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Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

Disciples and demons are not safe for everyone. No matter how rich Li Chengzhu is, it is impossible for every disciple to issue a piece of paper for the formation of "drawing the ground as a prison". Although everyone who is about to be robbed will be refined by those who have become immortals to make some small defensive magic weapons for them, the most important thing is to rely on their own strength. The demons suffered in the hands of no magic weapon, the number of deaths is also more, directly reached one tenth of the number. Even so. It can not suppress the determination of the demons to pursue the way of heaven. The selected disciples of the Hehuan Sect are much better. Of the two hundred disciples who had been robbed, only ten were physically and spiritually separated for various reasons. Make those former friends cry in pain. Pussy. Cry a ball! Liu Sanbiaozi dug his nose and posed in the shape of Li Xianchang, unruly and contemptuous. The plan to mass-produce Jinxian has been implemented and has achieved great success. What Li Chengzhu needs to do now is to cultivate himself, reach his own limit, and then walk out of the boundary that has trapped him for thousands of years and become an immortal. Don't when the time comes, under a ticket Jinxian, and oneself is a Xiuxian, this face can be lost. Xiao Ying is trying to teach Xiao Yan Ran to practice the method together. After all, every disciple of the Hehuan Sect has been practicing this method since childhood. But after several months of hard work,heavy duty plastic pallet, Xiao Ying found that Xiao Yan ran was not interested in any method at all, or was out of tune with it. As long as she practiced the method, Yan ran could not absorb the aura at all, and she just sat in meditation with her own imitation of her mother's meditation posture. Several ladies also found that when Xiao Yan ran was not meditating, there was not a trace of spiritual fluctuation on her body. And with the increase of her cultivation, even when she was meditating,wholesale plastic pallet, people could not feel the traces of the spirit pouring into her body. Now no one can determine which level of Xiuxian Xiao Yan ran is, there is no spiritual pressure fluctuation, it means that there is no Xiuwei, but Xiao Yan ran is indeed Xiuwei, this contradictory combination perfectly appeared in the baby daughter of Big Boss Li, Xiao Yan ran. Exactly one year after the interdimensional time boundary appeared. The pale red light curtain was looming, and all the people in the boundary felt a trace of the leakage of the aura. Jinxian cultivation plan has been completed half a month ago, and now only Li Chengzhu's wife and a few friends are left in the boundary. On the high platform, the little phoenix gave a light cry, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet supplier, and the interdimensional time boundary began to shake. The broken eggshells that formed the boundary finally lost their strength to support them and slowly fell from the air. The pink curtain of light broke like a scattered waterfall. As soon as the little phoenix spread its wings, the countless eggshells flew backwards in front of it. Under the watchful eyes of all the people, the little phoenix ate all the eggshells into its stomach. An invisible circle of light spread out from the center of the boundary. The disciples and demons looked up solemnly. The boundary that had made themselves and others finally collapsed. After a year of support, the boundary dissipated. Chapter 143 of the fifth volume, Moye's early warning. 4 With the sharp sound of the little phoenix, Big Boss Li gave a long roar from the ground. Li Chengzhu's proud and excited expression is undoubtedly telling everyone that Lao Tzu has finally recovered. For more than a thousand years, Li Chengzhu's knife-cut handsome face has been filled with the growth rings of the years. What has been lost is youth and handsome, replaced by majesty. The eagle-eyed eyes reveal the look of looking down on the world. The strong and dark muscles are full of explosive energy. Big Boss Li is now like a sleeping hero, and the smile hanging on his mouth because of excitement is also full of incomparable confidence. The disciples and demons did not give up Hehuan Zong and Li Chengzhu because of their strength. Immortal world geomantic omen turns, one fruit and one cause, not to mention those demons have long been grateful to Li Xianchang, and the disciples also know that they can now do all this, thanks to the suzerain! "Welcome the suzerain (immortal) out of the pass!" Thousands of heads fell to the ground on one knee, and the sound was as neat as if it had been rehearsed. Several elders of the Hehuan clan and the Yutu clan led the way, looking up at Li Chengzhu. Liu Sanbiaozi was lucky to be in the first row because he was the captain of Li Chengzhu's direct guard and his strength had reached the level of five-level demon immortals. At the moment, he was looking at the immortal who had trained himself with his mouth wide open and his face full of fanaticism and excitement. The person standing in the front was Ni Luohong, who also expressed his gratitude to Li Chengzhu at the moment. Mother of God is not allowed to kneel. This is the rule of the Yutu clan. Look at the black heads below. Feeling the noisy and chaotic but unusually huge spiritual pressure fluctuations, Li Chengzhu's heart was filled with passion, and he felt that it was necessary for him to do something. The thousands of heads in front of him are no longer what he used to be able to handle by stretching his little finger. Prestige, Big Boss Li urgently needs to do one thing to increase his prestige. Squeak! A familiar light call, a group of red figure, in everyone did not react to the time to scurry into the embrace of Li Chengzhu. Feifei? Gu Linglong looked at it and was shocked. It turned out to be the awakening of a little thing that had been sleeping for thousands of years. Feeling the fat body, the little pink tongue was licking his earlobe intimately. Li Chengzhu smiled softly and pinched the nose of the little thing: "You finally woke up." "Squeak!" After the change of clothes, the little thing has a body of red hair and a pink tongue. Completely changed appearance, but at the moment, the little thing is also unusually excited. Cluck, baby, baby! Xiao Yan ran, who was held in her arms by Xiao Ying, clapped her fat and tender hands and cried out happily. In front of a flash of green light, in Li Chengzhu and small shadow stunned look, small Yan ran has stopped in the air in front of the big boss Li,plastic trash bins, stretched out a small hand toward the small thing to grab. There are no psychic pressure fluctuations, just a glimmer of green light. Small Yan ran appeared, Li Chengzhu stunned.

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