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Post Info TOPIC: God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])


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God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

The fierce ghost screamed and flew out with a bang, and blue smoke came out of his body, which was very miserable. Lin Tian eyes suddenly flashed a touch of strange light, just a piece of white lotus, at the moment unexpectedly can cause so much damage to this fierce ghost, seems to be much stronger than before. He stared at these white lotus, see the faint light on it, can not help but slightly happy, it seems that the white lotus in the sea will become stronger with his strength. The fierce ghost stood up again and stared ahead, with fear and fear flashing in his bloody eyes, and more anger. Lin Tianyi smiled, and it was really interesting that the fierce ghost, who was comparable to the strong man in the air, was forced to such an extent by him. Slant head looked at Ji Yu, see Ji Yu is still practicing, he is once again around the white lotus outside the body, then he also sat down. With the white lotus guard outside, he did not worry about the attack of the fierce ghost and the ghost, and directly took out a treasure sword from the stone ring, ready to practice the skill of controlling the army at this time. These treasures were presented by the Lord of Fuyang. At this time, the light shone between his eyebrows. He condensed the essence of divine consciousness in a special way, and then engraved it on the treasure sword in the way of divine consciousness brand. He had practiced this process many times, and naturally he was very familiar with it. He soon completed the divine brand of the thirty medium-grade treasure swords. Of course, it was absolutely impossible for him to control so many weapons at the same time, just to make a mark. After a pause,7g Ozone Generator, he closed his eyes and began to control his troops. Keng! As soon as the sword roared, a cold sword clanged and slowly rose into the air. Then, the second handle, the third handle, the fourth handle.. In the end, a full twenty-five swords appeared beside him, each of them emitting a chill. Very good There was a flash of brilliance in Lin Tian's eyes. Lin Tian temporarily abandoned the previous fifteen swords, at this time, suspended in his side of the twenty-five swords, each one is a treasure,ceramic bobbin element, its power naturally needless to say, far more powerful than before. Staring at the twenty-five swords, Lin Tian's eyes twinkled with brilliance, and his current military control skills were enough to steadily suppress Guo Xiuming's strongest secret method of refining! Lin Tian originally wanted to test his fighting power with Li Gui, but after thinking about it, he was absolutely no match for Li Gui without relying on Bai Lian, and he could face danger at any time. Moreover, Ji Yu at this time seems to be in the critical moment of practice, if wantonly and fierce ghost war, I am afraid it will affect Ji Yu. He sat down again, withdrew his twenty-five swords, and slowly closed his eyes. Time passed by minute by minute, and soon another three days passed. Hum! On this day, the light outside Ji Yu's body suddenly became very intense, and a strong breath swept through it. Lin Tian suddenly opened his eyes, eyes quickly flashed a touch of fine awn, Ji Yu unexpectedly stepped into the knowledge of the sea of four days. Gradually, ceramic bobbin heater core ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, the light outside Ji Yu's body became dim, and he opened his eyes gently. Congratulations Lin Tian laughed. Ji Yu from the second peak of the knowledge of the sea directly reached the knowledge of the four days of the sea, but this progress is somewhat huge. Ji Yu chuckled: "It's all your credit." At this time, the light on the tree of life has dissipated completely and withered completely. Lin Tian stretched out his hand and touched it gently. Suddenly, the tree of life was smashed and dust fell on the ground. Ji Yu is startled: "This..." "Vitality is absorbed by us, and nature can not continue to exist, which is a kind of treasure medicine." Lin Tian explained. Not far away, Li Gui roared, his bloody eyes were full of ferocity, and his whole body was full of Yin Qi. As soon as Lin Tianshen's consciousness moved, the white lotus all over the sky suddenly floated up and swished toward the fierce ghost. After that, he looked around and saw a huge gap in front of him, from which the light came in. Let's go He said. After a brief attack with White Lotus to kill Li Gui, he pulled Ji Yu toward the outside. Relying on the white lotus of the sea, he can steadily suppress the ghost, but it is absolutely impossible to kill the ghost, after all, if the ghost wants to escape, with his present cultivation, it is absolutely impossible to stop. Along the gap, soon, the two men went out. Unexpectedly, the front is a desolate valley, two people saw a strange stone platform, a breath of incomparable vicissitudes of life suddenly spread to the face. This stone platform is very broad, I do not know what kind of stone it is, but there is a purple beam in the middle, which is about thirty feet high and ten feet in diameter, showing mystery and majesty. Staring at this beam of light, Lin Tian and Ji Yu both shook slightly. Lin Tian opened his pupils wide: "Is this." Time and space portal?! Broad stone platform exudes the breath of vicissitudes of life, the purple beam of light on it seems to be eternal, without the slightest ripple, obviously incompatible with this space, but it seems to be perfectly integrated, such a scene, undoubtedly makes Lin Tian instantly associate with the space-time portal leading to the second horizon. "It seems so," said Ji Yu in a deep voice. Ji Yu has read many ancient books in Qin Valley, and she knows much more about the portal of time and space than Lin Tian. What she sees at this time is very similar to the description of the portal of time and space she sees in ancient books. Staring at the front, both of them looked a little shocked. Time and space portal, can lead to the light door of the second heaven, at this time, in front of us! Lin Tian's eyes sparkled and he couldn't help taking a step forward. What are you doing! Don't mess around! Ji Yu grabbed him hurriedly. Time and space portal as early as a long time ago, there was a big problem, even the strong people in the air can not pass, forced into it will definitely be torn to pieces. At this moment, looking at Lin Tian approaching the portal of time and space, Ji Yu is naturally anxious in his heart. Lin Tian stopped and said, "I'm sorry, I lost my mind for a while." "Be careful, this thing is very dangerous now." Ji Yudao. Lin Tian nodded, and after a pause, he asked Ji Yu to step back a little. Then, he manipulates a treasure with the skill of controlling soldiers, slowly approaching the purple beam, and after taking a deep breath, he shakes the treasure into the beam. Sniff! As soon as the purple beam of light swings,Alumina Ceramic C795, the treasure sword is crushed in an instant. As soon as Lin Tian was shocked, the precious sword with the brand of divine consciousness was crushed, and he was eaten back a little. Are you all right? Ji Yu asked.

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