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Post Info TOPIC: The paralyzed man was able to communicate again. After using the brainwave stimulation tool

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The paralyzed man was able to communicate again. After using the brainwave stimulation tool


The Associated Press reports that researchers have สล็อตออนไลน์  made history by using the brainwaves of a man who is paralyzed and unable to speak. Let's help bring what he wants to say into text on the computer screen.

The results of the study were released on Wednesday. And it is an important step in restoring communication abilities of those who are unable to speak. caused by illness or injury Although it will take years to continue research.

Dr. Edward Chang, a neurosurgeon at the University of California San Francisco, led the study. said he was excited about the experiment. Most people tend to overlook it. that we humans can communicate with words easily until the ability to lose

Nowadays, people who are unable to speak or write because they are paralyzed There are few ways to communicate with others. An anonymous man who participated in this experiment ever used pointers or a pointing device attached to the hat worn and using head movements to point out the words or each letter on the screen While some people use a device to read eye movements. But these methods are slow and limited. This creates frustration for paraplegic people who want to communicate with others.

Using brainwave signals to help people with disabilities is becoming a field of interest.

A few years ago Experimental use of brain waves to control artificial organs Helping paralyzed people to shake hands or can lift a drink using a prosthetic arm They just had to imagine moving that part of the body. The brainwaves then send signals to computers in the prosthesis and cause movement.

Dr. Chang's team used data from previous experiments to create a tool called A "speech prosthetic" is used to decode the brain waves that normally control the vocal folds. The tiny muscles that control the movement of the lips, jaw, tongue, and larynx. which allows humans to pronounce vowels and consonants

The men who volunteered in this experiment He was a man in his late thirties. A stroke, who had a stroke 15 years ago, left him paralyzed and unable to speak. In the experiment, researchers implanted electrodes on the surface of his brain. Area that controls speech

Then the computer analyzed When he tried to say common words such as “water” or “good” until he was able to collect his brainwave patterns. And broken down into 50 words that can be used to make more than 1,000 sentences.

When he was asked “How are you today?” or “Are you thirsty?” A tool implanted in the man's brain can help him answer "I'm fine" or "No, I'm not thirsty." voice out But it will be converted to text on the screen. According to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

David Moses, an engineer in Dr Chang's lab, said it took about three to four seconds for the man's message to appear on the computer screen. which is not as fast as the time it takes for humans to speak. But it's faster than typing one letter at a time to communicate.

Leigh Hochberg and Sydney Cash, neuroscientists at Harvard University Publish an editorial in the same journal. by calling such experiments as "Pioneering Experiment"

Both of them suggested guidelines for the development of the experiment. and commented that if this technology is effective in a wide It can be used to help those who are injured. or patients with cerebrovascular disease or some other disease in which the brain is still working to prepare the words to speak. But the body can't take those messages out.

in making sure experimental tools Able to correctly interpret what the male volunteer wanted to say. The staff started by having him say specific phrases like “Give me my glasses” rather than having him answer an open-ended question. And have tried doing this until the tool is able to decode every word correctly.


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