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Dream King

"Muyun?" Xiao Wenbing mouth chewing this noun, the heart inexplicably rose a trace of warmth, unexpectedly the two of them even the name is very similar ah. When the master ascended to the celestial world in the future, he must come to meet this elder. Once he thought of his dumbfounded appearance, Xiao Wenbing had a strong sense of expectation. "Does Hsiao Hsien-chang know his ancestors?" Muxun asked doubtfully. See Xiao Wenbing's expression. He could not help speculating a little. Shaking his head slightly, Xiao Wenbing said, "I don't know your ancestor.". But I know a senior who looks very similar to him. .” "Oh." Mu Hanxun was suddenly enlightened. No wonder Xiao Wenbing had a ghostly expression. "Boom." Suddenly there were several roars in the air. They looked up and saw that Muyun had already intervened. The old Taoist priest's magic power is so profound that it is far beyond the reach of the people present. I saw his body swaying. Has been standing in the middle of the battle between the two sides. Even Xiao Wenbing was in a cold sweat in the face of the two huge powers coming from the pincer attack. But the old Taoist priest was not in a hurry. He stood with his head held high in his spare time, just as the two forces were about to attack him. He waved his sleeve without changing his face. Yeah, it's just a little wave like that. Suddenly, all the clouds and clouds in the sky converged, as if one moment was colorful, and the next moment was immediately dim. A great master in the realm of Fen Shen is really extraordinary. The universe in the sleeve can break the world. When Ziliao and others saw that it was the elder of this school, they stopped and retreated at the same time. They knew very well about Muyun's cultivation. Know,tile trim factory, even if it's a rush. . You can't expect to get a good one. In that case, of course, it is time to give up. But at this moment, all the worries in their hearts were put down. The reason why the group beat the pig fairy alone and did not retreat was that there was an old Taoist priest supervising the battle. They were all afraid of being scolded by the old man after taking the lead in retreating. But now even the old man came up in person shamelessly. I'm sure I won't blame myself for waiting for someone anymore. Contrary to them, the pig fairy is just addicted to playing. Are you willing to give up? However, seeing that the opponent suddenly changed an old Taoist priest who seemed to be fragile,aluminum tile trim, and that hand just now performed extremely skillfully, he was extremely inferior. Face this sudden master. For a moment, I couldn't help hesitating. At the very beginning and end of him, someone on the surface had already made a decision for him. "Pig fairy, don't be rude, come down." A familiar voice came. The pig fairy immediately stopped considering it. He turned around, picked up the rake, and came to Xiao Wenbing. Other people's words can be ignored, but Xiao Wenbing's words can not be ignored. Don't say anything else Just look at the nine-tooth rake in your hand and you will know why. Muyun Laodao breathed a sigh of relief in midair. Although with his ability, aluminium edge trim ,stainless steel tile edging, he will not be afraid of the pig fairy. But the nine-toothed rake is too difficult to deal with. This weapon is too evil. It's all right. It's better not to provoke. With a group of people came to the face, and Xiao Wenbing respectively see the ceremony. Although just had a fight, but do not fight do not know, but also to measure the strength of each other, no one dares to look down on each other at will. "Chicken Brother..". Now they have turned enemies into friends. Please unseal the contract between the landlord and servant of the Muxuanli brothers. What do you think? ?” Xiao Wenbing is very kind. "This.." The chicken fairy suddenly looked embarrassed. Muyun and others were stunned. Just looking at their attitude, it was obvious that they were following Xiao Wenbing's lead. So when he said that, everyone was overjoyed. Unexpectedly, the expression of this chicken fairy is quite different. Could it be that their estimation is wrong. Think of here The two people's faces suddenly changed color slightly. After all, they were flesh and blood, and it was hard to give up their feelings. Xiao Wenbing's face is not very good-looking, this chicken fairy, dare to show this face in front of outsiders, is it deliberately to give themselves ugly? The next moment, the look in his eyes gradually became fierce. Although he did not regard these immortals who had survived the great disaster of ten thousand people as his own property, subconsciously, he always regarded himself as a superior person who held the power of life and death. And these people have always been obedient to his words, and no one has disobeyed them. So When he saw the expression of the chicken fairy, he even killed the rooster to drink in the center of the earth. The rooster shivered and suddenly felt cold for no reason. A murderous look came from around him, and he immediately recognized that it was those companions who had just joined him in resisting the enemy. Especially the pig fairy who just showed his power. He even carried a nine-toothed rake and stared at himself with fierce eyes. Suddenly understand, as long as you dare to say no, I'm afraid it will be your turn to be beaten by the crowd. The chicken fairy is frightened. Hurriedly facing Xiao Wenbing. : "Hsiao Hsien-you, it's not that I don't want to." He scratched his head with his hand, his face anxious. "What are you doing?" Xiao Wenbing asked inexplicably. The chicken fairy rolled her eyes and was almost driven mad by the heavy murderous look that kept coming from around her. "Chicken, what are you doing?" Pig fairy to a pair of big eyes with chicken fairy fingers to turn around, asked strangely. "Ah." Xiao Wenbing suddenly woke up and immediately understood the difficulties of the chicken fairy. He smiled apologetically at him. Tao : "Yes, I forgot." Yesterday, it was he who laid down the method of energy bite back on the top of the chicken fairy's head. The wooden hanging can't steal the chicken, but the real culprit is Xiao Wenbing himself. Although the chicken fairy can rely on this array to thoroughly command the movements of the wood hanging, and even directly explore his mind. But This array is not set by the chicken fairy, so even if he wants to cancel the contract with his ability, it is also intentional but powerless. See Xiao wenbing finally understand, chicken fairy greatly moved. Long live understanding . I almost shed tears. . Turning around,aluminum tile edge trim, Xiao Wenbing patted him casually on the top of Muxuanli's field and said, "Brother xuanli, this is a lesson. Don't be rude to people again."

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