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Dressed as the president's ex-girlfriend.

In the moonlight, Du Jingming's eyebrows and eyes were very warm. "Do you have any eyebrows?" "Ha ha!" Speaking of the third album, Chu Chaoyang was inevitably proud and exulted: "I don't know if you heard that I had a lawsuit with Xiaoguang's father in China this time, that big slag!" Du Jingming's eyebrows and eyes were somewhat gloomy, but his eyes were still filled with starlight and nodded with a smile: "I heard." He paused. "Sorry, I wasn't with you then." Chu Chaoyang waved his hand without a care: "It's none of your business." Then between the eyebrows and eyes, there was a somewhat mischievous smile: "I tell you, doesn't he like to put a green hat on his head?"? Haha, I'm going to call my next album "Green Light". He likes green, so I'll let everyone know that he's green! The author has something to say: Good night, see you tomorrow = 3 = I haven't pushed my next article for a long time, "The president's wife wants to divorce". In the heart of every overbearing president, there is a white moonlight that no one can replace. Lin Shuzhou is not the white moonlight, she is the mosquito blood behind the romantic love, the kind that makes people hate and will be beaten to death. Lin Shuzhou: "You don't have to take pictures. I'll go by myself.". You look for your white moonlight, and I have my little wolf dog. Chapter 111 Chapter 111 Chapter 111 Du Jingming can not describe the mood of this moment, some want to laugh,Stainless steel foundry, but that'big slag 'is his brother. Well, he laughed unkindly, and there were bursts of happy laughter from his chest. Do you think it's a great idea, too? In the moonlight, there was a sly smile between her eyebrows and eyes. Speaking of the song, she also hummed happily, accompanied by the rhythm of the body,deep draw stamping, issued a "da-da-da" croon, he only heard her last sentence is clear: "Where is the green light?" He laughed more and more uncontrollably. What do you think? She tilted her head and looked at him lazily and smiled. I think this idea is very good. He gave her a thumbs-up. "Good luck with your new album." She held out her chest proudly. "Of course!" Du Jingming looked at her with a tenderness he had not noticed. When she looked at him, he suddenly lowered his eyes and laughed in a low voice. "It's very late. Shall I send you back?" He said. Chu Chaoyang shook his head. "No, thank you. I'll go back with Sister Yang later." Xiao Chengguang is still waiting for her in the hotel. It's ten o'clock. She should go back. Du Jingming picked up his suit jacket and said, "Sister Yang won't go back so soon. I'll see you off." "Then I'll ask Sister Yang." She sent a text message to Yang Jie, this is a good place to make friends, Yang Jie and Huang Xiaoquan really did not go back so quickly. Du Jingming sent her to the hotel downstairs, but did not go up. Chu Chaoyang was still wearing his suit jacket and wanted to take it off for him. He stopped her: "Put it on. It's cold outside. Go up quickly." It was a cold winter, and it was really cold outside. Chu Chaoyang was no longer polite to him. He waved his hand and said, "Then I'll ask my assistant to return it to you tomorrow." Du Jingming stood outside the elevator and waved: "Go up." Chu Chaoyang stepped back two times, waved to him, and hurried into the elevator. Du Jingming has been watching her back disappear in the elevator door, metal stamping parts ,Investment casting parts, and looked up at the elevator layer by layer up, as if so, can see her more like. As soon as the elevator opened, she saw Gu Yizheng. Gu Yi was leaning against the wall with a cigarette in his hand. When he saw her coming up, he pressed the cigarette butt into the white sand above the trash can, and his melancholy eyes looked up at her. Are you back? "Uh.." Chu Chaoyang's heart jumped and he blinked. "Why aren't you in the room?" The elevator was transparent, and he smiled and glanced down. "Waiting for you." Chu Chaoyang walked to his room: "What's the matter?" Gu Yi is a grasp of her wrist, Chu Chaoyang heart suddenly jumped, a faint smell of tobacco lingering over. Chu Chaoyang's conditioned reflex retreated, and his wrist was grasped tightly by him. He was looking at the black sleeves on her wrists. She was wearing a man's black suit. Chu Chaoyang earned: "Ah Zheng, if you have anything to say, can you let me go first?" The buttons of the suit were not buttoned up, revealing her white and delicate collarbone and the white and delicate skin of her chest. As her wrists struggled, her fingers peeped out from under her sleeves, slender and cold, while his palms were hot. Chu Chaoyang was inexplicably flustered by him, but his hot and dry fingers slowly grasped her cold and slender fingers. Zheng? She frowned slightly, shrank back, shook it again, and finally shook off his hand and hid her hand behind her back. "If you have something to say, say it." Gu Yi is looking at the hand that is thrown off by her, the finger moved, took back, shook his head very slightly: "It's all right." Chu Chaoyang could not tell whether he was a little disappointed or relieved, and asked, "Is it really all right?" "It's all right. Go back. Xiaoguang is waiting for you." His hand fell on that seam of his trouser, "Oh." She took two steps and looked back at him. "Am I really leaving?" He was still standing in the same position, leaning against the wall, staring at her with melancholy eyes. Chu Chaoyang was flustered by him, and hurriedly brushed open the door and entered the room. Chen Danni was in the room with Xiao Chengguang waiting for her to come back, and when she heard the sound of opening the door, she looked at her. Small Chengguang already very sleepy, see her come back, hurriedly rushed toward her to come over, Chu Chaoyang picked him up, patted on his back, the little guy fell asleep. She put him gently on the bed, covered the quilt, turned to look at Chen Danni, and whispered to her with her mouth: "Thank you!"! Thank you for your hard work! Chen Danni shook her head and said she didn't need to thank her. "Are you back so early?" She asked. Generally,alloy die casting, this kind of celebration banquet will not end until twelve o'clock. Some of them can play until two or three o'clock at night. Naturally, there will be other programs in the evening. Chu Chaoyang took off his suit jacket, tied up his hair and tied it on the top of his head: "Is it early?"? Didn't I say I'd be back by this time? 。

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