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Domesticated Xiao Shoufu

Seeing that the two friends were just smiling and silent, the wild-looking scribe looked surprised and said, "Have you changed your mind?"? I'm going to be an official, too, but you're so old. This person is really not able to speak, pointing at the monk to scold the bald donkey, this is not nothing to find fault. Fortunately, both of them have been cultivating their moral character for many years, and they are familiar with the nature of this old friend, so they don't care about him. Although time and tide wait for no man, the two of us are fortunate to have several students, who can be of great use. In the early years, they were not allowed to become officials because of the chaos in the court, unwilling to be in cahoots, and unable to guarantee the glory and prosperity. Now it seems that Lord Xue is a man of great wisdom and compassion, and his future is not just here. If you follow him, you will surely be able to do a great thing, benefit the people, and not waste their reading. Hearing this, several middle-aged scribes on one side all nodded, but the wild scribes were stunned. He looked at the two old friends, and then went to see the students standing around them. In the past, he would only laugh at the two of them for making trouble and worrying too much, but now he was a little envious. Of the three, he was the only one who was unruly by nature,ultrasonic extraction cbd, idle and wild, and never impatient to accept any students. Did he have to accept a student or something in order not to let his two old friends compete? …… The new political debate was finally over before sunset. In fact, in the end, it was almost a one-sided situation, and many people were defeated by the argument. Naturally, the result was a great victory for the people. Watching the last group of people leave in shame, Xue Ting laughed, laughing in high spirits, laughing with lofty sentiments. "Thank you for your help," he said to the few scribes in the field. "I can't say enough about my gratitude. In a word,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Xue thanked you for all the people in the world." After a few days, his voice was already hoarse, but his spirit was completely out and dazzling. Civil officials pay attention to introversion, Xue Ting has been collecting, but this one let him collect things for a long time, all released, especially dripping. Lord Xue is too polite. I didn't come here for undeserved reputation, but I couldn't bear the suffering of the people. In fact, we didn't make much effort this time, and these old men are still awesome. The scribes looked at each other, and one of them said, their eyes resting on the countless smiling peasants beside them, full of admiration. It is never too old to learn, and they have opened their eyes today. Originally, I came here with the idea that I would turn the tide, but when I came here, I found that a drop in the ocean was really not worth mentioning. Now that the matter is over, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, I won't stay any longer. I'll take my leave. "Had it not been for my official duties, I would have been accompanied by good wine." "There will be another chance." After a brief exchange of pleasantries, these scribes from all over the world floated away. Only then did Xue Ting cast his eyes on the farmers, thanked them, and ordered his men to make good arrangements for them. When all the orders were finished, Xue Ting felt a sense of emptiness. He looked up at the sky and did not know what he was thinking. It was not until Hu San came to him that he woke up from a dream. As soon as he raised his feet, there was a shaking. Adult Hu San, hold him. He waved his hand and said with a smile, "I have nothing to do, but I am tired." Xue Ting rested for a whole day before he recovered, and then he was busy again. He had come this time to quell the Gongyuan strike, and now that the matter was over, the provincial re-examination had to be put on the agenda. To know that there are some scholars on strike, there are some waiting to see what happens, this matter can not be delayed. At the other end, the examiners in Gongyuan were so anxious that their hair turned white, but the court did not give orders, and they could not leave Gongyuan until they received the provincial examination and re-examined half a month later. At the same time, Xue Ting had not forgotten the mess that Si Lijian had made. Although he did not do it, the additional business tax was also included in the new deal, and he had to clean it up. He sent people to the Suzhou government office to pick up the case files, and ordered people to investigate in many places, so that he had a general idea of the context of the matter. The only thing that made him feel difficult was that the weavers and workers who had been captured, from the legal point of view, had committed the most heinous crimes, dared to gather a crowd to riot, and not killing them was not enough to relieve their hatred. But in terms of human feelings, although some of these people are for personal gain, it is true that Li Jinzhong is not a thing. And these people represent all the people in the textile industry in the entire Suzhou area. If these people are really disposed of, I'm afraid the people will be resentful. Xue Ting thought about it all night and put it behind him, intending to pretend that he did not know about it. Anyway, he didn't catch the man, and even if he cleaned up the mess for Si Lijian, he was also cleaning up the matter of levying commercial taxes. As for those who were arrested, they had nothing to do with him. Whoever caught them was responsible. Because of his irresponsible thinking, the people who were secretly waiting for the reaction of the imperial commissioner were all nervous. But nothing came, but it was a surprise, but this is the funeral. Taking advantage of the fact that he was now in the limelight in Suzhou, Xue Ting brought up the matter of commercial tax again. His method is very simple, on the basis of the tax office to carry out rectification, and posted a notice outside the door. The statement on this notice is a classification and implementation method of his imposition of commercial tax. It is said that the business tax is increased, but in fact, the tax amount is not high, a little more than before, but in general, it does not let those weavers and merchants hurt their muscles and bones. In fact, what happened before, in retrospect, those weavers, workers and even merchants are also afraid. Has been waiting anxiously, who would have thought that the new deal happened again, delayed many days. Now that the imperial commissioner has not pursued the matter, he has acquiesced in the tax increase, which is also a pleasant surprise. Seeing that everything was arranged, Xue Ting planned to return to Beijing to reply to the decree. Now the provincial examinations had not been finished, and the reformists had no competent people to stay in Beijing. He was always afraid that something would happen in Beijing,ultrasonic cutting machine, so he was in a hurry to rush back to Beijing. He ordered people to pack up and plan to set off, but Bu Yanli came. Since arriving in Suzhou, Xue Ting has not had much contact with local officials. It is also intended to cool these people and do not want to deal with them.

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