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Pai Pai Novels _ Two and One for Three by Yin Su

"Yin Su, what do you think? If you want to be with Yao Ye, you should tell me clearly that I will never interfere with you. But why do you pester him and provoke me several times? You see I suffer for you. Do you think it's funny?"? Or do you like men all around you? How many times have you had sex with Yao Ye? Since you know what happened between Yao Ye and me, do you think I don't know about you? When you were with him, I was more painful than death, do you know? I'm the only one acting like a fool. I'm the only fool. Yin yuan sat down slowly, holding himself in his arms and crying like a child. He cried and said: "You are my favorite person in the world, Yao Ye is my most distressed person, in addition to you, I can give him anything." I just want to be with you all my life. Don't want anything else. I really can't stand you together, leaving me alone! I am cold and distressed, lips have been trembling, I do not know Yin yuan's feelings are like this. I rushed over and cried, "Brother, I'm sorry, I'm sorry …" I was wrong! Will you forgive me? Yin yuan curled up for a moment, put his hand around my shoulder and said, "I said don't touch me. I think of you.." Just feel sick, or do you think Yao Ye can't satisfy you? Seduce me again? You go home right now before I lose my mind and leave me alone. If you don't go,plastic pallet bins, I'm afraid I can't help hurting you. I only know how to shake my head in a panic, and there is only one thought in my heart that I will never leave Yin yuan. The rain was still falling, and the rain dripped down Yin yuan's hair, and the faint light made Yin yuan's face look ferocious and haggard. I threw my arms around Yin yuan, who grabbed me by the collar and pushed me down the steps, saying, "Let me ask you again,plastic pallet suppliers, will you go home?" I shook my head desperately and begged, "Either we go home together, or I will stay here with you. Don't drive me away. I will never leave you again." Yin yuan's hand twisted on my bare thigh and touched it up along the inside. I knew he meant to frighten me, but. So you're not leaving? Ha, my coquettish sister has learned to go out without underwear. Is this what Yao Ye taught you? Or I was so excited to finish my work just now. Forgot to wear the beauty. Ha ha ha ha, I'm laughing to death! He laughed so hard that it was worse than crying. I said, "No.." No.. It's not what you think. Yin yuan strangled me. "If you don't wear underwear, you should know what the consequences will be." He pinched me so hard that I couldn't push his hand away, but I was suffocating and could only struggle hard. Yin yuan finally let go of his hand and pressed it heavily on me. He began to kiss me headless and faceless. The force was terrible. He freed up one hand to untie his pants. After pulling it out, it was easy to touch my lower body. My whole body was cold, and I only felt that there was a hot foreign body trying to break into the door. I twist my waist, no, I have that situation, it is impossible to. Yin yuan failed to enter several times, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, and then saw me struggling, twisted my arm and turned my back to him: "Do this?"? Where's your coquettish water? It's not all used up just now! I want to cry when I hear Yin yuan say dirty words. Why do we become like this! He took a little saliva and wiped it on my lower body. Despite my struggle, he forced his way in from behind me. Even my voice changed when I screamed. He began to hit me violently behind me, "I haven't been on you for more than half a year, but you are so coquettish, and then continue to shout, let me hear what new things you have learned.." Yin yuan's technology is not as good as Yao Ye, but because of the relationship between childhood exercise, his endurance is much stronger than Yao Ye, the impact lasted for a long time, gradually. I began to see the golden flowers in front of me. I murmured, "Brother, let me go.." I'm so sad.. I'll really die if you do this. But the angry Yin yuan took my begging for mercy as obscene words. He pulled my hair hard, forced my head back, and started thrusting harder. I finally couldn't stand it, my body went limp, and I fainted. Retribution comes fast!!! Chapter 40 Please forgive my bad taste! Students who don't like this chapter can skip it without affecting the plot. "It hurts!"! It hurts. "The pain is coming from my lower body." Brother, let go of me. My mouth was covered. I heard someone say, "Dr. Chen, when will my sister wake up?". She keeps talking nonsense. You help her to check. Whose voice is this? Yin yuan or Yao Ye? "Well, she may be too frightened." Did you really decide not to call the police? Her pudendum injury is quite serious, at least half a month can not walk at will, this kind of injury can be sentenced after judgment. A woman's voice should not be young. "No, thank you, Dr. Chen. You are my uncle Guang's personal doctor in Beijing. I hope you can help my family keep secret.." I heard from the content of the speech that it was Yao Ye. This is no problem, but the child's later psychological problems may be very big. Hey!.. This is an emergency morning-after pill. When your sister wakes up, I'll take it for her. I've collected the semen sample. It's in this small bottle. If you need it, you can send it directly for testing. This is the medicine to be taken. These two bottles are the medicine to be applied every hour for the first three days. Her vagina may shed skin, to be cleaned in time to prevent infection, suture sites do not touch water, if she wants to go to the toilet. Um. This Hey, there's no woman in your family. I'm telling you this is a little.. But if you don't say it, when will your mother come back? Yao Ye said: "I may come back tomorrow!" My heart is startled, listen to Yao Ye to say again: "You say with me, I will convey to my mother tomorrow." "Well, this is a catheter, do not let the urine touch the wound, there are instructions on this, if your mother agrees, or send it to the hospital, where more professional." Don't do it for face. "OK, we'll think about it. Thank you, Dr. Chen. I'll take you out." What a quiet time. I Still It hurts.. Then someone came and sat down beside me,collapsible pallet bin, grabbed my hand and cried, "I'm sorry, Susu.." I don't know I really want to beat myself to death. 。

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