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Post Info TOPIC: COVID-19: Why is this disease so contagious?

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COVID-19: Why is this disease so contagious?

COVID-19 is spreading quicklyslotxoand easily. compared to other diseases that had previously occurred. how it attacks cells duration of illness and how to spread the infection to others They are responsible for causing the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. easy to contact

One of the reasons for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can spread quickly is The location of the cells that the virus usually first attacks.

The cells in the nasal mucosa are easily infected with this virus. as well as hairy cells These cells make and deliver mucus in the nose. It has two receptor proteins that the coronavirus needs to hold onto it.

Because these cells are in the nasal cavity, it makes it easier for people to breathe in and out of the virus particles. Many people brought COVID-19 Get in touch with other people before you start getting sick. Many infected people show no symptoms and do not even know they have the virus.

transmission from people who do not show symptoms like this Make the corona virus spread more easily

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The disease has a relatively long incubation period. people who are sick with influenza Usually feel sick within 5 days of infection. different from the symptoms of COVID-19 that usually show symptoms 5-6 days after being infected, but may take up to 2 weeks

The transmission period for influenza is shorter and lasts about a week, while COVID-19 usually lasts 8-10 days or longer.

SARS and MERS which is also caused by the corona virus The total death toll was much lower. But people with SARS and MERS have a much higher chance of dying.

This long transmission period It's one of the reasons that COVID-19 easily spread

More than 1 million people have died from COVID-19, SARS and MERS. which is also caused by the corona virus The total death toll was much lower. But people with SARS and MERS have a much higher chance of dying.

Having a relatively low mortality rate makes COVID-19. spread more There is a chance that the sick person can spread the infection in different places than because they do not have severe symptoms that require hospitalization.

Scientists are monitoring how the virus changes. Hundreds of mutations have already occurred. One of them is D614G, which could make the virus more contagious and become the most detected infection in the outbreak so far. The virus has now been detected almost all over the world.

This virus appears to change more slowly than seasonal flu. The question is whether over time Will it become a more contagious infection?

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