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KN95 Face Mask

And what we call the N95 against bacteria breathable KN95 mask, the actual is not a bacteria breathable KN95 mask category, but a protection standards for bacteria breathable KN95 mask, but the medical protection against bacteria KN95 mask, is up to the standard of grade N95, called N95, refers to the ultra small particles can filter 0.3 microns above 95%, because of its superior protection ability, so the medical protection against KN95 Face Mask bacteria breathable KN95 mask is grade N95 above more, in addition to the droplets in the air and toxic gases also have very good barrier effect, but also because of its outstanding filtering effect, good in sealing, to bacteria in wearing N95 breathable KN95 mask when breathing is not very smooth, this also is KN95 the biggest drawbacks to bacteria breathable KN95 mask, but after a lot of upgrades, KN95 against bacteria breathable KN95 has been very close to the medical surgical masks to bacteria breathable KN95 mask.
KN95 is China's standard for bacteria breathable KN95 mask, comes from the Chinese national standard GB 2626-2019 the respiratory protective equipment self-priming prevent particulate respirator filter type ". This standard is mandatory Full Body Disposable Coverall national standards in China, put forward by state administration of work safety (saws), by the national individual protective equipment standardization technical committee (SAC/TC 112) under centralized. From the scope of view, this standard applies to ordinary protection self-priming filter type respiratory protective equipment of all kinds of particles, typical breathable KN95 mask such as bacteria, other special environment (such as oxygen environment, underwater operation, etc.) shall not apply to the definition from particulate matter, this standard defines the particles of various forms, including dust, smoke, fog, and microorganisms, etc., but not for the size of the particles. From the filter element level, can be divided into oily and filter non oily particles KN type and non oily particles of KP, and as a mark, and the explanation of CFR 42-84-1995. Similar guidelines of N and R/P. In addition, there are general requirements of GB 2626-2006, appearance inspection, leak, respiratory resistance, exhalation Medical Disposable Coverall valve, dead space and field of vision, headband, connection and connecting parts, lens, air tightness, flammability, cleaning and disinfection, manufacturers should provide information, packing and other technical requirements.

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