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Archaic God King

"This is indeed an opportunity." Qin Wentian nodded, such a powerful existence, if really accept disciples, he is naturally willing to work hard, strive to be able to get the favor of the powerful, the growth of martial arts is the most important thing to rely on their own right, but to become a disciple of the powerful does not necessarily require him to be under the protection of the powerful every day, he can still rely on his own strength to wantonly make a living in the world, to improve himself. However, it is not a good thing for spiritual practice that a master with great power occasionally points out himself and points directly to the core of martial arts. In Qin Wentian's view, no matter whether he was born in a famous family or not, Wu Xiu can't rely too much on others. Otherwise, under the protection of the strong, there is no way to really get experience. Mental training is not enough. Sometimes, even if he has the ability, he may still be hunted by others in actual combat. Even if he worships the powerful man, he will not rely on the protection of the powerful man to ignore his own experience. At this time, somewhere in the direction of the imperial holy land, the line of figures falling from the celestial palace fell somewhere, not too far away from Qin Wentian. There were already two figures,38 needle valve, an old man and a beautiful woman who was as cold as a snow lotus. Her eyes were cold all day long, looking at the line of figures that came down. In Xiadong Shengting, Princess Qing'er is all right. Standing in the middle of the crowd falling from the sky, the sharp-looking young man looked at Qing'er and said, his voice was soft and clear, quite magnetic, but if you listen carefully, you can still feel a faint sense of loneliness in his tone,brass tube fitting, not deliberately revealed, as if he was used to loneliness on weekdays, whenever he spoke, there seemed to be a trace of that feeling. Qing'er's eyes were still cold and he did not respond. He just glanced at the old man beside him. The old man said with a smile, "Princess, Dong Shengting is the youngest son of His Majesty Dong Sheng. He is very talented. He is very famous in the land of immortals. He has been practicing for less than a hundred years, and now he has entered the fairyland." "Eighty-seven years." Dong Shengting Road. This kind of aptitude, looking at the fairy land is also super rare. Said the old man with a smile. Oh Qing'er answered faintly, still cold, as if he had not heard the conversation between the two, looking as cold as ever, without even the slightest fluctuation. Dong Shengting's attention has been on Qing'er, see Qing'er's calm look in the heart dark, it seems that the young daughter of Emperor Changqing is indeed in line with the rumors. Changqing Emperor, pipe fittings manufacturer ,stainless steel tube fitting, in an unfavorable situation, turned the tide, won the hegemony of the immortal kingdom in the immortal realm, and ascended the throne as emperor. He is the most popular figure in the immortal realm recently. Rumor has it that when he was fighting for the throne, he only sent his young daughter Qing'er away and sent her to the particle world in the heavens. It was too difficult to find a person in the endless particle world. Even if he was defeated, Princess Qing'er could survive safely and not be implicated. Moreover, in the process of Emperor Changqing's struggle for the throne, it was extremely difficult, and even two children died in the process of fighting for the emperor, which showed how cruel it was. Emperor Changqing's children were also extraordinary figures, respected status, and died in battle. Of course, the other side of the struggle for the throne with Emperor Changqing was eventually destroyed. Why did Emperor Changqing only send away the young girl when he was fighting for the emperor? Some people were not suitable for the battlefield because the young girl was young and had no practice. But this speculation was overturned, because apart from the young daughter, Princess Qing'er, none of Emperor Changqing's wives and concubines were sent away, and there were other children who had no fighting power, except Princess Qing'er. As a result, there is a rumor circulating in the realm of immortals that Qing'er, the youngest daughter of Emperor Changqing, has the constitution of an immortal king and is born with great power. As soon as the news came out, it caused a sensation, especially after the news that Emperor Changqing was ready to take back Princess Qing'er after he ascended the throne came out, many eyes fell on the mysterious Princess Qing'er. Dongsheng His Majesty and Changqing Emperor are good friends, so Dongsheng Court knows more about Qing'er than others. Seeing Qing'er's temperament at the moment, he sighed in his heart that the rumor might be close to the truth. "Qing'er, my father asked me to come to pick you up. Emperor Changqing misses you very much, but I heard that you still have a wish to fulfill. My father promised Emperor Changqing that he would do his best. As long as the person the princess likes meets his father's requirements, he will accept him as a disciple and teach him carefully. Even if he doesn't meet the requirements, my father also promised that he would let a strong person he invited accept him as a disciple and not humiliate that person." Dong Shengting spoke to Qing'er. When the old man beside Qing'er heard this, he explained to Qing'er, "Princess, Your Majesty Dong Sheng is the Immortal Emperor of the Immortal Realm. You can't accept disciples casually. Now all the disciples of Dong Sheng are outstanding figures in the Immortal Realm. They are all very talented. If Your Majesty Dong Sheng has disciples, it will be a disgrace to His Majesty Dong Sheng's reputation." "Therefore, it is extremely rare for His Majesty Dongsheng to be able to do this. Everything depends on himself. If he can't, His Majesty Dongsheng still promises to let other strong people accept him as a disciple and take him to the fairy land. The princess need not worry." Like His Majesty Dongsheng, every disciple of the immortal emperor is the object of attention from the immortal realm. What the old man said is not false. If a disciple like His Majesty Dongsheng is incompetent, it will affect the reputation of the master. Some powerful people still care about this. Besides, powerful people have no time and energy to teach a disciple without talent. Oh Green son crisp nodded, still did not say a word more, make the old man wry smile unceasingly, in front of this but the parents and children of His Majesty Dongsheng, ah, the princess is too lazy to say a word more, but let a person speechless. The princess is always like this. The old man explained to Dong Shengting. Just as well,12 needle valve, the princess must have suffered a lot when she came to this world. It's natural to cherish words like gold. The younger generation has heard the name of the older generation. Today, I have a chance to discuss martial arts with the older generation. Dong Shengting bowed slightly to the old man beside Qing'er, looking very graceful.

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