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The Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the World

Girl words to export, then wake up, Zhou Batian is a strong man nearly forty years old, and the man in front of him is only twenty years old, of course, he is not Zhou Batian, but the world in addition to Zhou batian, there is such a strong man? "Thank the hero for saving my life. Do you know the hero's name?" "Lin Ge!" "It's Hero Lin. Seeing that you are so powerful, I thought you were one of the Eight Venerable Men in Chang'an City. I didn't expect to guess wrong. Hero Lin, where are you from?" "Nanjing City!" The girl nodded with a thoughtful look on her face. She didn't know Lin Ge. Although Lin Ge has done one thing after another since he left the battle warehouse, he has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of monsters with the strength of only one person. Within the city of Nanjing, he has killed the dark prince, who is strong in the realm of the ghost king. Looking at the whole country, these two things, which one is not scary, but the girl is just a small potato in the city of Changan, she also can't touch the core secret in the city of Changan, so she doesn't know Lin Ge. Of course, if Lin Ge stood opposite the general of Chang'an City, or other generals in the city of hope, they would be shocked by Lin Ge's name so that their legs were weak and they could not even walk. Unfortunately,Automatic nail machine, the girl did not know how horrible Lin Ge was. This is more or less lost in the heart of Lin Ge, even if he is a wise man at peace with the world, he will not dislike his fame too much, although Lin Ge does not put his past name in his heart, but in front of a beautiful woman, is considered to be a new person, the heart is more or less uncomfortable. After pushing the girl, the boy retreated like an arrow from the bow. Unfortunately,Nail Making Machine price, he did not take a few steps back and was trapped by the swarm of zombies. He did not panic in his heart. After all, the strength of these zombies was not strong. Even the most powerful zombies had only ten thousand points of strength. The desire to survive makes the boy look ferocious. In order to survive, he betrays his relatives, friends and now his girlfriend. All this is just to survive. Now he is besieged by the zombie army, and the dagger in his hand is frantically slashing around. Suddenly, five or six zombies were cut bloody by him and slowly fell to the ground. The zombies around the back trampled the fallen zombies in front of them on the ground, and in a short while, several zombies who had not died were trampled into mud by the zombies coming up from behind. Faced with more and more zombies, the boy was completely desperate, betrayed so many people, and eventually died, to the underground, do not know how to see the relatives and friends killed by their own. At this time, he suddenly saw Lin Ge shot, pulled the girl away at an incredible speed, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,iron nail machine, and kicked the zombie leader away. The boy was startled at first, and then his heart was filled with despair. The man with a cold face was neither a zombie nor an idiot, but a peerless strong man. Why did he make a move? If he wanted to do it, he would have done it. Yes, he must have taken a fancy to his girlfriend, so he tried to save her. He wanted to take away her love. But even if he does so, he can not stop, he is too strong, more than a hundred times stronger than himself, he took a fancy to his girlfriend, will kill himself. No man wants his rival to live in the world, especially now is the end of the world, killing people do not have to pay for their lives, this man will certainly crush himself to death like a small ant. And the little bitch, seeing such a powerful man, would try her best to show off her body in front of the powerful man to please the man in front of her, and beg the man to accept her like a crawling puppy. The boy was surprised and afraid, but he couldn't help spitting on the ground. Then he sneered, "Dog men and women, I will be strong in the future. How can I kill you adulterers and adulteresses?" The boy thought his movements were hidden, and there were countless zombies in the middle. The strong man like an idiot must not have seen his movements, but he miscalculated. With the strength of Lin Ge, any sign of trouble around him could not be concealed. The boy spat on the ground and cursed him, all of which came into Lin Ge's ears. Lin Ge's face was expressionless, but his heart was full of murder. The heart is indeed the most untrustworthy thing, Lin Ge admitted to save them, there is no selfishness, but in exchange for such a result. He saved people, of course, not because he was particularly kind, but for saving people, which was a simple task for him, so Lin Ge decided to intervene in this matter. The boy not only betrayed his girlfriend just now, but also sniffed at his savior. It's better to kill such rubbish. When thinking of killing people, Lin Ge suddenly thought of many things about the strength of the end of the world. If this had happened before the end of the world, he would have been invisible at most, but today he wants to kill whenever he is not used to it. It seems that the end of the world not only makes him cold-blooded, but also makes him bloodthirsty. Is he still the sunshine boy he used to be? If Cher saw what he looked like now, would she be disappointed? Just as Lin Ge was thinking about it, the zombie leader who was kicked away by him came out of the soil and roared to the sky. Chapter seventy-four seduce other people's girlfriends face to face. "Ow.." The girl's heart beat wildly. It seemed that the zombie leader was really angry. He wanted to gather all the zombies to besiege the cold young man. Although he could defeat the zombie leader in seconds, the ants would bite the elephant to death. He might not be able to kill thousands of zombies in front of him at once. And the man is still standing there cold, with him as the center, everything around him has become a foil, all zombies, including girls and boys, are like tiny stars revolving around the North Star. The cold air dispersed, the surrounding temperature dropped sharply, and everyone became small under the tall and straight figure of Lin Ge. With the unique intuition of women,Coil nail machine, girls feel that the man beside them stands casually, as if he has become the peak of human beings, an existence that all mankind can not reach but look up to.

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