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S Adenosyl Methionine

Theobromine, found in cocoa and tea, slightly soluble in water and ethanol, almost insoluble in benzene, chloroform, petroleum ether and carbon tetrachloride solution of a kind of alkaloid; Theobromine has diuretic, myocardial excited, vasodilatation, smooth muscle relaxation, and so on; Cocoa powder is the seed of the cacao tree through multi-channel process to extract powder, and become a kind of S Adenosyl Methionine according to the different fat content, producing area different can be divided into different types. Cocoa powder has a strong smell, is often used in candy, cakes and other food; Cocoa powder according to its fat content is divided into high, medium and low fat cocoa, color from light brown to dark red, cocoa powder has a strong aroma of cocoa, can be used in high-grade chocolate, ice cream, candy, pastry and other contain cocoa food;
The role of cocoa powder:
1, weight loss, pure cocoa contains vitamin B2 and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements, can promote effectively the muscle and body reflection system, and stimulate blood circulation, achieve the effect of weight loss.
2, detoxification, clear bowel, food Glucono Delta Lactone fiber lignin of cocoa points is not sex, can at the same time of intestinal absorption of harmful substances, cover the moisture, lessens, make it soft and stimulate intestines, promote intestinal peristalsis, the bowel.
Theobromine (theobromine) white needle crystalls or crystal powder, taste bitter. The main bitter chocolate. Formula for C7H8N4O2, molecular weight is 180.16400, melting point 357 ℃ sublimation during 290 ~ 295 ℃. The Thyroid Powder Factory water solubility of about 0.05%, about 0.66% in the hot water, about 0.045% in 95% ethanol, soluble in alkaline solution and concentrated acid. After the methylation is the caffeine. With excitement and diuretic effect.
The basic information
Chinese name: theobromine
Chinese alias: caffeine; Caffeine; 3, 7 - dimethyl xanthine; Cocoa alkali; 3, 7 - dihydro - 3, 7 - dimethyl - 1 h - purines - 2, 6 - diketone;
English name: theobromine
English alias: Diurobromine; 1 h - Purine - 2, 6 - dione, 3, 7 - dihydro - 3, 7 - dimethyl -;
Theostene; Teobromin; Theobromine;
CAS no. : 83-67-0
MDL number: MFCD00022830
EINECS no. : 201-494-2
RTECS number: XH2275000
BRN number: 16464
PubChem number: 24277679
Molecular formula: C7H8N4O2
Molecular weight: 180.16400
Precise quality: 180.06500
PSA: 72.68000

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