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Prehistoric Terran Warrior

"Terran." "Terran" "Terran" all the Terrans began to cry from the heart, this voice is very huge, but soon spread throughout the world. Originally to spread the voice throughout the whole world of flood and famine, only the voice can do it, that is also with the help of the power of flood and famine. And other practitioners can not do this even if they reach the peak of Yasheng, after all, the prehistoric world is very vast. But now the human race has done this, and this is not applied to a little power, is entirely the ordinary cry, is the convergence of the voice. This voice is the condensation of the entire human mind, the human race is the world of heaven and earth protagonist, the current situation is to show the human race this world protagonist of the influence of this heaven and earth. When this sound spread all over the prehistoric world, all the races in the prehistoric world were shocked by this sound. A slight sigh sounded in the chaos. Lao Tzu, who was also making alchemy on the Kunlun Mountains, also opened his eyes at this moment. There was a flash of light in his eyes. There was also a burst of sighs in a hall in the North Guluzhou. A huge breath rose in the North Sea, and then quickly dissipated. Compared with these powerful tremors, other parts of the prehistoric world are also shaking in waves. The voice is not a trace of the weakening of the situation, and constantly become more vast,Manual Flush Valve, and the golden dragon behind the crape myrtle also began to become more huge with the change of the voice, originally only thousands of feet of golden dragon has been more than ten thousand feet in a twinkling of an eye, and the scales on the body become more clear, a golden light constantly shining up. Jinlong's eyes became more agile, and his power became more powerful. Marotta is standing at the foot of the main peak at this time, originally Marotta is not ready to participate in the battle of this time,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, he wants to take advantage of this disaster exercise human race, make the human race truly become the prehistoric world of heaven and earth protagonist. Now such a situation Marotta is also very surprised, he didn't think of the human spirit will converge so quickly, form a general trend, appear to be the protagonist of heaven and earth. Marotta looked at the crape myrtle wrapped in the eyes of the golden dragon a flash of golden light, the golden light quickly flashed out after the direct melt into the body of the golden dragon. Jinlong's body in the golden light into the eyes of the spiritual become more agile, eyes constantly turning, but it is a kind of thinking look. But Marotta will directly open the spirit of the golden dragon, originally this golden dragon is the luck of the human race, it is impossible to appear spirit, after all, at this time directly affect the luck of the entire ethnic group, with the ability to think for the entire human race will become greater. The most important thing for a race is luck. The luck of an ethnic group is related to the development of the entire ethnic group. The strength of luck reflects the status of the entire ethnic group in the Tao of Heaven. The strong luck of an ethnic group represents that the whole ethnic group is more recognized by the prehistoric world, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, and it will be very rapid in the process of development. And now Marotta will open the golden dragon's spirit, then the golden dragon can start to practice, but because of the characteristics of although can continue to improve for, but it is unable to exceed the constraints of the human race. And with the continuous rise of the Golden Dragon's cultivation, the luck of the human race will also get a certain growth, and this growth will not stop. But this still has two sides, after all, if the golden dragon with the continuous improvement of cultivation, it is still possible to exceed the constraints of the human race's luck, then the human race's luck will be greatly damaged. But Marotta is very confident, after all, luck is the convergence of the will of all the people of the human race, reflecting the will of the whole human race, although the golden dragon has wisdom but will still be affected by the will of the whole human race, so Marotta is not afraid he will be beyond control. Golden dragon's wisdom opens, golden claw swings faster, body movements become more fluent, crape myrtle's body momentum is also affected by the change of golden dragon, the energy of the whole body also begins to become very agile. The energy of the whole body gradually converged into the body of the crape myrtle under the influence of this spiritual wisdom, and the power of the purple stars around the crape myrtle was completely replaced by the power of golden faith. At this time of Marotta's hands a burst of purple light flashing, a golden seal appeared in his hands, the golden seal in Marotta's hands constantly turning. The golden dragons on the seal are constantly swimming, their mouths are constantly swallowing and spitting out the golden emperor's spirit, and their bodies begin to change little by little. Below the seal is the word "Kongtong", which is the seal of Kongtong and the seal of the human emperor. Kongtong seal appeared, rotating in the hands of Marotta, for a while as if by the call. Dragon also began to roar, Marotta to see this, hand gently will seal a drag, the whole seal directly into a golden light. Disappear in the hands of Marotta. Marotta watched Kongtong seal disappeared in his hands, eyes once again turned to the direction of crape myrtle. At this time the Kongtong seal has appeared on the head of the crape myrtle, Kongtong seal on the head of the crape myrtle constantly rotating, and Qi Yun Jinlong gradually formed a burst of resonance. Jinlong looked at the top of the head of the crape myrtle Kongtong seal, a huge mouth, a golden light from the mouth of Jinlong, this golden light directly sprayed on the Kongtong seal. The Kongtong Seal shines brightly in an instant, and the golden light fills the surrounding space. This golden light is the spirit of the emperor condensed in the Kongtong Seal. This spirit of the emperor is the condensation of the spirit of the emperor in the prehistoric world for many years, and the pressure can be imagined. Crape myrtle emperor "" crape myrtle emperor "" crape myrtles emperor "all the people present are loudly shouted, Kongtong seal is the symbol of the emperor of the human race, is in charge of Marotta's hands,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, at this time all the human race is know, after all, this Kongtong seal for the meaning of the human race is very special.

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