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Khitan Princess

Don't touch me! Don't touch me! **** off She cried and struggled, "Oh, my God, who can save her?"! One man held her down while the other slowly brought the disgusting head close to her. She suddenly raised her head and saw a man standing like a God at the entrance of the lane. When she saw him, she felt a burst of joy in her heart. Save.. Her face was full of tears, and her clear eyes suddenly touched his cold eyes. The eyes were deep, emotionless, and calm. He looked coldly into her eyes with a mocking smile on his lips. Beg me! Beg me loudly! He roared in his heart that if she asked him, he would save her! The last remaining hope in his heart was completely shattered, and he would not save her. I don't know why the tears suddenly broke the line. She looked away and closed her eyes in despair. Even if she died, she would not beg him! Besides, she's not dead yet. Shiro, I will die with you, but I have to go first, you must remember to come to me, do you know? I'm waiting for you. She told herself silently in her heart that, no matter what, there was always Shiro who would accompany her wherever she went. Chapter 102 this situation can not be eliminated 2. Her lips were bleeding, and she closed her eyes, no matter what was about to happen,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, no matter. She's not afraid.. A long time, a long time.. Quiet Nothing happened. He came to save her. Two screams suddenly rang out, turning around in this quiet alley. A pair of big hands put their arms around her and gently patted her on the back to soothe her frightened soul. Crystal tears rolled down her thick eyelashes. When she opened her eyes, when the tall and handsome man came into her eyes, she could feel that her heart was so painful that she could not feel anything. Mu Yin. She buried her face in his arms and burst into tears. Silly girl. He stroked her hair lovingly. Why was he so stubborn? Why don't you beg him at a time like this? Her heart, so lost, so empty,stainless steel squatting pan, what do you want to fill them? She cried very loudly, half night horizon, the last ray of light disappeared, here into a dark, only her cry through the world, lonely, desperate. She would rather be insulted than beg him! Yelv Han held the reins tightly, and his dark eyes melted into the night, shining with a cold light. Despair Is her hatred really that deep? How, exactly, did he hurt her? Anger Why was her love never for him? Mu Yin, Yang Silang, she can love anyone, but she won't give him a little! The horse's hooves were raised, Concealed Flush Valve ,Flush valve price, and the black steed galloped forward with a long roar in the night. King Mu Yin was stunned for a moment, only to see his horse stop in front of them, and before he could see it clearly, the man in his arms had disappeared. King He immediately caught up with him, but was blocked by the black-clad thirteen riders with an expressionless face. In the air, there was a heart-rending cry from Dejin. He clenched his fist and felt a pain in his heart. He galloped and put her on horseback without pity, letting her cry and struggle. In the midsummer night, cicadas are noisy. The wind, with a hint of heat, seeps into every place. He took her back by force! How useless! How useless he is! Not long ago, he swore to forget her! Punish her severely in this way! But he was wrong, from the beginning, what qualifications does he have to punish her? He is nothing in her heart!!!! The two sisters, Li Shuo and Ming Shuo, were afraid when they saw him rushing back with Dejin in anger. The king is angry! How terrible is his anger!!! Let me go, let me go! Yelv Han! You have no right to do this to me! Seeing that she was still beating and scolding him, the two sisters could not help but pinch a sweat for her. "I'm not qualified?" He almost morbidly sneered and threw her on the bed. "What kind of man is qualified to do this to you?"? Yang Silang? Or Mu Yin? "You are not a man!" She was in a hurry to say anything. He pinched her chin. "Am I not even qualified to be a person in your heart?" "Yes!" She glared at him angrily. He didn't come to save her, he didn't come to save her, at this moment, there was only one voice in her heart, he didn't save her. His deep eyes turned red with anger and stared at her. Dejin's heart sank with a thump. Her eyes fluttered in front of him, like a star falling in the night, that light, has been illuminating his heart, his once dark and cruel heart, since she entered, day by day, slowly lit up, but now, she wants to take this light away, let him, again to bear the pain of the dark suffering.. "You are mine!" He lowered his head to capture her chapped lips and slowly moistened her. She pushed him, but his iron wall trapped her firmly. Tears have dried up and can no longer flow out. "You are mine, you are mine, you are mine.." He read it over and over again, and the deep feeling between his lips and tongue melted her inch by inch. All, all the pain is swallowed in the heart, how much pain she has, how much pain in the end? Why? She will have such a painful feeling, she does not love him ah, and he, more do not love her! He did not come to save her, at that time, she thought to save her must be him, she did not even think of Mu Yin,stainless steel toilet, did not think of her heart day and night miss God! But She was so disappointed and desperate. Can no longer bear the second injury, she would rather such a feeling has never come, she would rather hate him again! He put his arms around her waist and kissed her almost rudely. Let her hate her more thoroughly!.

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