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Post Info TOPIC: Know the "black mold" disease, a dangerous duplicate during "Covid-19" that may occur in Thailand.

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Know the "black mold" disease, a dangerous duplicate during "Covid-19" that may occur in Thailand.


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Black mold outbreak in India after Covid-19 cases that the immune system is low due to illness And there is also a high risk of serious symptoms that lead to death. Therefore, we should know the causes, symptoms and prevention methods before it's too late.


What is black mold?

Information from Petchwet Hospital states that Mucormycosis or Black Fungus is a fungus that can invade tissues in the body quickly, especially in a weakened body, causing a relatively high risk of death.


Black mold disease is caused by a fungus from nature. “Mucormycetes” are found in decaying soils or organic matter such as wood remains, leaves, rotted fruits and vegetables, or compost. It is so rapid that it has resulted in the death rate of approximately 50% of cases of mortality in India.


How is black mold contagious?

Black fungus can enter the body of people with weakened immunity. than those who are physically strong through these methods


eating food contaminated with mold

inhaling mold droplets into the body

Exposure to fungi through wounds on the body

Using steroids can increase the risk of developing black mold. (This may be one of the reasons why the outbreak in India during Covid-19 is because steroids are used to reduce inflammation in the lungs.)

Symptoms of black mold

The site of infection is usually around the nose where the infection can spread to the brain. If a group of people with immune problems such as diabetics Or people with HIV infection with black mold can be severe to death. The symptoms observed are as follows:



Nasal congestion and nosebleeds

have a seizure

swollen and painful eyes

The dangers of black mold

If left near the nose close to the eyes for a long time may be at risk of blindness And the infection may be able to enter the brain as well.


black mold treatment

It can be treated by surgically removing the infected tissue before it progresses. and/or receive a specific medication with injections for the treatment of black mold. The drug must be taken continuously for approximately 8 weeks.

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