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Beautiful rivers and mountains

I blinked and smiled: "Then I want to go to Caiyang!" " Cai Yang and Mianyang, one east and one west, were just separated by Xinye. I was deliberately making things difficult for him. I didn't expect him to think about it and agree. Hell, so big Nanyang county, I also know these a few place names, Cai Yang has been there once, but that is tied up to go. How about not going to crowded places, just driving around and then going home? Yin is not stupid and knows how to bargain. OK I drawled and answered in boredom. When I arrived in Caiyang, I found that the crops were still crops and the fields were still fields, which were basically no different from Xinye and Mianyang. Yin was so stubborn that he refused to take me to the market to go shopping anyway. The reason he made up was also pleasant to listen to: "My sister is beautiful, and I'm afraid there will be evil intentions from evil people again." Dizzy. Sitting in this kind of carriage without shock absorber system for a long time, I really felt sorry for the two groups of meat on my buttocks. I turned around in Caiyang all morning and finally gave up. Go home. Put down the curtain, I said gloomily. Yin rolled his eyes, and his eyes turned twice on my face, with an expression of desire to speak and stop. I glanced at him, pretended not to see him, and took a cushion and stuffed it under my buttocks. Elder sister He approached me and whispered hesitantly, "In fact,secondary containment pallet, one mile ahead is the field of the Liu family." I hummed casually, trying to adjust my posture and find a more comfortable angle to lie down. Elder sister Seeing that I was indifferent, he couldn't help pulling my sleeve and hurriedly saying, "It's all up to this, and you're still pretending.." "Pretend?"? What is it? Yin rolled his eyes and said, "You want to come to Cai Yang because you want to see Liu Xiu secretly. Now that you have come,collapsible bulk containers, why are you timid again?" "Liu Xiu?" Only then did I realize that I was an idiot and laughed twice. "Is that right?"? Liu Xiu lives here. Yin ignored me and leaned out to say a few words to the driver in front of him, and the carriage slowed down slowly. From here on, it's the Liu family's field. Yin quietly opened the corner of the curtain and looked out through the gap, but there was nothing strange about it. I nodded. "Then how can I see him?"? Go to his house? Yin's eyes widened in amazement. "Come and visit?"? You go Or shall I go? I bared my teeth and said, "How can I see him? Will you take me to see their fields and their houses?" I don't know what this little brother is thinking. Sister! You used to hold a volume of the Book of History in your hand and miss him so much that he became ill. How could you not be satisfied now? There was a cold wind behind the neck, and the hair stood up. It seems that this little sister of the Yin family is not an ordinary nymphomaniac, and her standard is even higher than that of Yu Run. Go back, go back. I groaned feebly. If I didn't go back, I would be treated as a nymphomaniac. Liu's fields are still fields, how to look at them are also mud piles, it is impossible to plant not wheat, but gold, right? "Sister!" Yin suddenly grabbed my arm. "I breathed in. Damn, drum spill pallet ,plastic bulk containers, he pinched my flesh." What? " I yelled at him. Liu Xiu! He shouted excitedly, "it's Liu Xiu!"! It's really him, sister, come and see! I shook him off so hard that I almost shed tears in pain. Liu Xiu, Liu Xiu, a Liu Xiu what is worth making a fuss! I glared at him viciously and angrily lifted the bamboo curtain. In a field about ten meters away, there were five or six farmers in twos and threes with short sleeves and straw sandals, who were busy harvesting grain. On the ridge of the field stood a man in the wind, dressed in deep white clothes, with a long sword hanging from his waist. He pressed his left hand on the handle of the sword and pointed his right hand at the people working in the field. Our car was moving very slowly, and as we approached them, the man on the ridge turned and looked at us. I lowered the curtain to cover my face, and the other side could not see the scene inside the car, but I could see everything outside the car clearly. It was a handsome man of about twenty-five years of age, with starry eyes, a high nose, and beautiful lips slightly curved, bringing out a disapproving smile. His whole body exudes a unique noble temperament, standing there casually, quite a heroic spirit of standing out from the crowd. My heart jumped: "Liu Xiu looks bigger than our eldest brother." Beautiful Rivers and Mountains Chapter 1 The Yin Family Has a Daughter Who Has Just Grown Up Verse 27:8, Uncle Wen (3) Chapter Words: 1624 Updated: 07-09-29 17:27 "He's nine years older than you. How could you forget that?" Nine years old! My God, isn't that the same age as my actual age?! I leaned closer and stared at him with interest. Unfortunately, he only glanced back casually and soon turned his head away. As the carriage drew closer, I could gradually hear his voice. He has no ambition and only knows how to serve the farmers every day. He is really Liu Zhong! Following his finger, three or four meters away, a figure straightened up, and the burning sun shone unobstructed on his sweaty face, reflecting a touch of golden brilliance. I couldn't help but close my eyes, which looked too dazzling for my eyes to stand. Liu Zhong then Liu Zhong, "far away, a gentle voice answered with a smile," anyway, there is nothing wrong. " "A worthless fellow." Liu Xiu laughed and scolded on the ridge. The voice is fading away, and I am still looking back frequently. Yin pulled my sleeve: "Forget it, to see one side is God's pity..." "Who is Liu Zhong?" I suddenly came out with a sentence. Yin was stupefied. "Liu Zhong is Liu Xiu's second brother.." he said. "It turned out to be his second brother. What a big tone! Even his second brother dared to make fun of him!" Yin seemed a little absent-minded, lowered his head and did not know what he was thinking. He just thought he didn't hear what I said. Passed a little while, he claps a thigh suddenly, cry: "Yes!"! Is indeed Liu Wang Sun, really good boldness of vision! Sister, you don't know,plastic pallet crates, when the Han emperor gaozu Liu bang had a brother also called Liu Zhong, diligent in farming, Liu bang also had such a laugh at elder brother. So it seems that he is comparing himself to Gaozu. What an ambition he has! 。

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