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man can train “Visible with Echo” was accomplished in just a short time.


Guest of all ages whether it is a good eye or a slotxo blind person Can practice identifying objects in the dark from reflections. Within just 10 weeks

Such special abilities are called Echolocation is a navigational skill similar to that found in many animals such as whales, dolphins, and bats, but in recent years scientists have been experimenting with it. and found that it was more successful than expected

Recently, a team of researchers from Durham University (Durham University) in the United Kingdom. Published a recent study in the journal PLOS One, they said they were able to teach 12 children who were blind as young as 14 and 14 with normal vision. Until I know the nature of the surrounding environment and the path that is walking

Over the course of 10 weeks, 20 sessions of the skill were taught, each lasting approximately two to three hours, in which participants were trained to walk through different obstacles such as mazes, U-shaped curves, source paths. converge into three separate and a zigzag walkway as well as practice identifying the sizes of invisible objects

Test results after the training showed that All of the participants in the experiment had much better colocation skills than when they started training. by factors such as sex and age including being a good eye or a blind person It did not affect the success of this training in any way.

In addition, many rookie trainees are as good as blind people who have been using the skill for years. Even the 79-year-old first-time trainee was blind. Can also learn faster than expected.

When the research team followed up three months after the training, 10 of the 12 blind participants said the ecolocation skills learned were beneficial for their lives. very daily This allows them to be more self-reliant and have a better quality of life.

Some people call this resonance tapping technique the "sounding technique". "Human sonar", surprisingly, the visual brain is the organ that interprets and processes resonance information. To help blind people who use the colocation skill know the size and position of the object in front of them.

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