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cruise tours naples

If riding the waves is your passion or sailing down the river to enjoy a beautiful evening is what you dream of, don't let the exorbitant costs of buying a boat stop you. After all, Boat Building is one of the oldest branches of engineering and man has mastered it over time. Building your boat from the scratch might feel challenging at first, but imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you bring the boat built with your own hands to the shore for the first time. Sailing in it to enjoy a stunning Sunset will be the just reward for your hard work.


It's important to understand different parts of a boat before you begin building one. They are:


Hull is the watertight part of the boat. It's the part of the boat that is in direct contact with water at all given times and hence crucial to the mechanism of your boat.

Bow is the front end of the hull and has to be tall enough to prevent water from washing over the hull.

Bulkheads are the internal walls of the hull.

Chines are the long strips on the hull. When a boat is traveling at a speed, it forms a spray of water that has to be deflected downwards, which is done by chines.

Deck is where you'd be standing on your boat, and it keeps water out of the cruise tours naples.

Keel is the central part that runs along the bottom of the boat, which is crucial when you need to turn your boat.

Rudder is the rotating blade that you see at the rear end of a boat.

Some of the other important parts of the boat are Garboard, Gunwale, Strake, Sheer, Stem, Stern and Transom.

The size and building material for these parts depends on the type of your boat and its shape. Wood has traditionally been the material to build boats. But different types of materials like steel, aluminum, and fiberglass can be used for boats that have specific needs and functions.


Some of the construction methods for boats using wood are:


Carvel: A smooth hull is formed by wooden planks attached to a frame.

Lapstrake is a technique where you deliberately overlap attached wooden planks to achieve a tight fit.

Beginners find strip planking method easier as wooden planks are held together with glued attachments.

Using sheets of plywood attached to the frames to build small dinghies is another popular method of building boats.

Cold Molding uses different layers of thin sheets of wood, which are attached together making it a strong composite structure ideal for building big yachts.

If you still find it a daunting exercise, you can look at Small Boat Designs and build a small boat for starters. DIY manuals help you save time in building your boat, procedures followed in them ensure safety and effectively reduce building costs.


Now building your own boat is practical and within your means. And distant waters no more a dream.


For more information on small boat design



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