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Future military doctor

Liang Feng looked at Lu Ping. "See," he said to the man beside him. This is reality and society. How noble and sacred our lawyer Di Lu usually pretends to be. Like a saint. How about now. I said why I suddenly had money to start a company. It turned out to be a gigolo. In fact, you want to start your own company. Tell me. I can give you money to go out and start a small company. Most of the people behind Liang Feng are Lu Ping's former colleagues. These people all know Lu Ping, and naturally it is not convenient for them to say anything. But a few of them are obviously Liang Feng's stooges. He usually drives with him, bodyguards and immediately flatters him. Boss, now take what bull**** saint ah, women do not follow, it must be the price is not settled, boss you give him a blank check, he has long been obedient. "Boss, I heard that there are only a few dozen people in their company, and it seems that they haven't seen anyone. It's estimated that it won't take long for them to turn yellow." "When the money of the small white face is spent, he will be honest." "Maybe one day I'll come back and beg the boss for you." ………… Liang Feng spread out his hands and said with great regret, "That's a pity. No one will compete with me for business." Lu Ping now receives some cases, mostly the work of some acquaintances, are the people he knew before, the most important thing is to be busy with pastoral and Longquan side of the matter, these alone are enough for her to be busy, there is no time to expand to the outside world, but even so, her reputation has gradually spread, especially after Yao Dan, took over a lot of big lists, but the company looks cold and cheerless. And there is no way to compare with Liang Feng, a big law firm with several branches. Lu Ping originally wanted to go in, suddenly stopped,calcium ammonium nitrate price, glared at Liang Feng, word by word very slowly: "." Bitch. People That Liang Feng is proud to listen to the words of his men, let Lu Ping his heart is also very distressed, this is a beautiful woman who can lay golden eggs, and finally did not get the hand, more unfortunately, at this time he was twisting his tie with his right hand, by the way to relax a little, suddenly heard Lu Ping scolded him, angry eyebrows,Magnesium Sulphate producer, fiercely turned: "You give me stop!"! You all heard it A crazy woman is scolding me. You apologize now, or you can wait tomorrow. Don't think that a rich gigolo is a cow. In this industry, you are nothing. I want to trample you to death, just like twisting an ant to death. But I don't care about you. Don't count in your heart. Don't give your face. Liang Feng said, the eyes can not help but walk up and down on Lu Ping, there is always a fire in the heart, the more you can not get, the more itching in the heart. Small white face, Chen Han looked at the rearview mirror, he still has this potential, really did not find. At this time they stopped, Chen Han also stepped past. At this time, Lu Ping has looked at Liang Feng without any sign of weakness: "You want to go to court, well, I will accompany you in the end, for you this kind of guy with a human face and a beast heart, I will never be polite." "Humph!" Liang Feng cold hum one, the hand has been holding a small recording pen: "You just that sentence I have recorded, Magnesium Oxide price ,dap diammonium phosphate, this is the most direct evidence.". Originally, for the sake of my former colleagues, I didn't want to talk to you. Since you are so uninterested, don't blame me. Let's see how I can drive you out of the Changhai lawyer circle. Lu Ping does not care: "How old are you? These are the things I used to play with. You see, I can deal with others. If you use them to deal with me, you will soon taste the bitter fruit." At this time Chen Han has come, the heart can not help but sigh, really different fields have different customs. If this is between the martial arts school and the martial arts school, the enemy meets, has already said this, the following only started to fight. Their methods are interesting. But Chen Han is not interested in this kind of person, this matter, this kind of time to continue to delay time. Bang.. Chen Han's finger flicked lightly, and the spiral finger hit Liang Feng's recording pen. The recording pen exploded immediately, scaring Liang Feng to shake his hand fiercely, and people retreated again and again. This This How could the sound pen. "" Liang Feng looked at only half of the recording pen on the ground, and could not believe that the recording pen could still explode. Lu Ping suppressed a smile, she knew that Chen Han must have done a good thing, and only he could have this ability. Chen Han glanced at Liang Feng and the man behind him who had just flattered him. Liang Feng was a little better. At this time, he was just loosening his tie and taking a deep breath to adjust his awkward expression. His men, see Chen Han's eyes, dare not face up to, not to avoid or bow, and some pretend to care about Liang Feng. Finally, Chen Han's eyes fell on Lu Ping and said lightly, "Why are you in this building?" Lu Ping said with some helplessness: "Recently, the price around here has risen rapidly. The boss here is familiar with it and has helped him before. The price is more appropriate. Moreover, most of the law firms in Changhai are concentrated around here, which is more concentrated." "Humph!" Liang Feng came to his senses at this time, looked at Lu Ping even more angrily, and looked at Chen Han jealously: "Cheap, tomorrow I will tell them that my business expansion, the upper two floors I also want, you are ready to move, he is a businessman, profit is the first word." As soon as Lu Ping heard this, her face changed. This building has a total of 28 floors. Among the higher and higher buildings around, it is already a small capital. However, the development speed is fast, and the degree of building leasing is difficult to reach 100%. Lu Ping also knows the situation of this building very well. She is also responsible for the lease contract of this building. Only less than 80%, and several floors are now empty. Liang Feng and his family occupied three floors, and now if they rent two floors, even if they have a friendship with their boss, I'm afraid. Lu Ping is staring at Liang Feng: "I am busy recently, do not want to pay attention to you this human face beast heart guy, you can not give oneself to find uncomfortable." Lu Ping said, can not help but take a look at Chen Han, Chen Han's skill that day she saw, and just now, she was really afraid of Chen Han suddenly started, after all, is a legal worker, for the sudden start of Jianghu people, she was always a little worried. But this time he is not afraid, even if there is no Chen Han, just the pastoral side, to rectify the Liang Feng is also a problem, if not before Lu Ping block,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, pastoral would have dealt with him. When Liang Feng saw Lu Ping's appearance, he thought she was afraid and anxious, and the expression on her face became more and more proud.

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