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Young Prime Minister Xanadu (End + Last Side Story + Postscript)

Yihan looked at me worriedly, reached out his hand and gently stroked my cheek, murmuring as if to himself: "Your body is too weak.". I don't want to see you work as hard as you did before. If you have any wish, I can fulfill it for you. Moved, I took his hand and said softly, "Yihan, do you want this world?"? I can call you if you want. Yi Han frowned, with frost on his face. "Even ten worlds are not worth one of you!" "I know." The bottom of my heart has a faint sadness, I reach out to touch his angular face, tentacles are firm, "also cold, I want to end this troubled times, I also have the ability to end this troubled times.". The world for the vast majority of people or the most dream of things, but for me is not equal to a smile from your heart. However I put down my hand and slowly turned my head to look outside the hall. Obviously, there was only the shadow of the alternation of brightness and extinction, but I seemed to see thousands of miles of rivers and mountains again. I smiled faintly, and my voice was peaceful and distant: "However, I am not the woman who was raised in the boudoir after all.". For too many years, I have lived and experienced as Linyu, and I have long been unable to abandon his responsibilities and aspirations. The world may not be what I want, but the moving process of contending for hegemony and creating a peaceful country for the people has been attracting me silently. I took his hand and clasped his fingers. My eyes were a little wet. I turned my head sideways for a long time before tears fell down. I gazed at Yi Hanshui's purple eyes, which were full of turbulent waves,DIN screw plug, and said word by word: "The golden wasteland is cold, the fire is scorching, the wind is merciless, the world of mortals is ferocious, and the flames of war are raging in the sky; the common people are suffering, their wives are scattered, their fathers and mothers hate each other, and their sons are silent. What's the end of troubled times?". These words are what you let people spread, aren't they? Yi Han,die casting parts, can you tell me honestly why you are deliberately cold to Qin Wu? Why did you let the world spread your name of cruelty and bloodlust? Also cold all over a shock, but do not speak, just quietly looking at me. I wrinkled my nose lightly, and my voice was a little nasal because of choking: "Because you want them to remember me forever, let them think that only the childe in the world is really good to them, and don't want to take my place in everyone's mind, right?" I quickly wiped away my tears, sniffed, and said with a smile, "Lin Jialan is not as strong as Lin Yu. He cries at every turn. It's really ugly." I raised my head and saw Yihan looking at me with infinite tenderness and pity. I choked, "Yihan, in fact, only you and Zimo really understand me in this world.". I have no ambition, no one will succeed, but I am not a person who is willing to be plain. Even if there is a day to retire from the mountains and forests, titanium machining parts ,non standard fasteners, it must be after the brilliant blooming of life. Therefore, Zimo will set the last plan for me to attack Fengyin, and you would rather ascend the cold throne to pave the way for me to unify the world. "Thank you, Yihan." I lowered my head and kissed his rough palm, "Thank you for knowing me so well, thank you for all you have done for me, and thank you for always tolerating and loving such a selfish me.." Yihan grabbed my wrist, pulled it into his arms, and kissed it deeply. He raised his head and breathed softly on my face: "Linyu, I always thought I could give unconditionally and never ask for anything in return.". But I was wrong. He lowered his head and pecked and kissed my eyelashes, the bridge of my nose, and my lips again and again. His voice was hoarse and deep. "It's not that I don't ask for anything in return, but that I covet more than anyone else, all in luxury.". Linyu, I want your lifelong love, eternal love, unique position in my heart, you. Will you give it? "Do you have to ask?!" I put my hand around his neck, propped myself up and kissed his lips fiercely until his breath was so hot that I couldn't control it. But suddenly I let him go. I smiled softly and swore with my heart: "I will live and die together, and I will talk with you. I will hold your hand and grow old with you." Yihan's eyes were shining, and his expression was indescribably tender and pitiful. Suddenly reached out and hugged me tightly, but I don't know whether it was a moment of excitement or unwilling to let me see the glittering twinkle in the purple eyes. At that time, that moment, that scene, obviously in the palace house, but I only feel the fireworks fumigation, the years are quiet. On the sixth day of ancient times, it was overcast and rainy. I quietly removed the gauze from my neck in the room alone, and was delighted to find that the pinch marks had finally faded. Yihan once asked me what happened to the white cloth on my neck. I only told him that he had a stiff neck when he slept. This is our modern treatment method, which is very useful. He couldn't tell the difference between true and false, so he didn't ask me again. Fortunately! I don't know if it's because I'm too tired to go back and forth. I'm not in good health recently. I'm sleepy and have no appetite. I threw away the gauze and dozed on the couch in a daze. Suddenly I heard a very familiar female voice rushing through the door with anger in it. As soon as I stepped into the hall, she roared, "The wind is also cold. Get out of here!" With a shock, I lost all sleep and jumped out of bed in ecstasy and ran out. I saw a beautiful woman in a pink gauze skirt looking around angrily until her eyes fell on me and the flames of anger turned into flames. You really dare to hide a beautiful woman in a golden house. The woman in pink was so angry that her voice trembled. "The wind is also cold. Wait for me!" Regardless of the hatred in her eyes and the anger on her face, I cried out, "Yun Yan.." I rushed over and hugged her neck, and when she was stunned and unable to react, I took the opportunity to pick up her soft and greasy face for a while. I was teasing her, but my eyes were wet and I choked: "Yun Yan, I miss you so much." Yun Yan stared at me blankly, as if he had been taken out of his soul for a moment, and let me molest him. It's not true, is it? She shook her lips and murmured the words. Then the whole body trembled, like a leaf left on a dead tree, swinging in the wind, so fragile and lonely that it would be blown off at any time. I smiled, hugged her hard, and choked, "It's true.". Yun Yan, even if you don't believe in the cold,car radiator cap, you should believe in yourself. I have promised you, 'Don't forget the end of the world hand in hand, the birds are tired and return to the nest together.' Do you think I will easily forget and leave you alone? 。

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