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White plum is easy to break

Wan Yan felt very uncomfortable, as if he had blocked his chest with soaked cotton wool, unable to breathe, unable to breathe. She grabbed Yi Baimei's hand. "Miss, you still have me." Yi Baimei did not speak. After a long time, she asked, "Don't you have anyone you particularly miss?" "When I used to be a maid, I got up one winter morning to clean the yard and the snow in front of the door. When I saw a man half frozen to death, I brought him a bowl of hot noodle soup and gave him a few coppers.". For the next few days, the man would come outside the door and wait for the noodle soup. I also said a lot of words to him, I do not remember his name, only know that he escaped from the war, said to revenge, and then disappeared. …… I've been thinking about it all these years, and I don't know if he's avenged or not. It's also a kind of concern. There was no sound on Yi Baimei's side, and he did not know whether he was asleep or awake. "Actually, I used to think that the imperial concubine was a ferocious and vicious person, because the man said that his whole family was killed by the imperial concubine.". But after I met you, Miss, I knew that the empress was so beautiful, so beautiful that it seemed to be blasphemous to see more. ……” She chattered, gentle words like the warm afternoon sun, warming her in the time when Yi Baimei's life was coming to an end. Yi Baimei felt that she might not live long. Her body is like a shed made of countless bamboos, which is always emptied and emptied in the middle, and then fixed with medicine-like ropes so that she will not collapse, but now the cold disease is like a raging fire, burning up from the bottom, making people completely unable to start. No matter how much ginseng and how warm the charcoal fire was, it had no effect. Yi Baimei knew that she would not live long. She is not afraid of death, as Xianglan said,car radiator cap, how wonderful her life is. She has suffered so much, done so much evil, worn all the most precious silks and satins, eaten all the delicacies and treasures, and been respected. She paid a heavy price and got a lot. She has no regrets, no worries, and she doesn't want to think about that. Her life is to be able to get balance, but, ah, the last period of time, is to want to lie in the arms of the man she loves. Love is such a powerful thing, linking her whole life together, from the arrogance of a young girl to the little reserve of an adult, she loves that man, just as he loves himself. Seeing that October is coming to an end, die cast light housing ,die casting parts, there is no news from Ganjing and Liangjing, but Yi Baimei has recovered a little after some conditioning. Not that she's getting better. But temporary conditioning up the complexion, medication pile out a little angry, although it seems that it can not hold too long, but it always makes people happy. Yi Baimei lay too long and proposed to go to the street for a walk. Wan Yuyan wrapped her tightly from head to head, probably because she was afraid of catching cold in the wind, and even wore a white gauze bamboo hat on her head. Yi Baimei couldn't see it anyway, so she had to clean it up for herself. She just told her at the end, "Make it beautiful!" Yi Baimei and Wan Yanyan were both sick, so they walked slowly in the street with a good frequency. Because the tower bandits are located at the border, there are many strange people coming and going, so even if they look at people dressed so strangely, they will not pay attention to them. Wan Yanyan explained to Yi Baimei as she walked, but Yi Baimei didn't have any thoughts to listen to. She just turned around the scene of the tower bandits in her mind, and the dribs and drabs she used to get along with Murong Qingyu. My time is running out. Why do you still hide from me. Yi Baimei thought of this, suddenly there was an impulse to cry, she suddenly squatted in the street, crying, so fragile, more pitiful than any child. There were more onlookers coming and going, and there were horses coming in front of them, so they had to relax because of the large number of people. It was a black steed, and the man on horseback was dressed in a green shirt, with long hair and anxious eyebrows, as if he were on his way. This man is Murong Qingyu. He saw the crowded appearance in front of him, but he was not concerned. He did not disappear these days, but went to look for a medicine, which was in the extreme sunshine of the desert. It was said that it could relieve the cold of Yi Baimei. He was on his way to the capital to deliver the medicine to the palace. Want to bypass the crowd, Murong Qingyu had to dismount and lead Guyun to another way, but Guyun was very reluctant to look, intentionally to the center of the crowd. Murong Qingyu was a little unhappy with Gu Yun's playfulness at this time, so he dragged him to one side, but Gu Yun quit this time, pouting his front hooves, as if he had to go in, and the crowd around him looked at the horse and was afraid to let it go to one side, just in time for Murong Qingyu to look at the center. There were two women squatting, one dressed in strange clothes, wrapped in things all over her body, and wearing a white gauze hat on her head. He kept crying, and the other woman kept coaxing him. Listen carefully, it seems to be: "Ganjing has already fallen … …" Tomorrow, there must be news tomorrow, or we can go to Ganjing. ……” There was a sudden burst in my heart. Murong Qingyu did not know why his hands could not hold the reins. Gu Yun jumped over and began to arch the woman's bamboo hat with the horse's nose. Three or two times, the bamboo hat was arched down, revealing a face more pale and delicate than the white plum blossom. The crying face was like a heavy slap on Murong Qingyu's face. He took a few steps closer and looked at it carefully. It was absolutely right, but her eyes. Those dark, lusterless eyes. And those turbulent tears. Murong Qingyu used up all his strength to restrain himself from shedding tears. He hugged Yi Baimei as if to tighten his body. Yi Baimei thought she would never see Murong Qingyu in her life. She was desperate,metal stamping parts, so desperate that she had no idea at all. She squatted on the roadside and cried. So God saw her pity and conjured up Murong Qingyu to give her back. She thought so, so she took back the words that cursed God before, but grabbed Murong Qingyu's arm and refused to let go any more.

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