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Why do we need to “record exercises”?

For many people, exercising and staying fit โปรโมชั่น slotxo can be difficult. But keeping an exercise journal will help you stick to your plan and see your continued improvement. It's important to keep a journal of what you're doing and how you're feeling. After 6 months, how much improvement will you see?

Why do we need to record exercises?
Did you know that the exercise plan It can cause yo-yo symptoms as well as weight loss. Too often, many people start planning their workouts with great enthusiasm just to finish them off quickly. Or start exercising and end up disappointed with the results.

Therefore, what I would recommend and support is gradual and consistent exercise. Let's try a 6-week exercise journal. Recording exercises will help you stay disciplined and stick to your plan. Have more enthusiasm to exercise and be happier

exercise log What are the benefits?
For athletes, the four main reasons athletes need to record their workouts are:

Helping athletes take responsibility for their training programs.
Help coaches and trainers in injury prevention.
to track progress
This allows athletes and coaches to analyze what factors contribute to success or what causes failure.
But keeping an exercise log isn't just for athletes.
Keeping a journal of exercise and activity will help everyone achieve their goals, including:

help the body to be healthy Keep your body fit
lose weight
Help prioritize exercise.
Recording exercises can help everyone. But if you still don't believe Here are two main reasons why keeping an exercise journal will improve your exercise performance.

Recording exercises will help you be honest with yourself and understand why you're reaching or not reaching your goal. To help push you to keep exercising at any level.
Recording exercises will help you keep improving. If an injury occurs during the exercise plan An exercise diary makes it easier to go back and look at your exercise steps. and return to the original exercise plan
How to start recording exercises
If you are wondering Where do you find time to keep track of your exercises? When you have little time to exercise or rest. The exercise recording method does not need to be written as an essay. You just need to write down the following 5 things every day.

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