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Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer

Usage and dosage:
A 1 (0.4 g), 3 times a day, with food at the same time. Suggested taking at least eight weeks. The digestive tract and the central nervous system side effects are dose related and when these side effects, this product Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer usage instead of twice a day, each time 1 grain. Such as reduce the dose of the persistence of side effects should be withdrawal.
Adverse reactions:
Can have a headache, dizziness, abdominal distention, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, allergy symptoms, severe cases should be stopped, some people may appear the phenomenon such as tremor, insomnia.
1. The hexanone theobromine or other methyl xanthine allergies are disabled.
2. The acute myocardial infarction, severe coronary atherosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage and retina bleeding patients disabled.
Low blood pressure, blood pressure instability or renal insufficiency patients with caution.
Drive with caution and machine operators.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers use:
Pregnant women; This product can be through Sex Enhancement Powder breast milk secretion, nursing mothers is not recommended.
Children's drugs:
Children is not recommended.
Older drugs:
In elderly patients with hepatic metabolism slows, through the kidney, the feces excretion rate slows, should take into consideration the reduction.
Drug interactions:
(1) and antiplatelet or share, anticoagulants prolong clotting time, share this product in the application of warfarin in patients should reduce the dosage
(2) with theophylline drugs share there is synergy, can increase the efficacy of theophylline and toxic effects. So you must adjust theophylline and hexanone theobromine dose.
(3) with antihypertensive drugs, beta Kava Root Extract blockers, digitalis, diuretics, diabetes and antiarrhythmic drugs share no obvious interactions occur, but may have a mild increase blood pressure to drop, we should pay attention to.
Drug overdose:
Drug overdose mainly for hot flashes, lower blood pressure, convulsions, sleepiness, and even coma, to maintain blood pressure and fluid should be paid attention to when excessive reaction, all excess patients can fully recover.



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