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Sessile in larynx

"Hello." The silent space is invaded by foreign sounds. Frowning, Du Xiaoyuan looked back at the man. Han Xinling. y Arm dull pain, blood actually boiling up, Du Xiaoyuan suddenly want to do one thing. What's wrong Seeing the indifferent expression on his face, Han Xinling lowered his eyes, and after a long time, he vomited: "Yesterday.." Sorry The wound looks very painful. Because the medical expenses were reimbursed at public expense, he never found a chance to say this to him. He knows very well that he has to take responsibility for what he does. Du Xiaoyuan looked at him and realized that this guy was actually more slender than himself. But the fist that day was not generally heavy! Hey, he's a guy. At least he knows how to apologize. Staring at him, his mouth like a demon, he said something that surprised both of them: "Do you want to fight?" It was so quiet that only the sound of leaves was left in the woods. b "What did you say?" Han Xinling's beautiful eyebrows hit eight bytes. It's obviously the first time I've met this kind of guy who has to pick a fight after being apologized. If you really apologize, come and fight with me. A pair of twinkling eyes. That smile doesn't look like a joke at all. After the fight,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, I'll forgive you. His heart was beating wildly, and he was expecting, expecting him to agree to this crazy request. Han Xinling stared at him for a long time. He is not familiar with this person. Although he has been in the same class for more than a year, his understanding of him is limited to an ordinary excellent student. There is no too drastic action, nor too prominent behavior. And now I'm asking him to fight. In those bright eyes,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, it seems that something that has been suppressed for a long time is rolling and boiling. Han Xinling nodded and agreed to this absurd request. I'll accompany you. Because he's the same. The long-lost blood is boiling. g When the fist falls, there is no moisture. Solid physical collision, they even forgot each other's identity. Had it not been for the blood oozing from the gaping wound and wetting the whole white sleeve, I'm afraid the two men would still be fighting in the woods. Han Xinling hurriedly stopped and clenched Du Xiaoyuan's fist to stop his movements: "Don't make any more trouble!"! Come with me to the hospital! I don't even know abstinence! Du Xiaoyuan smiled. Withdraw your fist. Lying limply on the ground. It's too comfortable to fight with him. Du Xiaoyuan and Han Xinling skipped class at the same time, and there was a lot of discussion in the class. Two people won't solve it in private outside, will they? Half an hour later, when the class was about to end, the people in the back row were discussing how to sneak out to look for the two men, but two figures appeared at the door. Presentation High and low voices sounded at the same time. There was a commotion in the class. The two men at the door stood side by side, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Time Delay Faucet, and at first glance, they really looked like two good comrades fighting together. Where have you been? The teacher is old, so he doesn't get angry easily. Went to the hospital. Du Xiaoyuan showed his new bandage. Sure enough, this move was immediately passed by the teacher, and the two returned to their seats one after the other, still sitting on the back of their heads. This kind of situation, let originally thought two people and good people are greatly disappointed. Did the two men fight? This is a huge suspense. Du Xiaoyuan snickered. The corners of Han Xinling's mouth rose slightly. It's just that the desks are still ten centimeters apart from each other. Chapter II How can such a big thing as a fight not reach the ears of the bald boss? After school that afternoon, the two men were finally summoned and severely scolded. The outstanding members in any class should set a good example. If they break their bodies in any fight, they will lose their capital and revolution in the future. In short, the inculcation lasted for almost half an hour before it showed signs of ending. The two men, whose feet were sore, were about to breathe a sigh of relief when the bald old class suddenly ordered both of them to write a self-criticism of five hundred words. Oh, my God, a book of criticism? I'm afraid Du Xiaoyuan even forgot the format of the self-criticism book. Twist head to see Han Xinling, that guy is so indifferent. Hum, even if the sky falls, he won't panic, will he? The bald boss said two more words and asked them to hand in the self-criticism book before five o'clock, and then let them go. They walked back to the classroom, and there were still people inside. Several boys in the back row were playing chess there. As soon as they saw them, they immediately became energetic: "You finally came back!" Sitting behind Du Xiaoyuan, Xiao Li threw out a book and threw it on his desk: "This is a good book for you!" Du Xiaoyuan picked it up and saw that it turned out to be the legendary "Five Classes Review Book Encyclopedia". Although I've heard that these guys have stubs every time they do a self-criticism book, I didn't think it was true! "We knew that the old bald man asked you to go there to write a self-criticism!"! Give it back to us tomorrow when you run out of it! Let's go first! Bye With these words, several people left the classroom. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Du Xiaoyuan put the notebook between them. "Do you want to see it?" Han Xinling glanced at him, sat down on the table behind him, and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. You copy it first. With these words, he skillfully lit a cigarette and began to smoke. Stunned for a moment, Du Xiaoyuan frowned and waved away the smoke with his hand: "Did you smoke, too?" "Don't you know that everyone in the back will?" "I don't know,stainless steel shower tray, but I know people who smoke don't grow tall." He looked at Han Xinling with a sneer. This action made Han Xinling stop smoking and stare at him. Still want to fight? Du Xiaoyuan sat back in his seat, "I won't accompany him." He pulled out a stack of white paper from his schoolbag and was about to start copying when suddenly Han Xinling took the initiative to open his mouth. Why do you look at the marriage law? The pen in his hand paused and continued. Idle and bored. "You can watch something else when you're bored." "You can do something else without smoking." Han Xinling didn't ask any more questions. He just needs to know that this guy is very sensitive to this issue. As long as he doesn't touch the bottom line of this guy, he won't get out of control like today. Boys still have a resentful nature.

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