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Unconstrained style

"The question is how long you can resist," said Chu Ping. "If the others send ten thousand troops, you will have to sacrifice a hundred men to resist. If the others send fifty thousand troops, you will sacrifice all five hundred men." "Will they send so many people?" Lingling asked. Chu Ping said, "Persia and Daqin are both big Western countries. It is easy for any country to transfer hundreds of thousands of troops." "Can't we find any help?" Lingling asked. "I'm afraid it's hard," said Chu Ping. "You know, although there are wars on the prairie from time to time, plundering is still a shameful act. He who gets the right way gets a lot of help. In this case, you will only add more enemies, but not many friends!" "What about the Ming court in the Central Plains?" "The Central Plains is so chaotic that I have no time to take care of myself. How can I still have the ability to take care of this kind of matter? Besides, the Central Plains has always advocated propriety and righteousness, and will never support you. As far as I am concerned, I will not help you for this batch of jewelry." "If the situation is so bad, why did our elders capture so much wealth?" Murwen said. "They appear as the 36 thieves of the whirlwind, their whereabouts are uncertain and erratic," so they can not be found, but once you want to formally establish a nation, it will be easy for people to find you. " "The question is," said Murhanu, "how do they know that the jewels were stolen, and how do they know that they fell into our hands?" Chu Ping said with a wry smile,side impact door beams, "Chen Keming, he will let people know." "Not my father," said Lingling? He came up with the whole plan, which is tantamount to saying that he is the mastermind. "But the jewels are not in his hands, and if he is not willing to fail, he is likely to expose the matter, and the owners only want to recover the lost property, not to pursue the main messenger." Lingling could not help thinking deeply,Precision steel tubes, and finally said with a wry smile: "Fortunately, the jewelry has not been found, so don't worry about this problem!" "No," said Chu Ping, "there are more than ten big bags of jewelry. He can't hide them by himself. He must have used the ten men to help him hide the jewelry before he killed him to silence him." Chu Ping said with a smile, "He told those people to hide the treasure in this secret cave. After he killed the man, he moved it to another place, leaving only this small bag." "Why do you think so?" "Because there are a lot of messy footprints here, and there are more than a dozen crushed marks, which prove that the jewelry was parked here and then removed, so there is a particularly obvious footprint on the messy footprints, and the number of entries and exits is frequent. This footprint is deep and shallow, which proves that it belongs to Hubbert, because he walks slightly to the left." "Yes," said Murwen, precision welded tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, "Hubbert once fell off the saddle and broke his left leg. Although the broken bone has been reborn, he walks a little bit. Wang Fu's observation is very careful." Chu Ping said with a smile, "He went in and out alone more than a dozen times. It was obvious that he was going to hide the jewelry. And the place was not too far from here. Otherwise, he would have used animals to carry it. According to this clue, it is not difficult to find the hiding place of the jewelry.". "Where is it?" Lingling asked. "I wish you wouldn't find it," said Chu Ping. "It must be found," said Lingling, "but I promise I will use it for the most legitimate purpose, not for my own." "How are you going to use it?" "Give it equally to every tribe on the prairie for repair, and then ask them to pull out manpower and some materials to help us rebuild Loulan. In this way, we can not only win friendship, but also when the Great Qin, Persia and other countries come to fight again, the various departments on the prairie will work together to resist, otherwise they will hand over all the lost property to others." Chu Ping said with a smile, "That's a good idea. If the profits are even, you will naturally get help. But can you decide?" "I am the Queen, at least I will not abdicate until I have done it well." "As long as you are willing to do so, I will find it for you," said Chu Ping. "Where is the source of water in this valley?" "There is a small lake outside, which collects the water from the surrounding valleys and never dries up." Chu Ping came out with a smile, followed the footprints, and walked to the lake as expected. Chu Ping took off his coat and jumped into the lake. The water was very clear. Not long after he dived, he found more than a dozen big leather bags piled up in the depths of the water and grass. He opened a leather bag and took out a handful of precious stones from it. Then he came out of the water. When he got to the shore, Lingling and the Mu brothers were waiting anxiously. When they saw Chu Ping coming up, Lingling asked, "Brother Ping, have you found it?" Chu Ping stretched out his hand and spread out a few sparkling gems. Lingling let out a cheer and said, "Brother Ping, you are really good. Everything is beyond your expectation!" Chu Ping said with a smile, "Things among the people are not complicated. As long as you think hard and observe carefully, everything will be simple." Mu Wencheng said, "But it's very rare for Wang Fu to calculate so correctly. Wang Fu almost found this place with one foot, as if he had witnessed it at that time. He didn't even take a superfluous step!" "I wasn't there," said Chu Ping, "but I witnessed it." "How do you say that?" Lingling asked. "Hubbert is clever, but his world is too small to leave this valley, and the place where he wants to hide things is naturally inseparable from this valley, and his time is also very short, how to hide such a large amount of treasure in a place where no one can find it, he will certainly think of your way of hiding gold, and this is the best way!" "Then let's go into the water and hang up the jewels," said Murwen. But Chu Ping shook his head and said, "You can't go down!" "Why?" Asked Lingling? Brother Ping! Now I believe that their brothers' loyalty is unparalleled, because they have learned their lesson! "I'm not doubting their loyalty," said Chu Ping. "In fact, they already know that the treasure is at the bottom of the water, and they're not afraid that they'll move it and run away secretly. I'm just for their safety!" "Could it be that the jewels are in a very deep place?" Asked Mu Wencheng? It doesn't matter. We've all studied water,cold drawn tubes, and we've been to the deepest part of the lake. Chu Ping sighed and said, "Mu Wencheng, you are too careless. You should see what's wrong with the lake." 。

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