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Buddhists and demons are apostate

"Amitabha! Good! Good!" "Zen Master Wuyu clasped his palms together and uttered the name of the Buddha, but kept silent." Qiao Xiao Jiao said with a dignified face, "With the three of you working together and looking at the martial arts world, few people can defeat you. It's just that you use such despicable and vicious means to deal with our grandparents and grandchildren. Don't you feel ashamed?" The beggar's face changed several times and he said, "Your wife has been wandering in romantic places for decades. After thinking about it, she has already made a lot of money. Aren't you willing to retire?"? It should be noted that money is like dirt, which can not be brought by life and taken away by death. Keer, who had been silent all the time, suddenly slipped her jade fingers and played the lute. The sound of the lute was crisp. She breathed a long sigh and looked coldly at the poor beggar and said, "Elder, are you willing to let your granddaughter fall into the world of mortals?"? Do you want my grandparents and grandchildren to retire for the sake of getting rid of us, or for the sake of the whole Wulin? The voice is crisp and the words are sharp. "The beggar, who had a poor heart, was speechless when he heard it." "Qiao Xiao Jiao," he snorted disdainfully, "Lao Jiaohua, go your own way. Others can't force you at all. You might as well open the skylight and speak clearly. My grandparents and grandchildren will follow. Why waste your breath?" "Amitabha," said Master Wuyu, shaking his body! Almsgiver Helan, why do you insist on having your own way? You should know that there are endless grudges in Jianghu. In the end, the dead are good, but the living are suffering. "Qiaoxiao Jiaojiao" sneered, "Smelly monk, don't talk about these Buddhist doctrines. If everyone thinks that death is better than life, why don't your Shaolin disciples seek their own liberation? Live in the world and suffer! As soon as the voice changed, he said, "My wife hasn't made a move for decades. If you force each other,side impact beams, I'll have to make an exception and use my sword.". My hair has turned white since I practiced my sword. I was just remembering him. You'd better think twice. In order to remember a dead man, a man practices his sword and turns his hair white. His swordsmanship is so high that it is really incredible. The poor God beggar and others knew very well that the "he" in the mouth of "Qiao Xiao Jiao Jiao" referred to the old monster of the past year, and when they heard it, they could not help but be shocked. Qingxu Zhenren frowned and said, "Almsgiver, you'd better not follow in his footsteps. Otherwise, it will be too late to regret and bring disaster to the world." "Even if you have practiced the Heavenly Sword," the beggar continued, "it seems more difficult for you to hurt the three of us by the sword." Heaven kills swordsmanship. Attack is defense, defense is attack,side impact door beams, and action will kill. In the past hundred years, there has been no other person who has practiced the sharp and domineering sword move except the old monster. "Qiaoxiao Jiaojiao" knows very well in her heart that no one can fight alone against the three top masters in today's Wulin, namely, "Heart Poor God Beggar", "Wuyu Zen Master" and "Qingxu Zhenren". Thoughts turn quickly, just want to speak. Suddenly I heard a cold voice: "I didn't expect that even the three prominent people, Lao Jiaohua, the old monk, and Lao Shaomao, were all shameless people who bullied the weak women by bullying the few.". It's pathetic, lamentable and ridiculous. The voice is cold and shocking. No desire to brush division and others look suddenly changed, the whole body dark shock, look along the sound, the figure outside the window flashed, hate the sky has been lightning through the window, expression is dull, eyes shine cold awn. At first sight, Keer looked excited and blurted out, "Tiandi, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, how could you come to save us?" The heart is poor God beggar seems to dream also can't expect to hate the day to appear in the intoxicating Xuan, at first sight, thrillingly moved, the corners of the mouth twitch. With a deep sigh, he forced himself to be calm and said, "Boy, can't hundreds of disciples of our gang stop you?" He glanced disdainfully at the poor beggar and said, "Lao Jiaohua, if you can trap this young master with just a few smelly Jiaohua, this young master would have died in the hands of the Flying Alliance. How can you wait for you to do it?" "Little benefactor," said Qingxu Zhenren with a dignified face, "this has nothing to do with you. I hope you won't intervene by force." "That's easy for you to say, old cow nose," he sneered. You want to embarrass my wife and grandmother and say it has nothing to do with me. What does it have to do with me? "I have warned you four sects several times. If you dare to ignore morality and justice and bully the weak, and make things difficult for my sister Keer and others, I will destroy your four sects.". Don't you know anything about it? The voice is like a knife, which is shocking. "Almsgiver," said Wuyu Zen Master, "you don't distinguish between good and evil, and you don't know right from wrong. Although you are highly skilled in martial arts, I'm afraid you'll only seek trouble and bring disaster. It's inevitable that you'll repeat your father's mistakes." Hen Tian's expression changed and he said, "The young master has long been tired of hearing the words of the smelly monk. There is no boundary between good and evil, and right and wrong are not clear. Evil is hidden in good, and good is hidden in evil. Right can also become wrong, and wrong can also become right. How much do you understand?" As soon as Hen Tian's words came out, the look of Wuyu Zen Master and others changed several times in succession. They were speechless and speechless. Qiao Xiao Jiao looked at him suspiciously for a long time and said, "The younger generation is awesome. I didn't expect you to act recklessly when you were young. You have such an opinion today." Hentian blushed slightly. In the heart sadly a sigh, nods not to speak. Keer gazed at him affectionately, with tears in her eyes, like surprise, like joy, like resentment and anger. The room was silent for a moment, and it was surprisingly quiet. For a long time, the beggar said with a wry smile, "Since you don't listen to good advice, you can't blame the old man and others.". What happened tonight. I remind you for the last time, think twice and don't regret. Hen Tian's expression changed slightly and he said, "You'd better go obediently. Don't think that if a group of masters are ambushed around, you will be sure to win." Voice a turn: "This young master can come silently, think others can also solve them without being noticed, you'd better be smart.". Otherwise, you will regret it, not this young master! As soon as Hen Tian's words came out, the three of them, Wuyu Zen Master, Qingxu Zhenren, and Xinpang God Beggar, could not help but be shocked and moved, and suddenly got up. Before he had begun to speak, a silvery laugh suddenly came to him. "Brother-in-law, you are really great. You have the ability to predict the future. Pearl really admires you.". I dare not call you a big fool again, or I will become a big fool. As the sound sounded, the figure outside the door swayed, "Fengyue Sanjue", Ah Chu, Qinger five people have swept away. "Qiao Xiao Jiao Jiao" at first sight under a long sigh of relief, the corners of the mouth showed a clever smile, appears mysterious infinite. When Qingxu Zhenren first saw the appearance of "Fengyue Sanjue" and others, he ignored his identity. With a flash of light in his eyes,aluminium coated tubes, he stared at the sky like a sharp blade and said, "Smelly, what have you done to the people around you?" 。

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