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Doomsday Superweapon System _ 20200215155740.

When Ke Bei sighed in his heart, suddenly the Apocalypse Tower suddenly shook up, even in the Apocalypse Tower, Ke Bei could clearly sense that a black s sè whirlwind carrying terrible energy hit the Tower crazily. The impact lasted for about an hour. Suddenly, the sky was spinning, and calm was completely restored outside the Qitian Tower. Ke Bei rubbed his dizzy mind and looked out through the transparent wall of the Qitian Tower. The outside world was no longer dark, but had a very faint red light. Sky Ke Bei was delighted. The Apocalypse Tower flashed out in an instant. The sky is very dark, with a faint red sè, no clouds, no stars, no sun, no moon. There is only a red. The whole world seemed to be shrouded in a faint blood. Stepping on the red stone, Ke Bei looked up at the sky, and the surprise on his cheeks became more and more intense. What a world it is! Ke Bei's eyes slowly moved down, sweeping the hills in front of him, and after a long time, he sighed heavily. Ke Bei's line of sight, all are red sè reefs, no trees, no weeds, even no land, the whole world seems to be reefs, endless reefs. Huh? Someone is here While Ke Bei was sighing silently, he suddenly sensed that a small team was approaching. Whoosh! Ke Bei's legs flashed a faint golden sè light, and in an instant, Ke Bei was hiding under a red sè stone. The whole world seems to be full of rocks, and it's very easy to find a place to hide. Will own breath convergence, Ke Bei hide under a red sè boulder, silently watching a small group of people slowly approaching. Kachar, how sure are you about this temple examination? In the crowd, a young man with black and red skin, dressed in an animal skin short shirt, looked at a young man beside him who was a few years older than him with excitement in his eyes. Grasp? No The young man beside him, who looked a few years older, with the same light red skin, and looked stronger, patted the young man's head and shook his head with a smile. Ah, Kachar, you are the first warrior of the tribe, you are not sure, I, what should I do? Hearing the young man's words, the young Karan's slightly tender cheeks gushed with worry. Haha, little Karan, the selection of the temple is not based on strength. You have four divine lines in your body, and your talent is very high. This time in our tribe, your hope should be the greatest. The young man, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, who was called Kachar by the young man, smiled and saw the four silver lines on the young man's forehead, and his eyes flashed a touch of vague envy. Ke Bei, hiding under a huge rock, frowned slightly as he listened to the conversation. The temple? Divine lines? Red sè skin? "Did you come to the planets of other races in the universe through the space rift?" Ke Bei looked at a group of people walking slowly not far in front of him and thought to himself. The appearance of these people is almost exactly the same as that of human beings, that is, their skin is slightly red, similar to the face of the sky. Incorrect Ke Bei shook his head again at the thought of this. If it's a planet in the universe, then I should be able to sense the stars, but I can't sense the existence of the stars here! Ke Bei tightened his brows. Roar! While Ke Bei was frowning and meditating, suddenly a shrill roar came, and a monster with a red body, a single horn on its head, and red scales on its four legs jumped out and blocked the front of the group. Wild beast, one-horned nine-scaled beast! "It's a nine-horned, nine-scaled beast. Run!" "The boy, Karan, was pale and trembling slightly." Don't panic! "Take out your weapons!" The young man, who was very strong, looked at the people trembling all over, and with a low roar, he pulled out the stone knife on his back and stepped to the front. The young man stared at the wild beast about ten meters ahead and forced himself to be calm, but his hand holding the stone knife trembled slightly. As the first warrior of the tribe, young Kachar felt that he had an obligation to protect his people, but in the face of the one-horned nine-scaled beast, this advanced beast, his heart was still uncontrollable panic. First of all, congratulations to all the brothers who didn't hang up. Ha ha ha. My book boy didn't hang up either. En, I'm in Shanghai these two days. I can only try my best to update. I'll go back tomorrow. I'll probably resume the stable update the day after tomorrow. I'm sorry these days. Good night, everyone, and the trouble brothers have the ability to automatically subscribe, now the 24-hour subscription is a little less. This is related to whether the book boy can get a big push. This is very important. Please, brothers. Chapter 221 Luoshen Temple. "Roar!" The one-horned nine-scaled beast, with a red body, a ferocious head with a single silver horn and a thick thigh covered with fine scales, stared at the blood-red eyes and glanced contemptuously at the young Kachar, who held the stone knife and trembled slightly. Roar! Staring at the one-horned nine-scaled beast in front of him, Kachar gripped the hilt and let out a low roar in his throat, trying to dilute the fear in his heart. Boom! The one-horned nine-scaled beast stepped heavily on its four hooves and made a gesture to pounce. Pedal, pedal, pedal! A fierce breath came to his face, and Kachar could not help but step back a dozen steps, his arms trembling even more, and fine beads of sweat overflowed from his forehead. Kachar was born with divine power, known as the tribe's first Hercules, the first warrior, but after all, he is just an ordinary person, the divine lines have not yet awakened, his strength is somewhat reluctant to deal with the general primary wild beast, in the face of the one-horned nine-scaled beast this senior wild beast,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, there is no possibility of winning. The one-horned nine-scaled beast with a red body and a single horn of silver took a playful look at the shivering crowd, slowly opened its hooves, and walked step by step towards the group of young people.

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