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Guide to Saving the Wicked [Quick]

Jing Haoyang: "Kill them all and keep them for the Spring Festival?" Xie Jiawen: "Are you a fairy?" Jing Haoyang has seen this sentence more than 10,000 times on the Internet, but it is the first time he has heard it from the ancient version of Xie Jiawen. I am your man. Jing Haoyang is righteous and arrogant. Xie Jiawen was silent for a moment: "In terms of this status, you are my concubine." Jing Haoyang nodded: "You are happy, anyway, it is not the first time." He was married to Xie Jiawen when he was in Starcraft. It's not always a long time to see the real chapter. Why do you earn those words with him. Xie Jiawen was so stupefied that he turned to Song's adjutant and said, "Get off the boat and go to the other side." Adjutant Song nodded respectfully. After Jing Haoyang showed off his skills, Song's adjutant seemed to have stopped treating Jing Haoyang as a human being. He was a God in the nine heavens, and he came to the mortal world to play. General Xie is not a simple person who can chat with immortals for so long without changing his face. Adjutant Song felt that he was facing these two men, and his knees were swollen in his heart. Back out to ten meters to dare to back to Xie Jiawen, and then hurriedly called the drum soldiers signaled the ship into the water, a slip of infantry and hurriedly on board, a face of yearning and panic toward the other side. Xie Jiawen also wanted to go, but was stopped by Jing Haoyang: "If you want to go, I will take you there now. It's not safe to take a boat. Your boat is too rubbish." Xie Jiawen suddenly looked at Jing Haoyang and said, "You didn't burn all the boats of Jiang Guo!"! Jiangguo Navy is famous all over the world, and one of the most important reasons is that their warships are advanced in technology, which makes other countries look up to them! You have to leave at least one for us to study! Ah? Jing Haoyang touched his nose awkwardly: "I tore it all up." "Tear it?!" Xie Jiawen's eyes widened. Jing Haoyang's eyes dodged: "It's not a good thing. I was too excited when I fought. If I didn't pay attention, the warships would be gone." Xie Jiawen staggered half a step. Jing Haoyang suddenly did not know where a sense of crisis came from, and the alarm bell sounded in his heart: "Xie Jiawen, don't you like me yet?" Still in the dizziness of Xie Jiawen inexplicable: "How can you feel so?"? Do I take you as a brother? If struck by lightning, Jing Haoyang heart crazy shout as expected,Fiberglass tape measure, the former Xie Jiawen Mu Qiang, he showed himself more, Xie Jiawen liked him very much, and then what that is logical. But Xie Jiawen in this world is different. He also admires Qiang, but there seems to be a limit. Jing Haoyang showed his skill today, and it is obvious that Xie Jiawen has put him on the straight man's point of view. Only pure admiration, not love, so the vision is so rational, behavior is so distant. It was Jing Haoyang's turn to say, "I'm not here to be your brother, I'm here to be your husband!" …… In the court, Fish measuring board ,Wheel tape measure, husband means eunuch. Xie Jiawen's complexion is very wonderful: "If." If you have this hobby.. It's not that I can't understand. Not exactly. God is jealous of talent. How could Jing Haoyang want to be a husband. Can't figure it out. The degree of puzzlement even overshadowed his curiosity about the other side. Looking at Jing Haoyang's eyes, he could not suppress his regret, but he said sincerely, "I will support your choice." Jing Haoyang felt the awkward atmosphere in the air and was puzzled: "Where do you want to go?"? Do you want me to put it more plainly? Xie Jiawen, like a cat whose tail had been trampled, was startled: "No, no, no!"! No, just take the hint. Just take the hint. Jing Haoyang frowned: "I still have to make it clear that I just want to be your man, not your brother. Even if you have a nephew's face, I still want to look down on you." Ah Xie Jiawen: "How can immortals and mortals be together?!" Jing Haoyang was so angry that he wanted to knock out Xie Jiawen's head, and he was so angry that he wanted to strangle himself who had just run to the opposite side to play. It's too much! Xie Jiawen didn't even consider that they would be together! No matter what you think! I am a mortal, I not only want to be your husband in the mission! I will find you in the main space and ask you to marry me! You can't run away, and it's impossible to play dumb. ” I have been blooming your flower for thousands of years, and you dare not marry me! I'll blow your mainframe's brains out! Xie Jiawen only felt a sudden cold behind him and did not know what had happened. Jing Haoyang approached and hugged Xie Jiawen, who was still in a daze. "Go, since you already treat me as an immortal, then I am an immortal.". Look at the opposite scene, you tell me again, I want to marry you, you dare not agree! I, Jing Haoyang, am forced today! Kidnapping! It's just pulling and dragging! You, Xie Jiawen, must also agree to marry me! Xie Jiawen obediently let Jing Haoyang embrace, watching the broad river at his feet, they even crossed the feet of so many soldiers, and then has been flying to the burning enemy camp. This is not something that human beings can do at all. Jing Haoyang is an immortal who was hammered by Xie Jiawen. "Everything the immortal says is right," he said. "I am your immortal uncle!" "Immortal, please calm down." "Fairy fart!" "Immortals don't like to reveal their identities?" "***!"! Xie Jiawen, you shout again! "It's just the two of us now, so I'll still call the immortal by his name?" "I'm going to do it again!" "Haoyang." Two words are gentle and pious, like a faithful believer. Xian. "" Step on the horse and suddenly act like a spoiled child. Chapter Table of Contents Dior Concubine 10 The old house was on fire and out of control. That's Jing Haoyang. If Xie Jiawen is gentle and soft, Jing Haoyang is like a mentally retarded person who doesn't even know what he believes. That day, after taking Xie Jiawen to the other side of the river to see the opposite scene, Jing Haoyang changed his way of courting and proved to Xie Jiawen that he was actually a beast rather than an immortal. But Xie Jiawen,Horse weight lbs, who used to be a little thorough, is now as curious as if he had amnesia about what Jing Haoyang had said before. Whenever he is free, he grabs Jing Haoyang and asks questions. He is indifferent to some of Jing Haoyang's actions.

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