that Magic World is dominant for the time being, how long can this state last? Maybe a company will launch another game tomorrow, and it is possible to attract a lot of popularity. However, no matter how bumpy the road of professional players is, there are still a large number of professional players who stubbornly go all the way to the black. Or success, or failure. Perhaps this is the so-called pursuit of dreams? Lin Guang admires these people, most professional players have been under the pressure of the people around them, the people around them do not understand the eyes along the way. Those who can persist, whether successful or not, should be respected. However, Lin Guang is not such a person, from the beginning he said that he just came to play games, just play casually, not to dominate the world. He also has a job, and there is really no reason to quit his job and take a completely unknown road. If Daxia invites him, Lin Guang can only refuse. And a group of other people actually have a job, if the hero invited one by one, it is estimated that only Shenhao will agree. Because Shenhao is Shenhao, his work is nothing to him. "Alas!" Lin Guang sighed unconsciously, Daxia once had his own team, known as the team of the Technology Development Bureau. Maybe Daxia will contact those people, too? Suddenly, a small speaker jumped out of QQ on the side. Lin Guang clicked on it and saw that he was adding his own friend. Look at the name but don't know it. Hello! Is it a smile from the old horse? The other side asked politely. Lin Guang was stunned, his QQ number in the game only told Daxia and so on a few, and the reality of friends do not know he is playing games. This person is called by the ID of the game. What is his background? Uh Lin Guang answered a word, for do not know who, Lin Guang also answered with the least words. You may wonder, how do I know your Qq number? Let me explain first. The other side went on to say, "In fact, your face and the face in the game have not changed, I feel familiar when I look at it.". Come to think of it, isn't it the nephew of my aunt's nephew's uncle of my daughter-in-law's seventh brother-in-law's son? As soon as I checked, I immediately found your QQ number and added it. ".." Lin Guang frowned, but it was all right to listen to what he said. " You see, we are actually relatives. The other party sent a smiling face. Say something. Lin Guang typed two more words. OK! The old horse really spoke quickly. The other side seemed to notice that Lin Guang did not seem to want to talk to him politely, and immediately took a positive tone, "In fact, you know, your face is the same as in the game, this is your mistake.". We just need to check a little, not to mention your Qq number, even your address is easy. Lin Guang: ".." "Of course you don't have to worry. We don't mean any harm." The other party replied,plastic wheelie bins, "Let's introduce ourselves first!"! I am a member of Dou Shifu Instant Noodle Company, and now I am in charge of the professional team! "Master Dou's instant noodles?" Lin Guang was surprised, "I haven't heard of it!" 。

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