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Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

This is not the first time that these two people have done this kind of thuggery, killing and seizing money. They all knew that as long as the work was done cleanly and neatly, and no one was left alive, even if someone reported a missing person who was not a local, the government would not pay attention to it. After all, there are so many missing persons here every year that it is impossible to find them one by one. So after the black bear finished, he did not hesitate to wink at the dozen men, who waved their weapons and rushed up to Han Li and Qu Hun, who were trapped in the middle. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) Han Li looked at these big fellow bloodthirsty ferocious appearance, eyes can not help but flash a trace of murder, he saw these people do this kind of thing and more than once, otherwise not all with a smell of blood. Kill them, don't hold back! Han Li coldly ordered to the soul of the song. As soon as Qu Hun heard Han Li's words, he roared a few times in a low voice, and with a trace of excitement in the roar, he suddenly jumped out and rushed into the oncoming crowd. As soon as he punched out, as fast as lightning, he hit a big man on the head, and the strong man immediately flew obliquely to the stone wall like a sandbag, with blood and brains flowing all over the ground,Self-closing Faucet, leaving only half of his head. But at this time, a sharp knife and a thick iron rod, took advantage of this gap at the same time fell to the back of the soul. Without looking back, Qu Soul waved his other hand behind him and drew a half circle. "Bang" and "Bang", the two men's weapons flew into the air as soon as they touched their arms, and their mouths were covered with blood. Then Qu Soul put one leg on the ground, and the other foot,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, like a sickle, swept back quickly. The two men were immediately kicked in the waist and abdomen, flew more than ten feet away, and fell to the ground motionless. This scene was seen by others, all gasped, and the men around him showed fear and hesitated. But even if they stopped, the soul of the song is not polite left and right bow, and broke the side of the two heads, without Han Li's command, he will not take the initiative to stop. Sun Ergou and the black bear's face was very ugly. It was obvious that they had made a mistake. This big man was not an ordinary bodyguard. He was very prickly. If you kill this giant man, each of you will be rewarded with twenty taels of silver! Sun Ergou had a sense of foreboding in his heart and hurried to several "masters" around him and awarded a heavy reward. As soon as he and the people around the black bear heard this, their faces showed joy. These people are superficial warriors who know some fists and feet. Naturally, they can't see the difference between them and Quhun. They think that the other side is just stronger and slightly better, so they don't have any fear. Now, Service Sink Faucets ,Prison toilet for sale, under the stimulation of this heavy money, they rush to Quhun one after another. After the black bear listened to Sun Ergou's words, the muscles on his face twitched, and he said nothing with a calm face, but his eyes drifted to Han Li. At this time, the black bear was secretly complaining in his heart. He and Sun Ergou are different, he can achieve the present position, but all rely on their own dare to fight, dare to kill, real sword and gun in exchange for, so he not only has a good body, barely able to enter the ranks of third-rate good kungfu in the body, but also very good eyesight. So as soon as he saw the song soul, his heart sank to the bottom. He saw at a glance that the soul of the song was so skillful that even if the leader of the gang came, he might not have a chance to win, let alone their cats and dogs. But he did not dare to turn around and run away, because it was obvious that the giant man had not done his best, and if he saw that he wanted to escape, he would die earlier. In order to be able to survive, it seems that only the idea of the rustic young man, it is obvious that the young man's identity is much higher than the giant, only to take this person hostage, it is possible to escape and ascend to heaven. As for the idea of the money, he said that he dared not fight any more. With such a powerful bodyguard around him, he could not be the young master of a local rich man. It was clear that he was the son of an aristocratic family. He disguised himself and wandered around. If he can escape and ascend to heaven today, even if he is blessed by the gods and Buddhas, if he takes such a heavy package again, it is something he can't think about! The black bear thought of this, then took advantage of that several men also rushed up, to Sun Ergou after a wink, then quietly to the field. Chapter 103 surrender Han Li was standing with his back to the black bear, facing the fighting crowd. Although the black bear put his footsteps very slightly, how could he deceive Han Li's eyes and ears. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) So when the black bear was only a few steps away from Han Li and began to pounce like a ferocious God, Han Li's body moved lightly, and the whole person suddenly turned eerily into standing facing the black bear, looking at the rushing black bear with a slight smile. The black bear was shocked, but the man had rushed up and could not retreat at all. He had no choice but to shout loudly, stretch out two big hands covered with black hair, and grab each other fiercely. He prayed in his heart that the young man had better not have any fighting experience, and could be shocked by his fierce appearance, so that he could succeed. Han Li saw that the big black man still did not know whether he was alive or dead. His face suddenly sank, and the man disappeared from the black bear's eyes. The black bear cried out in the dark. He stopped hurriedly and wanted to run back. But suddenly he felt a chill in the back of his neck. A bright sword tip stretched out from his throat, and then suddenly disappeared. The black bear tried to cover the bleeding part of his throat with his hand, trying to say something, but only a few dry roars came from his throat,Flush Retrofit Kit, and the man collapsed on the ground. Sun Ergou's face had turned sallow. He saw with his own eyes that the young man turned behind the black bear like a ghost. Then he pulled out a soft sword from his waist. One sword easily pierced the throat of the black bear. At this time, the other side was taking out a piece of white cloth and wiping the bright sword. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) The young man seemed to sense Sun Ergou's gaze. He raised his head and chuckled at Sun Ergou. Sun Ergou immediately took his eyes back as if he had seen a poisonous snake. Now he was not happy about the death of the black bear, but his heart was filled with a sense of sadness.

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