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Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End + Follow-up to Chapter 15 Power Spirit]

Xiao Yan doesn't have much interest in weapons and armor, but he is very interested in all kinds of precious medicinal materials. As long as he can find the precious medicinal materials, he can refine them into all kinds of elixirs to enhance his strength. Walking in the dangerous Warcraft Mountains, elixirs are the most life-saving and realistic things. Walking into the spacious shop, the shop was illuminated by the moonstone hanging on the wall as if it were day. At this time, there were quite a lot of people in the shop, and the clerks were very busy, so no one had greeted Xiao Yan who had just come in. No one greeted, Xiao Yan is also happy to be quiet, eyes slowly swept in the transparent counter, when its line of sight moved to a small jade box, but is slightly stupefied. Healing medicine? Is there an alchemist here? Staring at the information written below the small jade bottle, Xiao Yan was stunned and murmured with some surprise. Shaking his head, Xiao Yan's eyes continued to move, but when he looked at all the things on the counter, he shook his head with some disappointment, although there are some intermediate medicinal materials, but that is not much use for Xiao Yan now. Just when Xiao Yan was ready to return empty, the corner of his eye, which was moving at random, was suddenly a meal. Looking through the transparent counter, Xiao Yan stared at a pale yellow object in the corner. After a while, he licked his lips, walked into the counter as if nothing had happened, lowered his head,collapsible bulk container, and looked at the pale yellow object again. Cough. Please help me get this thing out. Slowly withdrawing some greedy and excited eyes, Xiao Yan raised his head and smiled at a male shop assistant who came over. The young shop assistant who was stopped took a sideways glance at Xiao Yan, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, and then took a look at what he had asked for. After discovering that it was only a piece of the lowest level of Huanglian essence, he immediately curled his mouth impatiently and took it out of the counter with a stiff face: "Huanglian essence, low-grade medicinal materials, one hundred gold coins." Did not care about the shop assistant that pair of dog eyes to look at people low attitude, Xiao Yan heart sneer, casually took this piece is considered to be the lowest level of Huanglian essence, nails quietly in the above light scratch,stackable plastic pallets, slightly yellow surface opened a small Xu, unexpectedly is to reveal a little like blood like the color of Yin Hong, eyes looking at the touch of hard to see Yin Hong, Xiao Yan eyes slightly twitching, He immediately touched his nose without any trace, sniffed the strange smell of blood on his fingers, and suddenly, deep in his eyes, he could not help but jump up a touch of splendor. Sure enough, it's the Blood Lotus Essence! When Xiao Yan was excited, Yao Lao's slightly surprised voice suddenly sounded in his heart. Little fellow, you seem to be lucky enough to meet this rare herb! Chapter one hundred and ten little doctor Chapter one hundred and ten little doctor Blood lotus essence, a kind of extremely rare advanced medicinal materials, this kind of medicinal materials, generally associated with the growth of Huanglian essence, but the number is extremely rare, its appearance, plastic bulk containers ,mobile garbage bin, almost exactly the same as Huanglian essence, if it is not familiar with people, it must be difficult to distinguish between the two, previously at the first sight of this thing, if not for the old medicine suddenly issued a surprised sound, with Xiao Yan this little rookie, But in any case will not find this inconspicuous little thing, unexpectedly will be a rare medicinal material that he has been looking for. Blood lotus essence is one of the main materials for refining "blood lotus elixir", and when it comes to blood lotus elixir, we have to mention the strange skill practiced by Xiao Yan, "burning"! Want to know, the evolution of burning, must need to devour abnormal fire, but devour abnormal fire, is not a safe life, abnormal fire is not only extremely violent, but also has a rather terrible destructive, not to mention the human body touched a little, even the special metal known for its hardness, can not withstand the high temperature of abnormal fire. Therefore, if you want to successfully absorb the "abnormal fire" into the body without refining and absorbing it, you need to prepare some extremely tedious things. Only by using these things to protect the body, can you improve the success rate of devouring the "abnormal fire". And this "Blood Lotus Pill" is a very important part of it. Xueliandan, after being taken, will form a strange layer of energy blood cangue on the surface of the human body, and this layer of blood cangue can resist the extremely hot temperature, so only with its efficacy, it is possible to get close to the abnormal fire, and look for opportunities to take the next step. As for some of the necessary things that Yao Lao said, Xiao Yan had secretly searched for them in Wutan City, but he got nothing. Unexpectedly, he had just come to a different place and was lucky to find this rare blood lotus essence. The extraordinary strength, let Xiao Yan perfect the heart of the ecstasy convergence up. In the impatient eyes of the shop assistant, he casually played with the blood lotus essence in his hand. After a little hesitation, he asked with a smile, "Do you have any other yellow lotus essence here?"? I'd like to buy in bulk. Hearing this, the shop assistant was slightly stupefied, and his suspicious eyes swept over Xiao Yan. Although Huang Lian Jing was only one hundred gold coins, he bought it in bulk. That's at least a lot of money. Suspicious eyes, when gradually transferred to the ring on Xiao Yan's finger, the suspicion on the shop assistant's face quickly disappeared, replaced by a flattering smile: "Sir, please wait a moment, I'll get it right away." With a faint smile and a nod, Xiao Yan did not cast his eyes on the rare blood lotus essence in his hands. Instead, he looked for other things on the counter as if nothing had happened. Not long after the clerk left, he walked out quickly, put the small wooden box in his hand on the counter, and said with a smile, "Sir, there are 53 pieces of Huanglianjing here.". Do you want to buy all of them? Smiled, Xiao Yan did not answer, eyes in the small wooden box of those Huanglian Jing swept, after a moment. With an imperceptible disappointment in his eyes, he found that there was no second blood lotus essence in these yellow lotus essences. With a sigh of disappointment in his heart, Xiao Yan's face was still full of smiles. After picking out more than twenty pieces at random in the box,plastic pallet box, he put the blood lotus essence in his hand into it and smiled at the clerk: "Help me pack.". Settle the account. "Two thousand four hundred gold pieces, sir." Looking at the quantity of Huanglianjing, the clerk quickly quoted the price.

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