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Post Info TOPIC: What are the benefits of B-complex vitamins? When is the best time to eat?

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What are the benefits of B-complex vitamins? When is the best time to eat?



Dizziness, vertigo is a  symptom that can occur at any age. In which โปรโมชั่น slotxopeople with this condition are only about 10-20% who have a chance to be "Water in the ear is not equal" which column "Friday Health" this week will take you to know this disease.

What is tympanic ear disease?

“Difficulty in the ear” or “Meniere's disease” is caused by abnormalities in the inner ear, that is, abnormalities. or some causes that cause swelling of the inner ear Most of the symptoms occur on one side at a time. When the swelling of both ears is not equal make the patient feel that his balance is not good have dizziness and the house revolves

Causes and Risk Factors

swelling of the inner ear It is caused by a number of reasons, such as an infection of the inner ear. certain immune diseases Or even salty foods, sodium, various sauces, instant food, baking powder, etc., will cause the patient to have symptoms.


The patient will come with severe dizziness. together with the spinning home feeling noise in the ears or hearing loss which, if not treated, may lead to a progressive decrease in hearing until the loss of hearing forever


The doctor will take the patient's history. and assessing what factors are causing the symptoms of polycystic ear disease. Then the hearing will be checked. and check for swelling of the inner ear which is a specific examination Will be able to diagnose whether this disease or not.

Getting a patient's history is the most important thing in making a diagnosis. because it indicates the symptoms A characteristic trigger of this disease. Including a doctor may consider sending a hearing test. or additional special examinations to be appropriate for each patient


Take good care of your overall health. Avoid eating foods high in sodium, MSG, and get enough sleep.

If taking care of yourself as mentioned above Symptoms have not subsided will be treated with medication which if the patient is still not good will consider surgical treatment to drain water from the inner ear This can control dizziness and maintain hearing.

self care

If the drug is received, it should be continued. and avoid eating salty food. In addition, while having dizziness, vertigo, should not engage in activities that risk accidents such as driving, playing sports, etc. In the elderly, they must be careful about falling. because if it happened It will be dangerous for the elderly. and may lead to disability


in people who do not have symptoms They should take good care of their overall health by eating good, nutritious food, eating all the 5 food groups. It is important to avoid eating foods that contain sodium, such as salty foods, MSG, baking powder, processed foods, and ready-to-eat foods. and should get enough sleep

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