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Carve a dragon and a phoenix

Xie Bin's heart is also filled with emotion, I did not expect to receive such a sister at this age. Although there is only one word difference between "Brother Bin" and "Brother", the literal meaning is similar. But the true feelings are much worse. Xie Bin reached out to wipe away the tears on Guoguo's cheeks. "Well, read the book quickly. If you don't understand, ask me. I'll collect this painting well." Then he turned and went out. Said to be a good collection, in fact, is to put things in their own space, there must be a safer place in the world than this? But speaking of his magical necklace, Xie Bin did not know when he suddenly found that the wisp of blood in the necklace had disappeared, and the jade pendant had returned to its original clear appearance. Although this looks a little less strange, but Xie Bin always felt that there was something wrong, but in the end where the problem, Xie Bin himself can not say clearly, anyway, the feeling is strange. And Xie Bin's own body has no other accidents, whether it is health or power or Qigong are all good, but also feel more and more thick, more and more mellow, use is also like an arm finger, so Xie Bin did not take it too seriously, but still wear the necklace close to the body. Also not afraid of others to see, no matter who sees,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, will only be regarded as an ordinary jade necklace. Similarly, this necklace for Xie Bin now, there is only a little commemorative significance, to commemorate his parents who already do not know where they are, that's all. Now that he is about to get married and have children, how can he care who his parents are who he has never met? The days of missing them are long gone. Looking at Guoguo reading carefully, Xie Bin strolled to the villa next door. As soon as she saw Xie Bin, Zou Xintong bared her teeth and brandished her claws and asked,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "Xie Bin, your sister is too precocious. We can't let go. Are children going against the sky now?" Xie Bin shook his head. "Her parents died early, and she lived with a grandfather when she was young. It's not surprising that she is mature in these things. You just treat her as one of your own, and she doesn't have any taboos. You don't need to be so careful. When you are familiar with her, you will like her better. That girl used to be really lovely." It's just that I've been a little too nervous about it these two days. Sister Fang said with a smile, "I can see that this girl is really great. She's just one year older than my girl, but she doesn't look at the same level at all. She's good at serving rice, washing dishes and cleaning up the housework. Alas, I don't know how much I suffered when I was a child." Xie Bin secretly thought, can you not be diligent when you live with an old man? Mr. Zhao may be a little better than Xie Bin's grandfather, but he is absolutely no better. When Xie Bin thinks about what he did when he was a child, he can think of what kind of life Guoguo had before. Guoguo may not have to worry about her livelihood, but she still needs to worry about some family trifles. Xie Bin clearly remembered that when he first saw their grandsons and grandsons, Guoguo paid for breakfast. At that time, Guoguo was only ten years old. Can an ordinary little girl do this? Several people talked for a while, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, almost all of them were talking about how magical and sensible Guoguo was, which made Xie Bin smile bitterly. There is no doubt that children without parents can only rely on themselves. It is estimated that Chen Minhan can understand this point. However, Chen Minhan also had both parents when she was young. She lost her father when she was a teenager, and her mother's condition deteriorated completely when she graduated from school. Then Xie Bin asked something about the school, which Zou Xintong and Chen Minhan did together, but Xie Bin was afraid that the two people would forget something without experience, so he asked again. Zou Xintong said discontentedly, "Xie Bin, do you still doubt my ability with Meng Meng?"? Don't worry, it's absolutely done properly. If I can't even do this little thing well, what else can I do? But Chen Minhan honestly confessed, "Thanks to Sister Fang, otherwise we really have a black eye, and we don't know where to start.". ” Xie Bin laughed happily, Zou Xintong did not care, "Anyway, things are done, tomorrow with the formalities directly to school, do I need to send your baby sister to school?" (To be continued.) Chapter 199 harmony of mind. Volume II Chapter 199 Heart to Heart Zou Xintong they naturally have to go, otherwise Xie Bin has to go to teacher Zhao to find the principal or something, Zou Xintong they are very familiar with. Of course, Xie Bin also has to go, he also has to recognize the way to recognize the teacher, after Xie Bin will have a job, send Guoguo to school after class. Another Xie Bin also has to give Guoguo courage, or let a 12-year-old girl alone in the face of such a strange environment, the pressure is too great, not to mention is likely to face the problem of language barrier? It is said that Putonghua is now popular in schools, but in ordinary communication, dialects are still the majority. Nowadays, some college students dare not go to school alone, let alone a primary school student? Although Guoguo, a pupil, is going to be in the sixth grade. Although today's children are all very evil, a little older know everything, but after all, is a child, even if it is Guoguo, it can only be said to be the first time to know themselves. As for some other children, no matter how smart they are, it is useless not to know themselves. Some people ask, what is self? Seemingly complex and unspeakable questions, in fact, the answer is not complicated, especially in the West, a lot of education starts from this point. Self is nothing more than a cognitive process in which everyone knows himself, where he comes from, where he wants to go, and what position he occupies in the world,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, what role he plays, and so on. But many adults may not be able to think of these things, let alone children.

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