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Inflation Rate Singapore

Some economists in the 70´s wrongly predicted that the price of gold would drop considerably. This was a statement based on the fact that gold was thought to be used as a commodity. Yet, the U.S. dollar´s value has decreased considerably ever since, after it had fallen in an inflationary crisis, while the power of gold on the market had remained quite stable.

If we take a good look at gold and examine it against the fiat currencies around the world, we can see that the results are negative for the fiat paper money while gold´s value has done nothing less than to increase every year. This definitely means that gold actually functions as an inflation hedge because it has been priced by the market just like other currencies on the international money markets.

Gold cannot be considered a commodity but it can definitely be seen as an inflation rate singapore or a safe haven in times of crisis, along with timber or oil, because their value is sure to rise during periods of inflation. As a long hedge for long term crisis, gold is the best.



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