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The King of Fighters is in the other world

"Who knows, may also come to walk a field, such a young age can have a deep cultivation, it is estimated that the first pass can not pass and run out crying!" "Well, that makes sense." Everyone is talking about it, and they all think that Chen Feng and Chen Feng can't even pass the first hurdle. Holylove, of course, thought so. After paying the registration fee, he strode behind Chen Fengdi and walked into the inner room. After entering the inner room, Chen Feng saw more than 1 people waiting, the spirit of perception swept, unexpectedly are the strong level of Douzun, one even reached the strength of the nine-level Douzun. After sitting somewhere in the inner room for about an hour, an old man and a middle-aged man came in from the room. Today, I want to examine Ling Shi, a total of 1 people, including 72 warriors, 76 magicians! The middle-aged man explained to the old man. The old man nodded, looked around, and went to a high platform on one side of the room and shouted, "You all came to take the Lingshi exam. Everyone must know the difficulty of Lingshi. It is divided into four checkpoints. Only when you pass all of them can you be awarded the Lingshi badge. Lingshi's exam time is once a month. Today is the day of the exam. Last month, you came to take the exam at 213." But it's a pity that no one has passed. I hope some of you can get what you want today and become a member of Lingshi! When the old man finished speaking, there was a loud noise below. 213 people came to the examination, no one passed the examination, the difficulty of the examination can be imagined, no wonder Ling Shi is difficult to pass, just look at this ratio to know that it is not simple. Seeing the noise below, the old man went on to say, "The four levels of the examination are the first level of strength and reaction test, the second level of speed and flexibility test, the third level of death race, and the last level of confrontation with real people.". You can't pass the next level until you pass the previous one, otherwise. I guess everyone knows the consequences! Then the old man said to the middle-aged man, regardless of the noise of the crowd, "You arrange the warrior, and I will arrange the magician." "Yes!" The middle-aged man answered and stepped down from the high platform and said loudly, "The warrior, please follow me this way!" The old man shouted from the other side, "Magician, please come with me." The first two levels of the warrior and the sorcerer are different, so they go in different directions. A total of 72 warriors, including Chen Feng, followed the middle-aged man out of the room and soon came to a small dark door. The middle-aged man said, "This is the first level. The main test is strength and reaction speed. There are two magic crystals above the door, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet manufacturer, one red and one green. If the red crystal is bright, it means that the person inside has failed, or died, or escaped from the side door. If the green crystal is bright, it means that he has passed!" The crowd looked and saw two fist-sized crystal balls above the black door. Remind everyone again, all the attacks inside are real, if someone can't dodge, please enter the side door on one side, otherwise if you are killed inside, the pavilion will not be responsible! "Next, let the first person go in!" Hearing what the middle-aged man said, the confident crowd began to beat drums at the same time, looking at the small door in front of them and hesitating. What are you afraid of? If you don't go, I will! The man with the strength of the nine-level Dou Zun shouted out and strode in. After about five minutes, while everyone was waiting anxiously, the green crystal in front of the door rose steeply. First to pass! Cried the middle-aged man. Seeing someone passing through the nervous mood of the crowd, he relaxed a little. Then a three-level Dou Zun strength of the people went in, the results went in less than half a minute to hear a scream, red crystal lit up, failure! And I know if the unlucky guy is dead or escaped to the side door. Then continue to enter the people, there are successes and failures, Chen Feng carefully observed, as long as the seven-level Dou Zun and above can smoothly go through this pass, their spiritual perception is more than the nine-level Dou Zun, so there is nothing to worry about. Next The middle-aged man shouted. It was the turn of Chen Feng and Ling Feng. I'll go first! Lingfeng said lightly, gently went in, after a while above the green crystal lit up, indicating that through. Lingfeng's own strength is the seven-level Dou Zun, plus the innate advantages of the Phoenix clan, it is normal to be able to pass. See Lingfeng through Chen Feng also stood up and strode into the dark door. "Do you think this boy can get through smoothly?" Behind Chen Feng, Holly Lefu saw him go in and said to the man behind him. Behind him was a man in black, whose spiritual perception swept around Chen Feng and said, "I think it's a little dangerous for a person in the second-level Dou Zun realm." "Oh, a 17-year-old second-class Dou Zun to be able to pass, I *** the first seven times are in vain!" Hollylove said. The man in black obviously knew his "great achievements" and nodded with the same feeling. Not to mention the age of the other side, if only the second-level Dou Zun strength people can pass, then they should all be able to pass. Didn't the girl just pass smoothly? Another person said, "It seems that I heard that the girl is only 16 years old, and I just saw that the energy fluctuation on her body seems to be only the strength of the second-level Dou Zun.." As soon as this sentence is said, several people who are talking are dumb, too. You say that they are young and have low cultivation. How did the girl who came with this teenager pass smoothly? "Skilled and lucky!" "I don't believe two teenage guys can get through it," Hollylove said, clenching his teeth and shaking his face twice. "I bet this teenager can't get through it!" As he spoke, he twisted his face and stared at the rest of the crowd. "Who dares to bet with me?" "I bet!" A black guy shouted out. Okay, who else? ………… After a while, the rest of the people here started gambling, but the only one who could press Chen Feng to pass smoothly was the thin black guy. After nearly five minutes, someone suddenly shouted: "Look,plastic pallet price, the results will come out soon!" " The man raised his head hurriedly and looked at the door, only to see the red crystal flashing twice. Ha, I can't pass it. Bring the money! Hollyroff roared at once.

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