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Flowers bloom in four seasons 1

Ruizhu glanced again at the man sitting on the chair who continued to act like a daughter-in-law to her. These days she spent the day in the love room and went to drink and chat with Xue Linglong at night. To be honest, the first time she attended Xue Linglong's ****tail party from beginning to end, she really felt a little shocked. What can I say.. Feeling Exactly It's a bit dirty-there are people who can get drunk and do things in public without avoiding anyone. Although the others just didn't see it. But she looked.. That feeling.. Anyway, she remembered that she only felt a heat in her throat at that time, and then she vomited out a new dress. However, after seeing the same thing several times, Ruizhu gradually felt that she had been honed out, and the people next to her were willing to'babble 'and'babble', and she only drank her wine on the side, and that little white was frightened by the Zhang sisters after that time, and also learned to be smart and only turned around around the adults like butterflies at the opening of the banquet. As soon as he saw a subtle change in the atmosphere at the banquet, he quickly hid back beside Ruizhu, biting his lips in a pitiful manner,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, so that every time Ruizhu could not help but secretly pinch a few soft meat around his waist and stick it to his ear with a mocking sneer: "What are you pretending to be? It's not the first time you've seen this." And she laughed at the feeling just looked at her plaintively, and then more carefully hid himself behind Ruizhu, as if he was afraid that if he was not careful, he would be eaten like those unrestrained women at the banquet. After attending several more ****tail parties, Ruizhu found that she didn't have to look at it,side impact beams, and she could almost guess the charming tricks used by this small white man with her toes-in fact, there were only three tricks inside and outside-the charming foxy shape, the charming pitiful shape, and the charming desire to meet and refuse.. She looked at him for a few days and then got goose bumps in the dark for a few days. If she hadn't been born with a coquettish good appearance, Ruizhu believed that with his unoriginal, unexpected and insincere way of soliciting customers, I'm afraid she would have been worse than those third-rate looking kids! After waiting for those whoremaster to eat clean to him, be afraid to be able to pat the buttocks to leave one by one very quickly not even lingering on nostalgia, if he can get the first name on the flower tasting banquet. I don't believe it. When Ruizhu asked him, he frowned pitifully and thought about it for a long time. Then he raised his head and looked at Ruizhu plaintively with a pair of long fox eyes. When he saw the man's plaintive appearance, stainless steel 304 pipes ,aluminium coated steel tube, Ruizhu was not distressed and angry. He sneered from between his teeth. Ruizhu raised her eyebrows and pulled out a smiling finger to the man. Wang, Wang Ye.. She bit her lips plaintively and gave a trembling cry. Ruizhu continued to sneer. She finally knew that she could not escape biting her lips. She closed her eyes timidly and stretched out her face. With a bang, there was a red mark on her snow-white broad forehead. Ruizhu hummed back her hand and stared at the man with red eyes and tears like a little white rabbit. She hummed again in a low voice: "I'll tell you one more time, put on that disgusting look in front of me, and I'll give you a few more horns!" She nodded pitifully, and her long eyes were still full of shining sorrow when she looked at her. "You-" Ruizhu glared at the man and shrank back timidly, but his expression was still plaintive-and more charming. Ruizhu frowned and murmured to herself, then raised her head, and Ruizhu looked up and down again at the man in front of her, whose mind was full of protein but whose appearance was coquettish and charming. She can't deny.. This man's pitiful appearance can definitely arouse the SM complex of any woman with desire. But Just by a foxy look. He went to the flower feast and still could only be used as an insole for others. Although she didn't care much about him humiliating her. But if you exercise this man well. Love was Ruizhu black eyes staring at the heart'pang pang 'straight jump, cheeks crimson bit his lips, love furtively glanced at Ruizhu, Ruizhu was thinking deeply, but was the man's eyes one after another flying behind a layer of goose bumps, and finally can only hastily draw up the next plan in the heart, raised his head toward the man cold snorted a way: Didn't you say that your brother Nanxiang was an opera singer? You should be able to do it, right? Sing it for me. “……” A plaintive look "You can't sing?"? "I didn't ask you to put on a figure, just sing a little bit!" “……” Still plaintive eyes. …… Not even a little play? Then you can sing whatever you want. There must be something like a flower song in your flower house, right? What'touch 'and so on, the word is not too disgusting! “……” Or plaintive eyes. Ruizhu is angry. Why do you sell meat if you can't do anything? There's no trick to mess with customers at all. You can just sell yourself to the butcher shop! Looking timidly at Ruizhu, who was so angry that her face turned blue, she began to regret why she hadn't written down a play, but, but he just couldn't remember those long things. Looking at the man more and more charming, pitiful eyes, Ruizhu found that his patience has gradually lost almost, is the so-called cow led to Beijing is still a cow, in front of this empty with a good skin of small white, even if she carefully educated estimates are still a small white, rather than waste time with a small white here, she might as well go to other places to wander around,impact beam tubes, the palace there.. I don't know why she always felt that she couldn't stay in the palace. But these days she hardly stayed in the palace for more than two hours except for changing clothes. Although she didn't want to go back, she saw that the autumn hunting would arrive in a few days. After fifteen days of autumn hunting, she could finally go to a distant place and continue to waste her time.

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