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Post Info TOPIC: discovered the skull of "Dragon Man" points to the closest relative to Homo sapiens.

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discovered the skull of "Dragon Man" points to the closest relative to Homo sapiens.


A team of researchers from the United Kingdom and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have discovered a new species of ancient human. who lived in northeastern China some 146,000SLOTXOyears ago, by this ancient human with the closest evolutionary ties to modern humans. nicknamed "Dragon Man" (Dragon Man)

A large skull of a 50-year-old ancient man was discovered in Harbin in Heilongjiang province since 1933, but it has only recently caught the attention of paleontologists and analyzed it. long ago

A study published in the journal The Innovation indicates that the "Dragon Man" is an ancient race. which has evolved separately from a common ancestor with modern humans or Homo sapiens but nevertheless It is the closest relative to modern humans. Among the same extinct ancient humans such as Neanderthal (Neanderthal) or Homo Erectus (Homo Erectus)

Professor Chris Stringer, one of the members of the research team at the London Museum of Natural History. It is said to be the most significant paleontological discovery in 50 years, as it could change the history of human evolution.

Dragonman's skull is larger than most other human species, assuming that it may have a brain size comparable to that of modern humans. In addition, the Dragon Man had large eye sockets that were almost square in shape. have high and thick eyebrows Including various characteristics of modern humans and ancient humans mixed together

The size of the skull also made the assumption that The Dragon Man should have a strong and powerful figure. and is taller than the average of modern people however The research team has yet to find any ancient tools or other cultural evidence to help determine the existence of this ancient human species.

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