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What to know before Spinal Traction Decompression?

spinal traction at home Lower back pains affect about 31 million adults, accounting for 3.6 million outpatient visits in US hospitals. Studies have shown that a lot of money is spent treating lower back pains more than any other health condition. Spinal traction decompression therapy is one of the alternative nonsurgical treatments of spinal cord problems. The therapy reverses the impact that gravity has on the spinal cord enabling the body to maintain balance. It also increases the space in-between the vertebrae to help the spine heal. Spinal decompression/ traction treatment helps relieve pain and reduce nerve compression of the neck and lower back if performed by a qualified physical therapist. We have not been left behind at Suarez Physical Therapy clinic in providing spinal traction/spinal decompression therapy to treat spine-related conditions. Our skilled physical therapists understand the spine is a critical part of the human body. Thus, they strive to deliver the best possible treatment to our patients. If you want to undergo this therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will walk you through the procedure and perform it with the comfort you deserve.


Overview of Spinal Decompression/Spinal Traction


spinal traction side effects Most people believe that spinal traction and spinal decompression therapy are one thing. And even though they are used interchangeably, these two therapies are different. However, they serve a similar purpose, which is to treat or improve various spine-related conditions, including:


* Sciatica (leg and thigh pain)

* Lower back and neck pain, either long-lasting or recent, that’s of a mechanical cause.

* Pinched nerves (nerve compression)

* Disc protrusion or bulging

* Degenerative disc disease

* Arthritis of the spine

* Narrowed nerve tunnels (stenosis of the spine)

* Facet syndrome


Spinal Traction



spinal decompression Traction refers to the act of pulling or drawing. When a specialist uses their hands or any other mechanical device to exert force on the spinal cord, it’s known as spinal traction. Spinal traction therapy is classified into two: manual and mechanical spinal traction. This therapy aims at stretching the spine to promote an optimum healing environment for the conditions mentioned above. The therapist applies a moderate or gentle force on the spinal cord to separate its vertebrae or bones.

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