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Quillaja Saponin

Pharmacological effects
Hexanone theobromine and its metabolites can decrease the blood viscosity, improve blood rheology the exact mechanism has not yet been determined. Hexanone theobromine has a dose dependent decrease blood viscosity, improve Quillaja Saponin erythrocyte deformability and improve the role of white blood cells of the blood rheological properties, and can inhibit adhesion and activation of neutrophils. For patients with chronic peripheral arterial disease, this product can increase the blood flow, improve microcirculation and increase oxygen supply of the organization.
Toxicology research
Genetic toxicity: micronucleus test in mice, a variety of salmonella mutagenic test (Ames test), in vitro mammalian cell test (program) DNA synthesis test results were negative. Reproductive toxicity: rats and rabbits respectively through the mouth for 576 and 264 mg/kg (with the scales, respectively is the maximum recommended daily dose of 24 times and 11 times, with body surface area, respectively is the maximum recommended daily dose of 4.2 times and 3.5 times), found no fetal abnormalities. 576 mg/kg group of rats and found increased resorption. In pregnant women, there is no sufficient research Berberine Hydrochloride Factory and strict control. During pregnancy, hexanone theobromine only can be used on the fetus not do more harm than good. Hexanone theobromine and its metabolites can secrete to breast milk. Because this product can cause tumorigenesis in rats, after consideration of the importance of nursing mothers, determined to stop breastfeeding or discontinued.
Carcinogenicity: rats for 18 months in a row to give this product, the dose of 450 mg/kg (on the scales, about 19 times daily maximum recommended dose, with body surface area, which is the maximum recommended daily dose of about 3.3 times), then 6 months in an exposure doses, hexanone theobromine can obviously increase the female mice benign fibroadenoma of the breast. The finding with others using correlation is unclear. Under the same dose of mice with cancer trials did not see for a long time.
This product widely absorbed after oral distribution, single oral 0.4 g, peak plasma concentration is 158.65 + / - 58.58 ng/ml, tmax was 2.22 + / - 0.88 h, medication in the area under the curve is 1416.80 h + / - 585.49 ng/ml, mainly by the kidneys to eliminate, along with the urine excretion.
(1) peripheral blood circulation disorder such as chronic embolism vasculitis.
(2) when used in the treatment of peripheral Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer vascular disease, to implement the bypass surgery, remove artery embolism have role to improve the symptoms and functions.

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