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Post Info TOPIC: Tesla unveils Full Self Driving 10 beta with confidence in decision making


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Tesla unveils Full Self Driving 10 beta with confidence in decision making



If the latest Full Self Driving beta is about enabling more off-highway semi-autonomous features. The newest release is focused on helping you to trust those features more. Electrek notes that Tesla has begun rolling out the Full Self Driving 10 beta, which, as previously reported, has been released. It seems to make smarter and more confident decisions off the highway. no need It "disappoints you" as Elon Musk claims, but it seems to provide smoother turns, roundabouts, and integration. One driver found he could finally explore San Francisco's winding Lombard streets without intervention.

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Users have also noticed improved images. You won't always see as many stats as before. But the stats seem to be more accurate and stable without much lag. You'll have a better idea of ​​what the car sees. and may be more confident in the decision of the car Highway driving hasn't changed. But that's the intention, Musk said, that non-beta highway navigation systems are still in production. It's "more polished" than the current Full Self Driving system. You may not see a truly harmonious approach until the release of 10.1.

It's unclear when regular Tesla owners might see the FSD 10, however, it might be easier to try a pre-release version. Musk hopes the public option to request a beta will be available with the 10.1 version potentially arriving within two weeks. Improvements don't necessarily justify the steep price for an FSD package, but you might be happy with the purchase — if only because you can rely on driver-less features more often.

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